Our new schedule for our new nursing tops 2014

2013 has been an awesome year, like most of them not without it’s ups and downs but it’s been a great year for getting to grips with what i feel the Mama FeelsGood brand is all about. I’m watching the BBC2 s programme on libertys the really cool store in London and a part resonated with me when one of their employees said that “customers just want to be treated like real people, like friends and to know you genuinely care about them or at least their shopping experience“.

We care, and i’m not being all arse kissing here i really do; Having a baby is such a special time, right up there on your life time achievements and sometimes when you are in the throws of it you can’t see but it’s an amazing time and i want parents to look back and think yeah that company understood me, and looked after me. I know people won;t think like that because it’s not we like we are delivering your babies or something, it’s only a nursing top but to us it’s everything! We want to look after you and make you breastfeeding journey awesome, for me it started off a bit blah ie my M&S incident where i exposed half my post baby bulge to the whole shoe department- didn’t make me feel good. I wanted to make nursing clothes that made you feel good, you would look at it and go “how can that be a nursing top” because it looks “normal” ! 


We’ve only just scratched the surface with our nursing wear lines, we are producing now as i type our new range of nursing top and no word of a lie i had THE most amazing dream about the perfect nursing dress last night. I am SO pumped for 2014 i really want to get at it and show you all the cool clothes we can make.







We really want to get to the point of you guys telling us “liz , dude you are totally blowing my mind with all these rad nursing tops that make breastfeeding SO much easier, please just stop it i can’t keep up”. Yeah yeah i know i’ve been told my mind works in weird ways! 









Just a little recap of our 2013 nursing tops, 2014’s should be awesome


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