Nursing clothes for summer

OK so if you weren’t breastfeeding what kinda clothes would you wear for summer?

And now because you are breastfeeding are the clothes you wear much different?

At the moment most of our short sleeve nursing tops are on sale so it’s a pretty good time to get some; i was just trying to think if what i wore when breastfeeding was that much different to what i wear now? To be honest i’ve never really been much of a dress wearing ( bit of a tom boy) but i did wear a dress a lot when i was pregnant and i must admit i did wear our Money Penny nursing dress a lot , although i did put a pair of leggings on underneath it ( i had a bad experience once at a funeral… dress in knickers time lol , would have been funny but wasn’t really the right time !)

With our nursing dress you get easy access to breastfeed by lifting up the empire band on the dress.

We do have a Money Penny nursing top too which has long sleeves, i found this quite good in the summer too only because i get really bad sunburn and it was nice to have something to keep the sun off my arms, but again i do have the complection of a corpse so !!

We are just planning our our new range for the spring so if there is something you would really like to see for the breastfeeding mother just let us know.


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Breastfeeding tops for summer

I know i know it’s not summer yet here in the UK but i have to start planning out my summer range of breastfeeding tops and am looking for inspiration.

It’s always so hard to tell just what our summer is going to be like, as i remember from last year there wasn’t that many days were there when it was sunny? Although i can remember working up quite a sweat when i had my big delivery of new breastfeeding tops and being on my own.

This is the picture of me afterwards :

Yeap i was pretty hanging (i also managed to hit myself in the eye with one of the boxes so had a bit of an eye bleed going on in this picture, hmmm attractive my husband is 1 lucky man lol) . I had such a stress on that day, literally hundreds of boxes all containing my lovely nursing shirts (all of which i love…yeap i’m a saddo) , a really knarky lorry driver who was on my case right from the start , telling me he wanted all his pallets back and like he wanted them yesterday (all my boxes were on the pallets hence my stress) ; and all the boxes were on the bottom level and my warehouse space is on the top floor!! Normally i have Matt and some of his friends but that day i was all on my own. Well i say on my own Erin was withm e but my mother in Law helped out with looking after her 🙂

SO what designs do you guys want for the summer?

I have some ideas but it’s really hard to know if they will be a huge hit or a flop! I admit i do like some of our current nursing tops more than others, but not all the ones i am mad on sell really well; maybe they look different in person and different on-line??? I really need to get our nursing tops into some independent maternity store here in the UK but the sad thing is there aren’t too many of them. We’ve had just in the last week 4 emails from ladies who all want to take a look at our nursing tops but there aren’t any store available. Maybe i should just go for it and email John Lewis ?  We have 1 shop i know of here in Bristol which sells nursingwear but it will only take clothes if they are organic so that is a no for us . If you know of any independent stores near you please let us know and we will get on the case.

So back to summer bretasfeeding tops, we are shortlisting our new designs, and will be facebooking about them soon, so as always if you want to be a part of things either email us, leave a comment or facebook us x






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Breastfeeding , breastfeeding clothes and doing what you love

I won’t lie starting your own business is never easy, especially in a recession and especially in the clothing industry and in particular if you want to make your own brand .

There are so many more things than you would ever believe to think of and it is a steep learning curve; not all things are good and somethings are very unforgiving one example i: have learnt is not everyone feels the same passion for your brand and what you do as yourself; when i put my trust in someone and rented a warehouse to store my stock i expected it to be looked after (ie not stolen, or damaged) so when last year my stock got leaked on from a roof which had not been maintained i expected some kinda shock / concern from my landlord. Instead i got a big fat “and thats got something to do with me because”…….. i went on to explain ” arrrh the roof has leaked onto my lovely shirts, my lovely shirts that took me ages to design and then co-ordinate the manufacture and then shipment and then they were printed with love and care and then folded back up and put ready to be sold to lovely people who have just had the cutest baby ever”….. nope still not a glimmer of concern. This really got my goat, .

Just remember if in business choose who you work with carefully, there has to be respect there on both sides and once that is lost then things are looking pretty dim; that is the problem with some people in business they are just after to moola without the passion for the product or service. Of course this doesn’t go for everyone , i can think of lots of great companies who totally live for what they do ( Stokke i regard as one of these fabulous companies, each product you can tell has had a LOT of thought put into it) but some companies just want the money and don’t want to help you after.

So this has been one of my bummers in business , one good thing in business which has happened this week is we maybe moving location for Mama FeelsGood base to central Bristol. At the moment i rent part of a warehouse for our shirts and i work largely from home but i maybe sharing a new premises with our printers who also have to move, so i think it would be a perfect solution to both our problems. MFG has to expand and with this expansion brings more room and more room generally means more money but by sharing i can get a larger space at less money and plus i get company to work with. I really miss a good old chat and the guys at our print shop are always up for a chat; it’s really cool to chat about printing techniques or artists that we think are really cool and know the other person knows what you are on about. 🙂

Also our print guys have worked with big artists like Banksy and Nick Walker so their experience goes way back over 20 years so i have a lot to learn from them. So hopefully 2012 is going to be a good year 🙂

My eldest daughter is just really beginning to understand what i do for my job and drew me this picture because she said she loves MFG too! Must admit it made me tear up, i love running MFG and whilst some people maybe out to not treat people as they would want to be treated themselves there are lots out there who are good nice people – i guess you just gotta get good with sieving the wheat from the chaff!

Here’s my daughter picture



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Nursing tops for big breasts

We have lots of lovely breastfeeding tops which are suitable for ladies with bigger breasts.

This is our Owl breastfeeding Tee in Blue , it’s super soft and has a really pretty boat neck design ; it has been designed so you can nurse your baby really simply , just lift the top shirt up and pull either side of the under vest aside (depending upon which boob you’re going to breastfeed from) and there you go, access to nurse. The undervest keeps your tummy covered and is the same colour os the top shirt so you can’t even tell if your not looking very hard that your top shirt has been pulled up. The undershirt has 5% elastane so is stretchy and can be moved around bigger boobs without digging in.

One problem with being gifted in the boobie department is that some tops are big everywhere ie not just in the boob area so it  looks like you are wearing someone elses shirt. Our nursing tops have been cut with the post baby shape in mind so do not come with bump; there is room for the post baby tummy ( hey we are normal women and your body isn’t gonna just snap back into shape, especially if you were like me and ate waaay to many doughnuts when pregnant) . Our nursing tops also have darts at the bust region so add more shape which helps to fit you better.

If you want to take a closer look at our size charts to get the correct fit for you all bust measurements are on there (size charts are found on the product description pages) .


breast feeding clothes, Breastfeeding Tops

Making breastfeeding that little bit easier

This week i received THE coolest email ever, it was from a mum who has bought our breastfeeding tops (she has been with us from early on when we started) and she wrote to us to let us know that our breastfeeding tops have really helped her and her friend out and to be able to breastfeed in public without the stress of other peoples comments and stares etc.

Here is a little quote from her email:

“I have to say honestly your tops have made this possible, as they have given me so much confidence as people can’t really tell when I’m feeding, and since having my baby I must have worn your tops all but about 10 days in total – they just make my life so much easier!”

How cool is this 🙂

I totally choked up when i read this (the whole email is so fab but can’t show it all as it’s a bit personal ), it is awesome when someone “gets ” you and think yeah i’m totally into that. Personally sometimes i think ladies can get the rough end of the stick, yes we do get those extra cuddles with our babies when we breastfeed which are so lush but we also get all the crap from people who just don’t “get” what we are doing. For starters it’s none of their business, all we want to do is go out with our babies and feed them when they are hungry; it’s not like we are making it our mission to flash our boobies ! SOme countries are so laid back about breastfeeding, i guess here in the UK we just need to get over ourselves and think thats what boobies were made for!

I was so excited when my first daughter was born but i did freak out when i had to go out with her and i knew she would want a feed because some people can be so rude and i didn;t want people staring at me,so hence Mama FeelsGood was created; i;m not saying it stops people staring all together but it definately helps 🙂