Breastfeeding models required

Ok so this maybe a kind of weird request but i need some mums who are currently breastfeeding who would be up for the role of tester for our new nursing top designs. No rush no rush as it’s early days, i am always quite slow at making the patterns for these and creating the tester shirts so ideally i’m thinking about 6-8 weeks time. All different shapes and sizes are welcomed (apologies i don’t mean this to sound on anyway patronising or creepy) . I can send you a tester shirt along with a questionnaire and it would be cool if you could wear the shirt and nurse in it, wash it and wear it again (repeat this for a few times) , i may ask for the shirt back so i can make adjustments, most of the time you get to keep it. Either way i’ll get you something nice for doing this for me, either chocolate or some free shirts x Whichever your preference.

I will just add some background to this in saying i run Mama FeelsGood solely on my own, i’m a teeny weeny small indie company trying to make mums feel good 1 shirt at a time and i can be quite swamped at times AKA SLOW ! It’s nothing personal if i take a bit of time to reply to you, i’m probably just off elbows deep in ink printing shirts like there is no tomorrow!  I really want to keep making nursing shirts that you will want to wear and benefit from, so the way i can do this is to get nursing mums to trial my shirts, hey I NEED YOU !

high 5 nurisng top MFG.

urban owl nursing top - how it works

Best way to get in touch is via our MFG facebook page, just leave me a message OR send a message vie our website . Thank you SO much x

P.S just as i’m here if you think you might want to be a model for us just let us know too x

Stay cosy ladies – Liz .