Nursing top sale – New nursing clothes in the pipeline

I’ve been having a look around our warehouse and at the older style nursing tops we’ve got; Over the years we’ve stuck to a lot of the same styles and designs of nursing top as they’ve proven to be really popular and i like them . Sounds so arrogant “hey i like them so we’re gonna keep doing them” !  But i’ve found as with most things if i’m not feeling the love for it you’re not gonna loose interest fast , i mean how can you expect your customers  to want something if you’re only luke warm about it.

SO whilst i  love these breastfeeding tops they are going on sale to make way for the new lush lush lush nursing tops that are in production.



Our unicorn long sleeve nursing top has just on sale this morning .

With our new collection of nursing tops we plan to have something for everyone, broaden our breastfeeding top range and who knows maybe even go a little greener if you know what i mean. It’s always such a long process planning a new range of nursing wear, i’ve really got to go with what i like – not neccesarily what i would wear myself (blimey you should see what i rock up to the school gates in sometimes, i promise there are no pyjamas outside the house but ……); But i gotta love what i make .


So watch this space for more nursing tops going onto our sale and then the new ones will start arriving later on this year.


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