Behind, breast feeding clothes

Breastfeeding , breastfeeding clothes and doing what you love

I won’t lie starting your own business is never easy, especially in a recession and especially in the clothing industry and in particular if you want to make your own brand .

There are so many more things than you would ever believe to think of and it is a steep learning curve; not all things are good and somethings are very unforgiving one example i: have learnt is not everyone feels the same passion for your brand and what you do as yourself; when i put my trust in someone and rented a warehouse to store my stock i expected it to be looked after (ie not stolen, or damaged) so when last year my stock got leaked on from a roof which had not been maintained i expected some kinda shock / concern from my landlord. Instead i got a big fat “and thats got something to do with me because”…….. i went on to explain ” arrrh the roof has leaked onto my lovely shirts, my lovely shirts that took me ages to design and then co-ordinate the manufacture and then shipment and then they were printed with love and care and then folded back up and put ready to be sold to lovely people who have just had the cutest baby ever”….. nope still not a glimmer of concern. This really got my goat, .

Just remember if in business choose who you work with carefully, there has to be respect there on both sides and once that is lost then things are looking pretty dim; that is the problem with some people in business they are just after to moola without the passion for the product or service. Of course this doesn’t go for everyone , i can think of lots of great companies who totally live for what they do ( Stokke i regard as one of these fabulous companies, each product you can tell has had a LOT of thought put into it) but some companies just want the money and don’t want to help you after.

So this has been one of my bummers in business , one good thing in business which has happened this week is we maybe moving location for Mama FeelsGood base to central Bristol. At the moment i rent part of a warehouse for our shirts and i work largely from home but i maybe sharing a new premises with our printers who also have to move, so i think it would be a perfect solution to both our problems. MFG has to expand and with this expansion brings more room and more room generally means more money but by sharing i can get a larger space at less money and plus i get company to work with. I really miss a good old chat and the guys at our print shop are always up for a chat; it’s really cool to chat about printing techniques or artists that we think are really cool and know the other person knows what you are on about. 🙂

Also our print guys have worked with big artists like Banksy and Nick Walker so their experience goes way back over 20 years so i have a lot to learn from them. So hopefully 2012 is going to be a good year 🙂

My eldest daughter is just really beginning to understand what i do for my job and drew me this picture because she said she loves MFG too! Must admit it made me tear up, i love running MFG and whilst some people maybe out to not treat people as they would want to be treated themselves there are lots out there who are good nice people – i guess you just gotta get good with sieving the wheat from the chaff!

Here’s my daughter picture




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