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Breastfeeding clothes without the frump

I am just finalising the new graphic prints for our new batch of nursing T-Shirts and i gotta say it’s got me really excited. Yeah ok so i am a T-Shirt nerd and it always gets me in the best mood ever to bring out a new line of nursing tops , just feels good to provide funky clothes to breastfeed in and you can keep wearing them long after you stop too .

I have set one of the new prints as my screen saver on my computer and when i sit down to work i get that little excited feeling (you know like as a kid a christmas when you know something good is gonna happen) ; we have such a good batch of prints, thing is we still have a bit to go before they can be ready for sale. If i said things take forever to come together that would be an underestimation, so the new nursing tops should be available via our website end of September / beginning October.

I’m sorry dudes but i can’t give a sneak peak just yet of our breastfeeding tops but this is an old flyer we had made which shows our stupid side ! When i say our i mean my stupid side

Keep rocking ladies and i will keep you updated on the progress of our new nursing tops x

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Emma Dorans co-see bed side cot

I love it when you see a new product and think yeah i would totally use that ; Emma Doran designed a product called the Co-See in her final year of her Product design degree at UWE (University Of the West Of England) and it looks freakin cool. As taken from her website here is the product description:


‘co-see’ is a baby bed that enables the caregiver to keep the baby in their room for the first six months, encouraging bonding and safe sleep practice. It gives easy access to the infant to aid night-time feeds, adjusts to alleviate reflux and sickness and is portable for use around the home. The design was based on research with users and experts, as well as considering The Foundation For The Study of Infant Death’s guidelines to reduce the risk of cot death.

With both my girls as newborns i used a moses basket (well with Amelia my first daughter first night back from hospital and we put her straight into her cot in our room and realised she wasn’t having any of it – great big cot & tiny baby didn’t work well)  and i was always paranoid about it falling off it’s stand or me kicking it over in the night – not that i normally practise Karate in my sleep but hey i was a new mum & paranoia was high!

I didn’t get on with co-sleeping – but you need your baby close in the early days because you’re feeding lots in the night and you wanna be able to check they are ok in the night ( i speak for myself here) so the Co-See would have been cool. It is a dual action cot and carry cot with detachable sides and see through side so you can see your baby at all times.

Plus on a purely vein basis it looks good! The Gro company have sponsored Emma to develop the Co-See so it looks like it will actually go into production 🙂 Hoe it does as it looks wicked. Well done Emma you rock – plus i also did my degree at UWE so high 5 fellow graduate.

Breastfeeding Fashion

Baby wearing and breastfeeding

To be honest i wasn’t too sure what baby wearing was ; then i realised it’s just a name given to carrying your baby in a sling or wrap. I guess since i had my first daughter 7 years ago things have changed – don’t think i heard much about baby wearing then but now it seems really popular – and so it should be ; wraps and carriers can be such practical things and in certain circumstances wearing a baby in a wrap / carrier can give you back a smidge of your independence.

When i had my daughter Erin 2 years ago i used a mai Tai wrap and it was really comfy for me but i alway thought she looked a bit uncomfortable as i wasn’t sure what to do with her legs ie she was too small to have the spread out each side of the Mai Tai and if her legs where inside i thought they looked a bit crumpled. What i should have done was go into You Tube and watch a video on how to wear one!

You tube can be so cool for learning new things , i use it a lot for learning new hairstyle etc!

There are SO many other types of carrier or wraps for  you and your baby to use; i’ve heard Moby wraps are really cool, especially in the year months , again You tube is really cool for learning  how to wrap them so both you and your baby are comfortable and safely held.

Boba wraps again i’ve heard lots of nice things about , they seem to be very practical , ladies that i follow on twitter have found Boba wraps easy to breastfeed in on the go and have done their grocery shopping etc whilst wearing a Boba wrap and breastfed.

There are so many carriers to choose from, which one did you find the best? It’s nice that the practicality of them is being combined with a great looking product, i found an old baby carrier at a car boot sale and think it must have gone back to the 70’s and i couldn’t even figure out how to put it on and who knew where the baby went!

Stokke have just realised a new baby carrier – mycarrier i think it’s called, i’ve never used one and i wondered what it was like ; i know Stokke have a great reputation for making great prams , high chairs etc so thought this probably was cool .

Anyone with any feedback on baby carriers please feel free to comment as it’s great to get recommendations . Plus which ones are best for breastfeeding in?