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Ideas, inspiration and nursing Tops !

Big changes are a foot here at FeelsGood studios, we have some new nursing T-shirts which are on their way to us and we’ve got lots of planning to do for the new graphic Tee  collection . We are also thinking of new ways in which we  roll and everything from how our shirts are packed and sent to stitched and weaved are being thought about.

We are really thrilled so say the amount of different countries our nursing tops are being sold in is increasing more and more , with our breastfeeding clothes recently being able to be bought directly in Belgium, Australia, and Czech Republic our list of stockist is growing every month. It’s SO cool to get emails from ladies in Melbourne saying how much they like our nursing tops and how comfortable they are . It makes me feel good knowing i have helped ladies in their changing lives ( i know it’s just a little bit, it’s not like i am totally life changing , don’t worry i;m not getting a giant head about things!) and that breastfeeding has been made that little bit easier – or we have taken the hassle out of thinking what can i wear and breastfeed in . You know when you pick up one of our nursing tops that you’ll be able to breastfeed without the stress of the logistics!

So we plan to add not only some new fresh breastfeeding tops to our funky collection but thinking of childrens wear too. Would be kinda cool to have matching baby tee’s to go with your nursing tops? What do you think?

We would of course keep our own original twist on things , funk things up a bit , plus keep things affordable. We are really excited in the new way things are going and with the joint success of our increasing stockists the future is feeling good 🙂


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