breast feeding clothes, breastfeeding clothing

Mama FeelsGood has made the final of the Practical Parenting awards 2012 / 2013

I am SO chuffed, it’s such a good award that to be put on the shortlist i totally feel like a winner already ! seriously.

We’ve reached the shortlist for the best feeding top / bra. I think only 7 companies reach the final for this category (or maybe 8 not too sure) and thats out of lots of companies who enter so it’s to coolio *does a little moon walk* .

I kinda knew the emails were being sent via Practical Parenting admin as i could see other companies who have reached the finals in other categories tweeting it ; as every “oh wow we’ve reached the final” was appearing on twitter i felt a little more tense – in the end i couldn’t eat my ripple bar – now when i start refusing chocolate something has to be seriously wrong.

When the email did come you don’t know if it’s a “yeah cheers but really you think we’re gonna let you in the final” or “we freakin love you and yes please do come and be part of our final ” so before i opened it i was more tense than a hen in a foxhouse, you could literally see the stress in my face – then it was Practical parenting i love you !

So what we have to do now is send samples off of our lovely nursing tops to equally lovely people (we never find out who they are but they must be cool ) and then wait until September time i think and we then get another email with WINNER or LOSER ! ha ha.

We made it to the final last year so that was awesome, but as they say no cigar; so are hoping we will do better this year, but hey no pressure .

I just think it’s cool that as an indie brand we’ve made it to the final of a really cool competition. We don;t know who we are up against – normally it’s a few of the giant companies but fingers crossed – send good vibes our way 🙂



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