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Our One Love & Owl breastfeeding tops will be back in the new year 2012 :)

Hey ladies

enjoyable as christmas and the arrival of the 2012 is it messes with my shirt production! So i know some of the shirts are running low in some of the sizes (especially the large in our Owl and One love nursing shirt) but as soon as 2012 is here i will be getting my hands dirty and get back to the printing of these nursing tees. OK i might play with the truth here a little i do get the shirts ready but Paul our printer screens the shirts by hand so technically i’m not getting my hands that dirty; although he has said he will teach me this year but i think i’m being optimistic as Paul has over 20 years experience and he makes things look easy ! But i will try, i totally love seeing the process of our nursing shirts being printed, and i get jibbed about how interesting i think it is, i guess if you;ve been doing the same thing for 20 years it takes something special to rock your boat but to me 3 years in i still love it.

We have one new design which we will be launching in 2012 too, it’s on our short sleeved breastfeeding T-shirt … thats all i will say for now and you will have to wait to see the actual shirt.

We have our New years sale on right now and we have some great bargains so you should check this out , lots of the nursing tops are

breast feeding clothes, Breastfeeding Tops

Merry Christmas ladies

Dudes it’s christmas !

Ok so i’m guessing you knew that already but make sure you have a good one; for me christmas is about family especially as i have children of my own, plus food. I love food ! That is something i have to sort out for 2012 – loose some of the rolls ! Plus get fit , well when i say get fit i mean be able to walk up the stairs without having to call St John ambulance! I’m guessing this goes hand in hand with loosing some of the rolls!

So in relation to Mama FeelsGood  our BOXING DAY SALE is the next big event, i was sorting through our stock and i found some older designs that i had totally forgotten about so these are going in the sale (these are breastfeeding shirts) plus some of our new stock thats only been in our store is on sale; in fact i think nearly everything is on sale, including our fancy Money Penny nursing range.

So make sure you check our website out if you need some breastfeeding clothes, some of the shirts are only available in certain sizes so it will be the first come first served type of thing, and once they are sold we won’t be printing them again, especially the pink nursing shirts.

Have a  good one everyone, liz



breast feeding clothes, breastfeeding clothing

Going to baby shows to buy breastfeeding clothes ?

Ok so there are some big baby shows (sadly no big ones ever come to Bristol *sad face*) there is the Birmingham Baby show which next year is on the 18th – 20th May 2012 or the Earls court baby show which is the 24th-26th February and i think there is a big baby show in manchester too but would you go to one specifically to buy breastfeeding clothes? Its seems a really cool idea that we should attend one , we don’t have a bricks and mortar store, and in England we currently sell our breastfeeding clothes via our website  so to be able to get out the office and meet you guys, and actually show how our breastfeeding clothes work would be super cool. It’s always hard to buy clothes on-line especially maternity clothes and breastfeeding clothes are even harder because your body changes so much after you’ve had a baby (we do show size charts on-line but still it;’hard to judge sometimes, lots of people don’t know their measurements and can’t be arsed to measure themselves) so for you to be able to try them on is a bonus – plus we would get to see tons of cute babies 🙂

The major thing for us is that these baby shows are a maaoooosive punch to the wallet, i’m talking if i chose to do just 1 of these shows  me & the family would be eating baked beans on toast for the rest of the year! I can’t really say how much they are but just the costs of the booth itself is big dudes; so as with of things in life you have to weigh up the pros and the cons and see if it a really possibility to have a stand at one of these baby shows; and the sad thing is i don’t think i could, not right now. I totally love what i do here, and i love bringing funky breastfeeding clothes to all you cool mama’s but the big shows right now are something we cannot do 😦

With the recession i honestly don’t know how some companies can keep doing them – all power to them though for doing it but for us here are Mama’s FeelsGood it’s a no for 2012; that is unless we win the lottery! It would mean a big rise in the prices of our breastfeeding clothes which is something we don’t want to do, so for 2012 we will keep doing what we do and maybe 2013 will be the year of the big baby shows for us?

Or if we could get someone to share with them we could do a booth????

I’ll keep thinking up ideas!

Take care, Liz

Celebrity breastfeeding

Does Lilly Allen Breastfeed ?

Who cares ? And i don’t mean this is a horrible way, but what business is it of ours if someone breastfeeds or not?

I love twitter, it’s great for lots of reasons but with many things there is a ying and yang thing going on and i have seen some posts where ladies have been bullied for not choosing to breastfeed their babies; it was really vile abuse they were getting too ranging from “your feeding your baby poison,” to “you obviously don’t care about your child, social services should take then away from you” ! I’m sorry but that is just terrible talk; do people really think that talking to another person in such a way is going to make them suddenly breastfeed ????

Of course i am an advocate of breastfeeding, i breastfed both my children (for varying amounts of time, i didn’t have things easy at all) but i would never judge someone for how they chose to feed their baby….would you?

So going back to the celebrity breastfeeding thing why do so many people want to know if a celeb breastfeeds? After Holly Willoughby had her second baby i wrote a brief post on congrats she’s had her baby etc and since then i can see in my web statistics what people search for to reach the site and loads of people were typing into google Does Holly Willouhgby breastfeed? Why did people want to know? They didn’t know her (otherwise i presume they could of just asked her!) so what was the big deal? Would it seriously make them more likely to breastfeed their baby if a celebrity breastfeed theirs?

Same as Miranda Kerr (if you don’t know she is married to Orlando Bloom) when she had her baby she breastfed, excellent good on her, but the internet went crazy when she posted a picture of her breastfeeding back stage at a cat walk show( did i forget to say she is also a model for victoria secret) . Dudes it’s not a biggie she was feeding her baby; the thing i thought was more OMG was that she got her figure back so quickly after having a baby. Mine has never been the same (to be fair when i had my first daughter it wasn’t much to right home about) and defo after my 2nd daughter things have dipped…. and i mean all over the place! GOing off topic that is one of my new years resolutions to shirt some of the rolls!

Anyway seems the whole world is celebrity mad- in marketing it’s common place for companies to send their products to celebs on the vain hope they will wear them and be photographed or the celeb will make a comment that they can use to promote the brand. OK it would be cool to see someone who you respect wearing your brand but it would be great of they could contact you rather then you forcing it on them; i know this is a weird attitude to have, but i love my nursing shirts and sending them to people for free just because they are on TV is a bit blah; unless i like them and it’s completely different! ha ha. If Dave Grohls wife ever wanted a Mama FeelsGOod breastfeeding Top man it’s there !!

SO what do you think about celebrity and btreasfeeding? Do you want to know who does or doesn’t or is it ever persons right to remain private about it? I think i go with privacy?

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New website means better goodies for breast feeding mums

Hurrah after what seems like an eternity we have gotten around to getting our new website on-line, it’s taken ages basically because i haven’t got my butt into gear and there is always lots to do; plus (i won’t bore you with all the details) i’ve had so much hassle with people not doing what they are paid to do ie accountants it’s given me a proper headache! But this has all been changed now and i have found someone who is brill 🙂

I’ve also been thinking about my blog, i’m sorta fed up with just writing “and here’s our next nursing top” which seems kinda insincere and crappy; i really love Mama FeelsGood, it is totally my 3rd baby (which sometimes can be a pain because i take some things way too personally) so i wanted to write bits about the company, the clothes we produce, why we make them, my daily role in running the company and maybe basically my life. To me this seems more worthwhile rather than churning out spam ! So apologies if this isn’t what you want to hear, trust me my life is not that thrilling , i promise not to blog about going to Tesco etc!

It’s getting close to the end of 2011 and looking back on this year of working on Mama FeelsGood i feel pretty good about what we have achieved : We reached the final of the Practical Parenting awards and also the Mother & Baby awards (this is thought of as THE best awards, sorta Oscars for the nursery world) and to get in the final in both of these when competition is so strong was a real achievement for us.

Our Award Logo


After all we are a small company so to get recognition is really cool, plus it was the first year we had ever entered any competitions so all is good. Of course if we have won i would have had a party that lasted about a week, but hey you gotta take credit where its due and we got in the final so excellenti !

Also in 2011 we have introduced our new Money Penny nursing tops and breastfeeding dresses – i made sure when these were made that they we thicker fabric so they are durable for breastfeeding and not so thin you can see through them; 1 thing i found when breastfeeding was i had to wear quite a substantial nursing bra because my wongers were maoooosive and it wasn’t the type of underwear i would want everyone to see shining through my garments so ladies i have thought of this and the thicker fabric has been used for our nursing dress ! This also goes for our Money Penny nursing tops too as they are made of the same material (and work on the same breastfeeding access as the dresses).

Also our new boat neck nursing tops are in store, these are SO soft it’s untrue; also the underlayer of the tops is the same colour as the top layer, our previous style nursing tops were mostly white underlayers and different top layer colours  so we’ve changed things up and all new shirts have same colour top & bottoms . For example our Tattooo owl nursing top

So who knows what 2012 will bring ? Hopefully more new designs and maybe a few surprises ?