Funky Nursing Necklaces- Kangaroocare in the UK

I absolutely adore these nursing necklaces- they smell so awesome (they are made from all natural material) the apple wood and juniper wood beads are so smooth and as an adult they are great to touch let alone a child !

We are really proud to say we now stock the Kangaroocare nursing necklaces in our store


I have this Juniper wood necklace myself with the red crochet beads and it’s amazing. A lot lighter than i thought but this is a good thing because it feels so natural you don’t even know you are wearing it. 



Each nursing necklace is hand made by the lovely Varja whom is based in estonia, so now these necklaces can be with you within a couple of days rather than weeks. We are super stoked to be a Kangaroocare UK retailer.




There are so many different ways these nursing necklaces can be made, we have a pretty cool selection of them in our store.I think they can become pretty addictive , it’s really hard for me not to get them out and wear them , i have to remember i’ve bought them for sale ! ha ha.



The whole idea around these nursing necklaces is that instead of your baby pulling your hair when breastfeeding they are attracted to the necklace, they are safe to touch for your baby (but of course they are for adult wear only and we would never advice your abby to be left along with these necklaces).


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Sunnyvale nursing top – we bring a bit of our own sunshine

The weather here in the UK has been pants lately, and the only day it was sunny here it made me break out in a cold sore so yeah thats how i roll ! Great! I just think my body is not use to the sunshine as lately here in the UK we haven’t been getting a lot of it.

So we’ve brought a little of our own sunshine ! OK so it’s not THE actual sun but hey help me out here i am trying!

Introducing our Sunnyvale nursing tee 

ImageSuper soft Sunnyvale tee.


All our nursing tops are great for keeping you covered when you want to nurse your child but look just like regular shirts when you’re not. If you’re really honest you don’t really want to walk around with people looking at your clothes thinking arrrh yeah thats a breastfeeding top if ever i saw one!


I found the thing that helped me when i wanted to breastfeed in public was knowing that i could get quick and easy access without flashing what i had! So i like to think that our nursing tops promote breasting in public and that you just gotta get out there and do you thing.

mama feelsgood breastfeeding top


I really love california, i have been lucky enough to go a few times and the last time i went was before i had my first daughter and Matt and i travelled around california in a hire car. It was really cool, we went from Los Angeles to San Diego , all the way down to Palm Springs and then all the humoungous way to San Francisco . We had so little money so don’t get any ideas it was glamourous but my gawd it was fun. From being chased by mad cows in Bakersfield (i’m not being rude i am referring to the actual beast type here) to getting my face burned off in San Diego’s zoo (and we are talking full on sun stroke, my face was stuck to the pillow in the morning, i am such an idiot and hope i never forget my sun screen again) i just wanted to make a nursing tee that brought back the happy memories.

I think our Sunnyvale breastfeeding top does this, it’s a lovely shade of red , super soft and the hand printed graphic designs is really kinda old school but modern at the same time. Does that make sense? Ahh well i’ll stop now as i’m babbling , but it’s a lovely top and one of my favourites.


Honeysuckle Cafe Breastfeeding support group in Bristol

This morning Erin and myself went to the Honeysuckle cafe, it’s a breastfeeding support cafe where mums (or dads) can come together and get advice from qualified support councillors on all things breastfeeding related and a lot of other baby advice.

I was there to celebrate their 2nd birthday and i am so glad i went. Such a lovely group of ladies, so welcoming and totally laid back and such a happy place to be. My ovaries nearly exploded with the very high levels of gorgeousness as there were so many little babies ; broody does not even come close and this is from a lady who is very happy with 2 children and never wants anymore! haha.

If you live in Bristol you should defo make the effort to go and check these people out, it’s a group thats been started by the passion and hard work of local people with an aim to improve breastfeeding mums lives and not for profit; just go there chill, make friends and get some help or chat about your breastfeeding experience.

Image Image

Boing! consists of a multi-activity play room, containing various sections of ‘messy play’, ‘building’, ‘home corner’ and ‘soft/baby’; a soft play room complete with custom built structure and a cafe area, which will serve refreshments, and where parents can sit and relax whilst their children play within view. 

We run several of our groups from Boing!: Stay & Play (Tuesday 9:15 – 11),Scrummy Mummys (Wednesday 10am – 11:30am), Honeysuckle Cafe (Thursday 10:30am – 12pm) and Boing! babies (Friday 10am – 11am). For more information about any of these groups, please visit our website.
We also offer hire for private childrens parties, ante natal reunions etc at very competitive prices! Please ring,email or pop in to find out more.

We are now on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/BoingSoftPlay

Lockleaze Larders is a local food co-op offering fresh fruit and vegetables at market prices. Open the same time as Boing! Come and see which of your 5 a-day we have to offer and our amazing prices!! We accept healthy start vochures.

Other Information

Boing! is for parents/ carers and their 0-5 year olds.

Opening times:
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 12:00pm- 3:15pm
Wednesday: 10:00am – 3:15pm
Thursday: 12:00pm – 3:15pm 
Friday: 10:00am – 3:15pm
Saturday: 10:00am – 3:15pm

Stay & Play (0-5 yrs play group): Tuesday 9:15am – 11:00am £1 per family (term time only)
Scrummy Mummys: Wednesday 10am – 11:30am. Normal 50p admission and 50p weigh in charge (you are also welcome to stay for the rest of the day at no extra charge).
Honeysuckle Cafe (breastfeeding support group): Thursday: 10:30am – 12pm Refreshment donation
Boing! Babies (groups for under 1s and their carers): Friday: 10am – 11am: Normal Boing! admission (you are also welcome to stay the rest of the day for no extra charge)


Children (0-12 months): 50p Children (1-5 yrs): £1.50 Adults: 50p Stay & Play: £1 per family. Scrummy Mummys: Normal Boing! admission plus 50p weigh in charge Honeysuckle Cafe: Free with suggested refreshment donation. Boing! Babies: normal Boing! admission Refreshments are also available to buy at very cheap prices!!



Keeping old arts alive – why we hand screen print our nursing tops

It’s so cool seeing something transformed by print , either a plain piece of paper into an amazing poster or a nursing shirt into a super cool nursing shirt ! We print all our nursing tops by hand using the screen print method.

Here’s Paul our printer in the throws of printing one of our older prints : Tattoo Owl


Each shirt i personally unpack and get ready for printing and Paul & Ben then print onto them. The process looks easy but believe me it’s not and it’s SO easy to get wrong ! Paul has over 20 years experience of printing so we are in safe hands.

We think it adds so much to your shirt knowing that people who are experienced and love what they do have contributed to making an awesome garment. There are lots of other printing methods, some are cheaper , quicker , less hassle but i don’t think you can take away from the human aspect involved in making our nursing tops.

Now another love of mine is Letterpress , it’s a new love but i am so keen to learn how to do this . If you’re not sure what letterpress is , it’s basically the old way of printing, you know when you actually get the typecast ready with individual letters and print ; it’s SO lush, you can see the indentation of the print and it’s such a beautiful process and affect. OK i might a bit carried away but i’m trying to find someone in Bristol who will teach me how to do this.

Here are some awesome examples of letterpress



Available on Etsy here


On Etsy HERE


Etsy Here

I love this poster so much !

There are different printers for different things so for small cards you can use a smaller printers and for say a poster you’d need a great big letter press machine. OK i better stop now as i’m boring you all with all things letter press! But i just think these old methods are so great to learn and implement into todays society i want them in my business and i want to help keep these practices alive.

My aim is top become a bad ass letter press printer, then i can send your nursing tops out with hand made hang tags .