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Ebb and Flow of fashion

Throughout my time of running Mama FeelsGood i’ve found a real ebb and flow to how old styles go out and new ones come in; as a small indie store we are really constrained by cash flow and cannot provide nearly as many different styles of nursing tops as we would like but we are growing so this is slowly being rectified . We have a new awesome manufacturer based in Europe and we are working together to create a fantastic new range of nursing clothes and we are just at the sample stage right now.

I can honestly say that manufacturing your own brand of clothes is a real ball breaker sometimes, nothing ever happens as quickly as you would like and being a teeny brand you always have to make way for the big names of fashion to get their goods first and your dates that you thought were set in stone quickly become irrelevant ; Well that was the way it was but it looks like things are changing! When you work with another company which gets you it’s really cool. Of course there is always a compromise and it’s early days so as a famous cough sweet says we have to suck it and see!

In the mean time we are putting some of our kick ass nursing tops on sale to clear up some space in our storage, like i said the ebb and flow of fashion !

Mama Feelsgood One Love nursing top

Above is our One Love Nursing Top 

The slate grey of the One Love nursing top makes it great for pairing with any other colour really (ok maybe not baby vomit as i found out myself! Hey sorry for being a bit too graphic there but admit it we’ve all been vomed on!) with the subtle hand printed One Love design it really is a pretty top. As mentioned loads of times throughout our blog and our website don’t think of this nursing top as only suitable for use whilst breastfeeding, lots of our customers and i include myself in this continue to wear our shirts way past the point of nursing and wear as regular shirts. You can’t see any of the nursing openings so hey it’s a darn cool top so don;t stop wearing it !

mama feelsgood facebook 2

Our One Love breastfeeding top in action and as you can see there is very minimal boob on show. Lots of babies love to stroke and look at the prints we have on our shirts whilst they nurse so they are pretty cool at keeping them occupied and not pulling at your hair! We’ve had 2 emails from customers who say their children love looking at the monster stan nursing tees whilst they breastfeed ! They have good taste it’s a great shirt!

monster stan breastfeeding tops

Monster Stan Nursing Tee the kids love!

We’ve added some awesome plain nursing tops into our sale too which are made from THE softest cotton ever and are truly very good value for money. Great for both the winter and the colder months if you are after an affordable nursing top you should really check our sale out.


Moving house with children

I really want to move, we’ve been in our current house for a long time now and as much as i like it (i’ve been living in it for a long time so i do like it!) i really want to move. I was talking to my dad and he said people move on average in their lifetime 9 times. I thought that sounded a lot but i suppose if you count in the moves when you were a child then it might be 9 ?

We bought our house before we had children and looking back at it we were pretty smart at the time, 3 bedrooms, big garden , we even have a little brook/stream at the back of our garden (Always remember the time when Matt put in the telegraph poles to make the bridge and the guy we bought them from said as they lifted the poles together “wow you have a very strong husband there” and i had an overwhelming sense of pride ! ) it’s a very good house for bringing children up in. So why do i want to move and have done for over the past 5 years?

Sometimes it’s better the devil you know so i have thought a lot about if we did move it might be rubbish, but then i guess we only kind of look after the houses we have as when we die they can’t com with us (i don’t mean to get all depressive here) so hey why not go for it! 

Have you seen how much estate agents charge for selling your house? It’s obscene ! 

So what is moving house like when you have kids? Not just the physical moving but how your kids handle living in a new house? It wouldn’t involve changing schools in fact we would be closer so could walk there, i’ve briefly broached the subject with my eldest daughter and she was pretty cool about the whole thing. I guess we just got to go for it and see!


Just have to find the right house now ! Fingers crossed ladies

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Breastfeeding Celebrities – What’s it all about?

Do you really care which celebrities if any breastfeed their babies? Do you think it creates a good positive attitude towards breastfeeding or the opposite or couldn’t you really give a s**t ?

I saw this article on Baby Sideburns Facebook page and it made me crack up.

breastfeeding bodies

Not that it’s about breastfeeding in particular but this article i think shows how crazy our society is about women and pregnancy and birth and our figures. I mean is it really society at all which is making magazines  write articles about WOW Kirsten Bell had a baby 2 seconds ago and now she is thin again? Isn’t the magazine themselves trying to make a story out of nothing? This is a rhetorical question as i’m not expecting an answer, i just think it’s a real shame that some women could possibly think less of themselves because of articles like this. Thats why it’s SO refreshing to see Baby Sideburns reply ! Hell yeah i had my second daughter 3 years ago and have never returned to the same shape i was before i had kids ; i don’t think i ever will. OK so maybe my pregnancy’s weren’t all to blame, i do have a thing for the odd doughnut but do you know what thats ok with me, doesn’t make me any less of a person because my size 14 jeans don’t fit anymore (hey who am i kidding size 16).

So going back to me original statement do you think if for example Beyonce was spotted out breastfeeding her baby there would be a greater take up of ladies nursing their babies? Do you think in the early days when both mum and baby are new to breastfeeding and perhaps things aren’t down patt like they are when your are used to nursing you would think “hell yeah i’m going to stick at this, if Beyonce can breastfeed so can i ” ?

I’m not too sure myself, although i guess it can’t be a bad thing that celebrities advocate breastfeeding. I know actress Julie Bowen (she plays Claire in Modern FAmily) breastfed her twins and i thought when i read this she was even more awesome (think modern family is crazy funny). I guess whats business is it of any of us how people choose to feed their babies? When people asked me was i breastfeeding it thought it was a personal kind of question, i mean why do you really want to know ? But hey people are nosey (i am, just not about BF i’m more likely to want to know what your house looks like so i can get inspiration to do mine !!) .

When i saw the picture above on facebook i thought it was really refreshing to see such a funny but down to earth post, women really need to stop being so hard upon themselves. I bet you won’t see a picture of Kirsten Bell with baby puke all down her back when she’s gone out and forgotten it’s there , but we all know it happens in everyday life (or was that just my kids!!) .

Love yourself ladies because you are awesome x


If breastfeeding doesn’t work out our nursing tops are still awesome

Ok so i am totally blowing our own trumpet here but we’ve just had a really awesome review (thank you to everyone who takes the time to review our nursing tops, MUCH appreciated) and it really struck  a chord with me :

“I have been looking for nursing tops the last couple of weeks but most choices are those wrap around ones or something with a sailor design (blue and white stripes seems to be pretty standard!). This site has the kind of tops I like to wear generally and then to find they can be nursing tops too was a right result. Soft fabric, easy access and if breastfeeding doesn’t work out, I can still wear them as normal. Cool designs and no frump!”

Thanks Claire who wrote this review, this is what we are totally about, don’t think of our nursing tops as purely nursing tops they are cool tops in their won right.  SO if you choose not to breastfeed or your child has weened our breastfeeding tops are still very wearable, we make them so they don’t look like nursing tops ie no flaps in sight! 
Sometimes for a lot of different reasons breastfeeding just isn’t a goer (is this an actual word?) ! So you might think i won’t buy a nursing top because i’ll be stopping soon, well think like that no more! 
As you can see from our hooter nursing top if you didn’t know this top was made to breastfeed in could you tell? We have a few enquires on instagram actually about how our nursing tops work so i guess they can’t look so obvious.
We are right now manufacturing some new styles of nursing wear and it’s always a big challenge to find nursing access that doesn’t spoil the design of the top or dress. I guess i personally am not a big fan of the tops you can see the opening running around the bust line of the top, although i know they are hugely popular and very easy to nurse in i still can’t get over the appearance of them. Although running a business i know isn’t all about my own personal taste, what do you guys really want from a nursing top?