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High 5 nursing top – special chance buy

I was thinking what to do with One of our High 5 nursing tops which is faulty, it’s a great top but sadly our printers got a little over enthausiastic with the red screen printing paint and it somehow ended up on the back of the shirt ! Total pain in the butt ! But i was thinking my loss your gain , we wouldn’t sell it on our site so i was thinking if anyone wants to cover the price of postage (which is £2.99 in the UK and depending upon country up to max of £6) then the shirt can be yours – we are nice like that 🙂

It’s a medium so UK 12  .

We only have 1 of these so if lots of you want it we will pick a name at random and that person can have first dibs at it.

Here are some pictures of the shirt and the pain on the back:

Is you click on the high 5 nursing shirt above it will take you to our website with the description of how this breastfeeding top works

Here is a picture of the red mark which is on the back of the shirt

here it is in the sunlight.

The mark is on the back of the shirt, it’s not small i would say about 4 inches ish (i am not very good with measurements ha ha no rude jokes please!).

It kinda looks like someone has rubbed something into the shirt but i promise it it paint and nothing else, the shirt has never been worn.

so ladies if you would like it leave a comment below this blog and you’ve got until after the jubilee so next wednesday and i’ll let you know who;s name is picked.

If you live outside the UK it’s fine to enter but you’ve got to pay postage and there maybe import duty depending upon your countries laws etc.


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New summer nursing tops

wowzers it’s actually hot here today in Bristol, makes a change from all the bad weather we’ve had recently so it seems really appropriate that we’ve launched our summer nursing tops ! We’ve got a fun selection of short sleeve breastfeeding T-shirts which will make breastfeeding out in this nice weather tons easier.

I’ve always really liked the surf kinda fashion (i’m not talking bikini’s here, i wouldn’t inflict that sight of me in 1 on anyones eyeballs!),  i literally wear jeans and T’s all the time so i thought it would be cool to do a short sleeve nursing top in the surfy style. I am really pleased how our Unicorn nursing T-Shirt has comeout

We went wandering the streets of Bristol (hey not like that ha ha) and Laura our photographer came up with some wicked shots

Here is close up of the hand screen printed design on the nursing top

 Our Mr Foxy nursing top make me crack up, i love it SO much. It’s Mr Fox but he’s in disguise ! It’s a really nice strong colour print which really pops out of the shirt, and seriously you can’t help but smile when you see it.

Below is the close up of the print

All these nursing tops are the same as our long sleeve breastfeeding tops and work on the double layer function, so pull the top layer up and the under layer has breastfeeding access on the sides. So no flashing strangers your tummies. Plus we’ve been told that our shirts are great for tandem nursing, breastfeeding twins etc because the underlayer keeps you covered when you nurse from both sides at the same time.

Finally our last new summer nursing shirt is out Hooters T

It has a really funky laid back feel about this shirt. I really wanted california 70’s vibe to hit you when you saw this shirt – hopefully you do? Or perhaps thats me just being crazy ha ha.

Below is a close up of the print on our hooters nursing T-Shirt

We really hope you like our summer nursing top collection, as always we’ve tried to bring a bit of humour to our shirts. Being a mum doesn’t have to mean floral kaftans lol !

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Breastfeeding friendly hairstyles

OK so you might be thinking what the heck is a breastfeeding friendly hairstyle aren’t they all breastfeeding friendly? Well from my personal experience no – i have quite long hair and both my daughters when feeding loved to yank my hair it it freakin hurt. Also i lost quite a lot of hair during pregnancy so i had these flyaway little whispy bits on my fringe which seemed to have a life of their own; so i kinda wanted to hold onto the hair i had! So i had to tie my hair back a lot – so in a vain attempt to make myself feel better i hit You Tube and looked up some easy to do hair styles which made my breastfeeding experience happier and made me feel good so i’m gonna share 🙂

How cool is this, of course you have to have the hair to be able to do this but great way to get out the way and it doesn’t take THAT long. I did this but didn’t do the plait around the base on piny tail because i am lazy!

Mermaid Tail braid

This Mermaid tail braid is SO easy to do and is cool when your hair is a little bit dirty too, you know the days your baby chucks up a little and you haven’t got time to wash your hair again lol. I joke ! Here is a great blog which shows pictures of how to do this braid .

Braided head band

OK so this maybe the girl off of The Hills (i can’t remember her name, and i don’t mean this is in a horrible way) but it’s not a high maintenance style plus it keeps your hair off your face. You can do this with shorter hair styles too, there is a fabulous site called Hair Romance that shows how to do braided head bands with shorter hair. There are also tons of funky hairstyle on their site which they show you you can do.

This You Tube video is cool for shorter hair although looks like you will need a friend to help – i’ve never done this one my ability to do a french plait is pants!

The top 2 styles were my favourites- also just chucking it up in a bun was cool , what was yours?

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Mama FeelsGood nursing tops in Australia



I am So excited it’s ridonculousour nursing tops are now available in Australia, how cool isthis? They were launched today by our Australian stockist Queen Bee who are a very cool and funky on-line retailer based in Sydney.

I love Queen Bee so much, they are so fashion forward with regard to the maternity and nursing clothing trends, they have a great selection so you can pick up one of our fab nursing tops and match it with loads of funky bottoms available on their site (i love these cool skinny maternity jeans from Maternal America  ; i wore my maternity jeans until Erin was 18 months old – not the big belly warmer type but the ones with little panels. They are way too cool not to wear just because your bump isn’t there and i did pay a lot for them so want to get my wear outta them, you can wear you top over the panel so no-one knows).

Queen Bee stock our Blossom nursing shirt our

Our Discothon nursing top

Funky Owl Breastfeeding Top

One Love nursing shirt.

We are so pleased to get our nursing tops into Australia, we’ve had SO many requests as we know paying postage can be such a pain in the butt, so finally you gorgeous Australian ladies you can now shop at home 🙂

If you live outside the UK and think your country would benefit from a little injection of Mama FeelsGood breastfeeding fashion just let us know and we will get on the case. We currently are available in Holland, Poland, Czech Republic, Ireland, and Spain .


















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Hooter – new laid back nursing top

Sometimes in life there are times when you could just give yourself a pat on the back, i LOVE our new hooter nursing shirt so much it literally makes me smile when i look at it. The print has a really vintage retro cool feel about it, it reminds me of traveling through California in the sun, having no worries and having a blast…. ooh sorry just got carried away then ! ha ha.

Paul & Ben who do our screen printing (all our prints are hand printed) made the design look a little washed out but not too washed; it’s quite a skill to get the affect just right and these guys have been printing for years and years and really know their stuff, so our nursing tops always come out amazing. Lots of work goes into creating our breastfeeding tops so when you see them come out like this it’s HIGH 5 time!

Laura our photographer was amazing & so was our model Nat, this was shot last weekend when the weather here in Bristol was totally gross; we are talking rain that would just not stop and the fact that any shots were taken just goes to show how fab they are. It;s so cool to work with people who really get what you want. I am in love with these pictures.

We are so proud to have this nursing shirt in our collection , we have  another 2 new prints coming up over the next week too which are just as lush. Thought we would pace out the awesomness of our new breastfeeding top collection!

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Funky kids wallpaper gets better & better



Ferm Living Owl Wallpaper £59.99 per roll 

When i was younger i can’t remember my wallpaper being funky, i think i plastered pictures of shoestring (yes i am that old, google it if you’re too young ha ha) or Paul weller. Now we have under loads of funky wallpaper for kids and great wall stencils. Here are a pick of my favourite ones available, although be warned some of them are quite pricy :

Ferm Livings Mushroom soup wallpaper £69.99 per roll – ouch

The great thing about Ferm living is they do lots of accessories to go with their wallpaper, so duvet covers, cushions, play mobiles etc, down side is they are pricey . Not sure how difficult it would be to hang this paper either? Although i often say i personally don;t do DIY because my motto is “that will do” and that drives Matt insane.

This gorgeous wallpaper is by a brand call ISAK it’s made in the UK and it’s made from sustainable forrest so you don;t have to loose sleep over all the trees that have been chopped to make you little ones room look gorg. It’s £38.50 per roll 

If wall papering isn’t your thing you could always paint the wall a colour you love and then adorn the walls with wall stickers. I have been looking at the Ferm Living Owl wall stickers for Erins room since she was born (she’s 2 now) and i still haven’t bought them. I think it’s the price which outs me off but i keep coming back to look at them , they are lush.

If sticker don’t rock your world there are always letters which you can paint and stick or nail to the wall. There are quite a lot of sellers on Ebay which sell by the letter so it’s cool for spelling your childs name out .

Just imagine this being your childs room …you get what i meant hough right?

OR if you are a little more out there you could commission a piece of art to be drawn directly onto your loved ones walls?