Moving house with children

I really want to move, we’ve been in our current house for a long time now and as much as i like it (i’ve been living in it for a long time so i do like it!) i really want to move. I was talking to my dad and he said people move on average in their lifetime 9 times. I thought that sounded a lot but i suppose if you count in the moves when you were a child then it might be 9 ?

We bought our house before we had children and looking back at it we were pretty smart at the time, 3 bedrooms, big garden , we even have a little brook/stream at the back of our garden (Always remember the time when Matt put in the telegraph poles to make the bridge and the guy we bought them from said as they lifted the poles together “wow you have a very strong husband there” and i had an overwhelming sense of pride ! ) it’s a very good house for bringing children up in. So why do i want to move and have done for over the past 5 years?

Sometimes it’s better the devil you know so i have thought a lot about if we did move it might be rubbish, but then i guess we only kind of look after the houses we have as when we die they can’t com with us (i don’t mean to get all depressive here) so hey why not go for it! 

Have you seen how much estate agents charge for selling your house? It’s obscene ! 

So what is moving house like when you have kids? Not just the physical moving but how your kids handle living in a new house? It wouldn’t involve changing schools in fact we would be closer so could walk there, i’ve briefly broached the subject with my eldest daughter and she was pretty cool about the whole thing. I guess we just got to go for it and see!


Just have to find the right house now ! Fingers crossed ladies


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