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Breastfeeding clothes without the frump

I am just finalising the new graphic prints for our new batch of nursing T-Shirts and i gotta say it’s got me really excited. Yeah ok so i am a T-Shirt nerd and it always gets me in the best mood ever to bring out a new line of nursing tops , just feels good to provide funky clothes to breastfeed in and you can keep wearing them long after you stop too .

I have set one of the new prints as my screen saver on my computer and when i sit down to work i get that little excited feeling (you know like as a kid a christmas when you know something good is gonna happen) ; we have such a good batch of prints, thing is we still have a bit to go before they can be ready for sale. If i said things take forever to come together that would be an underestimation, so the new nursing tops should be available via our website end of September / beginning October.

I’m sorry dudes but i can’t give a sneak peak just yet of our breastfeeding tops but this is an old flyer we had made which shows our stupid side ! When i say our i mean my stupid side

Keep rocking ladies and i will keep you updated on the progress of our new nursing tops x


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