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Cool Beans – Prima Pregnancy & Baby chose our nursing tops

What a cool week, Prima Pregnancy & Birth magazine have chosen our BLue Owl nursing top to feature in their magazine . It’s really great because we didn’t pay for this feature (lots of companies say hey we are in this magazine and actually they paid to be there) Prima actually really digs our range of nursing wear to chose our breastfeeding top to feature.

I gotta admit the owl nursing shirt is really cool, lots of our customers say they get loads of really nice comments when they wear them and nobody knows it’s a nursing top they think it’s just a really nice top . You see our nursing tops are not obvious and they are great to wear when you stop bereastfeeding too.

Here is our Feature in The Prima Pregnancy & Birth :

The pregnancy spanx featured in this page look kinda weird yet interesting. I think these would be great to help give your bump some support, i know when i had my 2 girls when it got to the end i felt my bump was moosive (it was although i think it was more of a food baby then my daughter, i did love the doughnuts!) and i bought a belt thing which was supposed to go under the bump to help support and take some strain off your back; i was ok for a bit nut i think it cut the blood supply off to my legs if i sat down! So these pregnancy spanx look like a good alternative.

So which is your favourite out of our nursing tops? We are just beginning with our wholesale programme and our nursing clothes will be available to by from Australia, Southern Ireland and a great store up in Scotland; so we are spreading the FeelsGood feeling around the world – slow but sure my friends. So if there is a store in your city you’d like to see our breastfeeding clothes then let them know about us and we can get the party started!



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