Neneh Cherry Me & Nursing tops !

ok so that s a really weird title , i’ve never actually had the pleasure of meeting Neneh Cherry but this weekend i was listening to my iPod and Buffalo Stance came on and it’s amazing what memories and emotions music can bring back.

During the late 1980’s – well 1989 to be precise i had an amazing time; it was a year i look back on with great affection and to me it was super special. I was 15 and was really into clubbing , purely for the music and to dance; When i say clubbing i mean real clubs and not the open till 10.30 clubs for teens. I guess now looking back at this with children of my own 15 was really young , but one of the benefits of having a sister who was 4 years older than you and whom you got on with really well was she would take me out with her and look after me. Plus if you looked alike you could tell the bouncers you were twins and hence old enough to get into the club !

So we use to hit the Bristol nightclub scene fridays, saturdays and a mid week visit to The Studios’s too and around this time the music was amazing to dance to. I remember going crazy to Stetsasonic “talkin all That Jazz” and” It is time to get funky”  by D-Mob ha ha  , wow good times ! Soul II Soul were massive ( infact me and my sister nearly ended up in one of their videos – long story, maybe for another day) . Buffalo stance by Neneh Cherry was around too and just such a great song.

SO where i am going with this story …. well this weekend i went on to You Tube to watch the buffalo stance video and i remembered seeing Neneh Cherry singing on TOTP being like 8 months pregnant and some people at the time were saying “thats not right” etc etc. Neneh herself in interviews said some people were actually saying she was a bad person because she could have been harming her child – i mean HOW crazy , she’s just singing on stage! It got me thinking what a trail she blazed for all mothers at that time ; what a strong person she must have been to stand up to these people and say no , i know i’m not hurting anyone , this is something i believe in and i’m gonna do it.


She loved her children she loved making music and why shouldn’t she do both? I know it can’t have been easy for her but i didn’t realise at the time (hey i was only 15 and motherhood wouldn’t be for me for a least another 15 years!)  what a big deal it was , and what went with being a mum & working too.

So this is how i feel about making our nursing shirts, when i had the initial idea to start Mama FeelsGood certain people were really negative ; i wanted to provide women with a better choice and clothes that would help them breastfeed in public or wherever they wanted that made them feel more comfortable and to feel “yeah you know i can totally do this” . The feeling i had when i took my baby daughter out and i needed to feed her in public i found quite overwhelming ; but then i thought no i’m not going to hide in a loo or feel bad about doing it ‘ i want to go out and enjoy my family so i found wearing clothes that could keep me covered helped lots ; i just didn’t like the choice that was out there.

So thanks Neneh Cherry for being a role model for me; Even today she is still holding true to what she believes in and and making great music ; plus i have to add on a total superficial level she is totally gorgeous (in the Manchild video she had just given birth to her 2nd child and she was back in Lycra cycle shorts ! Some people have fantastic genes!!)



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