breast feeding clothes

Waiting is pants

Seriously waiting sucks, even though you know it will be totally worth it , it still doesn’t take away from the fact i want it now! I’m normally quite a patient person but right now i am waiting for like 5 different things all of which are going to be totally awesome but it’s driving me insane!

I guess it’s a bit like being pregnant the closer you get to the end the more impatient you get (well i did) . We are developing some more nursing shirts, having a major facelift, working with some freaking fantastic people and we’re sorting our backend of the business ie the packing and general organisation of things here at Mama’s warehouse. It’s been me on my own doing EVERYTHING and i’m not going to lie it’s been hard, stressy but bloomin brilliant but now i have Laura who has joined the team and it’s really cool working with someone; to bounce ideas, moan at and laugh with it’s been a cool couple of months.

We have some really nice things coming up, we’ve been working hard so i hope you guys like it. So not much more waiting now, well i hope not!