Upfest – Bristol’s urban art festival

I love living in Bristol, our urban art (or graffiti ) is a big part of our city; walking through the centre of town you can’t help but miss it, and there are SO many great artists here. I know there is some debate as to if it’s art or vandalism but if you went along and saw the artist at work it’s just amazing how they get their art onto walls etc i personally think they are so clever. Working so close up to the walls it cool how they get the perspective looking right on their art, plus their arms must ache like anything!

Above is Bristol artist’s CHEO’s piece, it looks even better in the flesh if thats possible. He sells some of his art on-line here 

Once a year Bristol hosts UPFEST , the urban art festival and North Street and surrounding roads in Bedminster become a mecca for urban artists, you can go along and see well known and up and coming artists do their thang and see what goes into creating urban art and all the planning and dedication these guys have.

Upfest has a great feel about it with loads of food stalls and clothes stands; children are very welcome and in The Tobacco factory which is right in the heart of the festival they held a children colouring and little entertainment section for them. Even if urban art doesn’t pump your nads you should go check the festival out next year.

This piece above was painted onto a wall opposite the Aldi store in Bedminster, when i took this picture the artist was painting with a broom – wow how talented. She must have had arms of steel because she was in a cherry picker whilst doing it but leaning up mega high . Crazy talented.

And considering it was the Jubilee weekend i couldn;t miss out Queenie!  This is so cool, over the course of the day we were watching how this came along and the planning that went into this piece was immense , these guys just don’t randomly spray on walls .

I am pretty pants at drawing myself , so to see such great talent makes me kinda jealous; it might not be what you are into but you gotta give it to these guys they are great artists ?


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