What Life is all about

My eldest daughter today managed to wipe all my passwords and logins off of my mac and i have got to submit my VAT return in a few days and man i’ve gone all hot under the collar. For me having a few days to file my VAT return is me being organised, normally i leave it until the last minute ,  i’m sorry but having to pay tax makes me sad – bye bye money i’ve worked so hard for. In fact i seem to pay more in tax and accountants fees than i earn ( feeling sorry for me yet? ).

So in a desperate attempt to abort a brewing tsunami that is building within me Matt has taken the girls off to the relevant safety of the cinema (it’s half term here in Bristol at the mo) to let me chill out. So with all the finding of paperwork to prove to HMRC just who i am i should be able to get a new password it’s brought me to have a good old think as to why i put myself through the ups and downs of running my own business.

Before MFG i had a good job, regular pay check , worked with nice people (not all but the majority were cool) i had trained years to do it ( i worked in a biochemistry lab within a local hospital) and it was a kinda job for life. Just not my life….. it didn’t make me happy, having children just put a new perspective on life for me and it was a perspective of being with my family. To me family is everything and i want to be the one picking them up from school and tucking them in every night (ok oki do share this with Matt ).

I adore Mama FeelsGood and the quality of clothes we as a company produce, to think we’ve made one persons life that bit easier is crazy good to me and the fact that i am in total control is both exciting and stressful at the same time. There are aspects of it i don’t like which are all business based rather than product based ie all the business bull sh* t that is spouted, lots of bragging about turnovers and how successful a company is when they sell the crappest quality goods ever, the never ending taxes and the hangers on who are your friends when they want something but completely “out to lunch” when you’re not paying for their services – seriously all the crap that comes with making an awesome product for awesome people totally sucks! All i wanted to do was make cool nursing tops!

So getting back to the lost passwords is it really that bad in the whole scheme of things? I guess i need to organise my work room better so little hands can’t get to my IMac and i’m glad that i have a business to file a VAT form for, most of all i’m glad i’ve got these little hands to come and shake my world up ! And boy they do shake it up!

I’m so excited about the future, i’ve just had my new samples back for our new nursing shirts from our new manufacturer’s and blimey they rock. I can quite easily say they are the best quality shirts we’ve produced yet; And working with someone new we can work out ways to work in synergy with each other to produce bigger and wider ranges of nursing clothes and much beyond . We can work at our own pace and not one forced on us by people and entities that aren’t relevant, we can do our own thing which is something i have always done *que music from The Breakfast club * .

I have some awesome ideas, and as i’ve always said you work with awesome people you get awesome back (apologies for the over use of the word awesome here but it’s the only word i find fitting), we want to make THE best nursing tops and clothes for you and we want you to be happy. Who knows we might even want to extend this awesome feeling to kids and making some awesome clothes or them…….. watch this space .

Any hoo this is a picture of my kids from Halloween last night, this is what my life is all about seeing my family happy. When they are i am x

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