Keeping old arts alive – why we hand screen print our nursing tops

It’s so cool seeing something transformed by print , either a plain piece of paper into an amazing poster or a nursing shirt into a super cool nursing shirt ! We print all our nursing tops by hand using the screen print method.

Here’s Paul our printer in the throws of printing one of our older prints : Tattoo Owl


Each shirt i personally unpack and get ready for printing and Paul & Ben then print onto them. The process looks easy but believe me it’s not and it’s SO easy to get wrong ! Paul has over 20 years experience of printing so we are in safe hands.

We think it adds so much to your shirt knowing that people who are experienced and love what they do have contributed to making an awesome garment. There are lots of other printing methods, some are cheaper , quicker , less hassle but i don’t think you can take away from the human aspect involved in making our nursing tops.

Now another love of mine is Letterpress , it’s a new love but i am so keen to learn how to do this . If you’re not sure what letterpress is , it’s basically the old way of printing, you know when you actually get the typecast ready with individual letters and print ; it’s SO lush, you can see the indentation of the print and it’s such a beautiful process and affect. OK i might a bit carried away but i’m trying to find someone in Bristol who will teach me how to do this.

Here are some awesome examples of letterpress



Available on Etsy here


On Etsy HERE


Etsy Here

I love this poster so much !

There are different printers for different things so for small cards you can use a smaller printers and for say a poster you’d need a great big letter press machine. OK i better stop now as i’m boring you all with all things letter press! But i just think these old methods are so great to learn and implement into todays society i want them in my business and i want to help keep these practices alive.

My aim is top become a bad ass letter press printer, then i can send your nursing tops out with hand made hang tags .


One thought on “Keeping old arts alive – why we hand screen print our nursing tops

  1. Annoyed at only just finding you guys! It’s my birthday soon so you’re bookmarked to give the fella some inspiration 😉 Great business ethos; Keeping old (and best) ways going. I’d rather support and hand over my money to a company like this and get a quality garment. Keep up the good work 😀 Madi x

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