breast feeding clothes, Breastfeeding Tops

Merry Christmas ladies

Dudes it’s christmas !

Ok so i’m guessing you knew that already but make sure you have a good one; for me christmas is about family especially as i have children of my own, plus food. I love food ! That is something i have to sort out for 2012 – loose some of the rolls ! Plus get fit , well when i say get fit i mean be able to walk up the stairs without having to call St John ambulance! I’m guessing this goes hand in hand with loosing some of the rolls!

So in relation to Mama FeelsGood  our BOXING DAY SALE is the next big event, i was sorting through our stock and i found some older designs that i had totally forgotten about so these are going in the sale (these are breastfeeding shirts) plus some of our new stock thats only been in our store is on sale; in fact i think nearly everything is on sale, including our fancy Money Penny nursing range.

So make sure you check our website out if you need some breastfeeding clothes, some of the shirts are only available in certain sizes so it will be the first come first served type of thing, and once they are sold we won’t be printing them again, especially the pink nursing shirts.

Have a  good one everyone, liz




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