breast feeding clothes, Nursing Tops

Hooter – new laid back nursing top

Sometimes in life there are times when you could just give yourself a pat on the back, i LOVE our new hooter nursing shirt so much it literally makes me smile when i look at it. The print has a really vintage retro cool feel about it, it reminds me of traveling through California in the sun, having no worries and having a blast…. ooh sorry just got carried away then ! ha ha.

Paul & Ben who do our screen printing (all our prints are hand printed) made the design look a little washed out but not too washed; it’s quite a skill to get the affect just right and these guys have been printing for years and years and really know their stuff, so our nursing tops always come out amazing. Lots of work goes into creating our breastfeeding tops so when you see them come out like this it’s HIGH 5 time!

Laura our photographer was amazing & so was our model Nat, this was shot last weekend when the weather here in Bristol was totally gross; we are talking rain that would just not stop and the fact that any shots were taken just goes to show how fab they are. It;s so cool to work with people who really get what you want. I am in love with these pictures.

We are so proud to have this nursing shirt in our collection , we have  another 2 new prints coming up over the next week too which are just as lush. Thought we would pace out the awesomness of our new breastfeeding top collection!


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