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TImes are a changing

You know when you are picking wallpaper and you’ve got a really good idea of what you want , you know what your style is and you’re really pumped about going out and shopping for your paper ; you get to the store and then settle for one for one thats just ok but not REALLY you? Are you like that or do you keep on until your find what’s really you? Even if it might never be out there?

Well as Mama FeelsGood grows i’ve always felt in a few areas  to quote the words of U2 “i still haven’t found what i’m looking for” , things are cool but just not quite clicking with what i really want. We produce really really great nursing tops which i am so proud of but in this industry it’s not enough to produce a really really great product you have to get out there and shout about it , and i admit that’s something i’m not the best at. I suppose it’s the laid back part of my personality , i think “man our nursing shirts are cool people will find us! ” but i’m learning fast there’s nothing wrong with a bit of self promotion if you know what you do is awesome .

Well i’m getting ready to shout, and over the next few weeks quite a few things will be changing ; Things have clicked for us, we’ve found our mojo and things are looking freakin fantastic. It’s so much like having a baby, when you finally meet your little bundle you step back and look & think to yourself WOW we made that ; Well thats how i am feeling about Mama FeelsGood and our clothes, wow i made this and i am so happy with how it’s grown and evolved.

I am SO excited about the future, i genuinely look on all of our customers as if you were our friends – i had a 30 minute conversation about maternity knickers the other day with one of customers !! ha ha, good comfy ones are hard to find!

I can’t say too much right now as to what specifically is going down as  we are still tweeking the details but believe me things are looking good and i think you’re going to love it x