Breastfeeding Fashion

Mama FeelsGood nursing tops in Australia



I am So excited it’s ridonculousour nursing tops are now available in Australia, how cool isthis? They were launched today by our Australian stockist Queen Bee who are a very cool and funky on-line retailer based in Sydney.

I love Queen Bee so much, they are so fashion forward with regard to the maternity and nursing clothing trends, they have a great selection so you can pick up one of our fab nursing tops and match it with loads of funky bottoms available on their site (i love these cool skinny maternity jeans from Maternal America  ; i wore my maternity jeans until Erin was 18 months old – not the big belly warmer type but the ones with little panels. They are way too cool not to wear just because your bump isn’t there and i did pay a lot for them so want to get my wear outta them, you can wear you top over the panel so no-one knows).

Queen Bee stock our Blossom nursing shirt our

Our Discothon nursing top

Funky Owl Breastfeeding Top

One Love nursing shirt.

We are so pleased to get our nursing tops into Australia, we’ve had SO many requests as we know paying postage can be such a pain in the butt, so finally you gorgeous Australian ladies you can now shop at home 🙂

If you live outside the UK and think your country would benefit from a little injection of Mama FeelsGood breastfeeding fashion just let us know and we will get on the case. We currently are available in Holland, Poland, Czech Republic, Ireland, and Spain .



















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