breastfeeding clothing, Breastfeeding Tops

Mama’s home grown Melons Breastfeeding tops are back in stock

Yay our Mama’s melons nursing tops in red are now back in stock in all sizes.

This is such a lovely breastfeeding top and it’s funny too. I love the 1950’s and this top really fits thats era whilst being totally functional for breastfeeding in and it’s mega cool because you can wear the nursing shirt even when you stop breastfeeding. You can either leave the under layer in it or snip it out. I have tons of our breastfeeding tops which i wear and i’m no longer breatsfeeding. All our breastfeeding tops are well made and will last so don’t stop wearing them because you don’t breastfeed anymore.

A twitter friend of mine recently had her second baby and she has kept her tops from her first baby (who is now 2) and they are still rockin it, she wore them too whilst she wasn’t breastfeeding because she liked them so ladies don;t feel these tops are just for breastfeeding they aren’t !

This photo above of our melons nursing shirt brings back cool memories, we took this shot on a freaky hot day back in October, it was really bizzare because i thought it was going to be freezing and this freak hot day just came along. This particular photo is taken on a special street in bRistol which has tons of cool street art and Aiofe our model carefully wedged herself in this weird doorway which was half way up an house in order to get thsi shot.

Was a fun day, look forward to doing many more.

breastfeeding clothing, Breastfeeding Tops

Plus size breastfeeding tops

What do you consider as plus size?

Some stores class a size 14 as plus size but i can’t say as i go with that as the UK average size is a 16 so how can a 14 be plus size?

We carry breastfeeding tops up to a size 18 and these are a genuine size 18 not a 16- 18 . Here is our size charts for our breastfeeding tops:


Some of of nursing tops have slightly different cuts depending upon style so if you are wanting a plus size breastfeeding top which has a little more room i would go for our new 3/4 length sleeve ones, these have  a more generous cut from our short sleeved nursing tops (these nursing tops available in plain and other graphic prints too) .

We do want to extend our range of breastfeeding tops into sizes 20 and 22 but this will have to wait a little longer as it costs a fortune to do a range of new tops. But i promise you we are working on it and when we have established ourselves further we sill invest in a full range of plus size breasfeeding clothes.

Breastfeeding Tops

Breast feeding and feeling good about it

Ok  so maybe a little rant coming on here but as you know i am a twitter lover; i go on it everyday and if i don’t post on it all the time i do read it quite a lot during the day (think i need to ween myself off it a bit) and the things you can find on there are very diverse; so i read a post from the US about a racing car driver tweeting about going into a store and seeing a woman breastfeeding and him getting all uptight about it and launching a mini moan on twitter about it.  Here is the full story

He makes these comments “Just walking though supermarket. See a mom breast feeding little kid. Took second look because obviously I was seeing things. I wasn’t!” he wrote, then graphically described what he saw. “#nasty,” Kahne added, “I don’t feel like shopping anymore or eating.

My gawd get over it, it’s like 2012. I HATE it that women are sometimes (and i say sometimes as i know not all people are like this guy) made to feel crap because they are breastfeeding. Hellooo Mr if you had ever taken your children out and they became hungry (which they normally do as they are children) what would you do? Never go out? I don’t think so.

Some people just don’t get what it’s like to me a mother and to try and look after you kids irrelevant of if you breastfeed or bottle feed people always get funny about something. When Erin my youngest daughter was about 2 months old i took her out to our local Mall and went to get some lunch and i got moaned  at by a woman to stop her crying. I mean she had cried for like a nano second and get over it lady she’s a baby. See always something to moan about. I think some people either completely for get what it was like or never had a clue in the first place.

ok so that my moan over for today ! What gets on your nerves?





What makes you feel good?

Happy New Year guys, hope 2012 is going to rock for you.

I always find the new year is a real kick up the butt and gets me motivated for all the things i really want to do both business wise and personal things. One thing that is always on my list is to loose the pounds ie not the £ kind ! Thing is i love to eat but i have to retrain myself that you can still eat and get in shape just not doughnuts! Way back before i had my kids i had always been chunky but not so chunky i couldn’t go to the Mall (i live in Bristol and we have a shopping complex called  The Mall) and go into any shop and find something that would fit, i had Amelia my first daughter and i put weight on and 5 years later when i had my second daughter Erin i got to moosive proportions which i am at now; i don’t like it at all and i’ve been like this for about 2 years now. I am an avid tweeter and someone posted a quote on there “if you don’t like something change it, if you can’t change it then learn to live with it” i think it was made by Maya Anjelou (spelling i am sorry my spelling is pretty pants). It is totally right and i CAN change my weight and i can’t learn to live with it so it’s got to go.

How about you, are you happy with your body?

The thing is if you look at things rationally weight loss isn’t going to be a fast thing, i didn’t wake up one day and find i’d put like 5 stone on! So i can’t expect to to loose it that fast. I have downloaded an App on my iphone which is called my net diary and you basically write  down in it what you have eaten and it gives you the calories for it and it you are reaching your daily limit (you have to put your height in etc) i found it was quite good but you’ve got to be honest with what you are putting into it. What do you guys use to help you loose weight?

Anyway stepping aside form the weight thing i also thought i’d try new things with my hair and make-up. I’ve always had really long hair but never really done much with it, i’ve had it cut into slightly different styles but always end up coming back to the same one so i thought i’d try You Tube out and see how i can change my current style with clips, and curling it etc. WOW You Tube is amazing for finding tips on make-up and hairstyles etc .

I really like the 1950’s vibe and found a really cool video on YOu tube by a lady called Cherry Doll FAce, :

I like this because you don’t need lots of expensive make up – lots of what Cherry uses is make up you can find in boots. I do wonder about the eyebrow thing though and if it looks too obvious your eyebrows are painted on – but maybe i worry too much about looking like i obviously am wearing make up and should just go with the flow a bit more. I think Cherry looks really fab with her make up on (she’s is very pretty without) and there is a big difference between her when she has make up on and off. What do you think?