Breastfeeding Fashion

Breastfeeding friendly clothes & Coachella

What would i wear to Coachella festival that was breastfeeding friendly? Although this being said i have no idea what Coachella is like as i’ve never actually been, is it a place for kids to hang out? I’m thinking it’s a bit like the Glastonbury festival is over here. I do know that lots of people find it a mecca for finding new fashions (as well as the music of course!) here in the UK we get little snippets of the festival and they are nearly always about the fashion and which celeb is wearing what.

SO if i was heading off to sunny california i think i would go for our OWL blacknursing tees for the night time / evenings and for the day i’d probably rock with our laid back High 5 nursing shirt . I’m not into dresses at festivals, i went to the reading festival here in the UK way back in the 90’s and a total of 5 days camping can get you in quite a state, i can’t imagine whats it’s like with a baby but i guess this is where breastfeeding would come into it’s own because there are no bottles to keep clean etc. Food on the go !

I’m not too sure how family friendly music festivals are these days? I have gone to a few music festivals pre having children and they were cool but it was all about having a drink and dancing all night, something that i wouldn’t be doing with kids. At the Reading festival and i saw the Red Hot Chilli Peppers who were amazing but they weren’t on stage till way past 10pm and it didn’t stop till gone 1am – so you wouldn’t be taking your young kids to this (well i speak for myself here) . I guess it would have to all about the day time and the experience? I hear Camp besitval is cool and family orientated, the 2012 line up includes The Happy Mondays which i think would always be entertaining ! There are LOADS of kids friendly acts too. Although just looking at their website the tickets are £185 each per adult – ouch. Anyone ever been and know if it’s worth going? Defo looks like a different vibe from Coachella !!! No Dr Dre for a start- now i’ll leave that up to you if thats good or bad!



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