breast feeding clothes

Nursing top sample sale & other bargains

So i got to think it would be cool to organise a sample sale of our nursing tops ; We are always trying to change things about, and the cool thing about us hand screening our own breastfeeding tops is we can change up which prints go on what shirts. So we try different things out ie hey would the island print look cool on the red shirt this time ? You gotta try things sometimes to see if they work or not and it’s not gonna work all the time. So we have some shirts that we have like 1 or 2 of that need a good home.

So next Monday ( the 6th August) we are going to have our sample sale on our website. It won’t have tons of nursing tops but they will be a a really cool price. There will be a variation of long sleeve nursing tops and short sleeve ones. Some maybe  faulty (if they are we will of course state the fault, but please read carefully so you know what you’re buying) whilst others will be one off specials described above.

It’s going to take a bit of organising our end so by next monday it should be ready to rock n roll . We will mention when the sale goes live on facebook and twitter so keep you eyes out 🙂