breast feeding clothes, Nursing Tops

Our nursing tops are now available on Etsy


I am SO chuffed to say our nursing tops are now available on Etsy. I LOVE Etsy, it gives people the creative room to make beautiful things and you can get some really lovely , special items there. I buy a lot of handmade jewellery (when i say a lot i mean like 1 piece ever year for christmas or something, i’m not dripping in gold or anything ha).

A lot of the sellers are from the USA so we thought we would bring a little west country to Etsy and our nursing shirts which are of course hand printed here in bristol are making their debut. The response has been super cool and it’s so nice to introduce our breastfeeding clothes to a new audience.


Selling on Etsy also has it’s advantages that i can set the postage price per item, so this works out better if you are ordering from outside the EU. On our website i have to give a set price for postage so this could be for 1 item or 7 pieces so it’s not always going to be accurate. Whereas Etsy i can do per item – so all you USA buyers this is for you !

We can also put on nursing shirts that are coming to their end of print and we have like 1 or 2 left of them, so think of our etsy store as somewhere to get rare nursing tops !  Here is our Tattoo owl breastfeeding top which we have 1 left of which is on our Etsy store



We are really chuffed to be part of the Etsy clan, already i’ve had some lovely messages from ladies who like our tops and i really like the fact that Etsy is full of hand made / hand printed things; Gives a sense of real care about the products on there. As we say all the time we love making our nursing tops , hand printing them takes a lot of skill and it’s cool when people appreciate what you do 🙂


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