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Mama’s print shop !

Thanks so everyone who answered my last blog post asking for models / testers for our new range of nursing tops ; I was mega chuffed to get so many replies, it really took me by surprise. I don’t really expect too many people to check my blog out so happy days *thumbs up to you lovely ladies*.

I wish i could have said yes to everyone who replied, i really appreciate your time, if i was running a big multi national company you ladies would have had one for sure, it was purely a financial thang and i can’t afford to send you all one (sobs)  ; Right now i’m cool with running my little business but i do have plans to extend the range by quite  a lot so i will need new testers in the future .

Also a new thing for this year is Mama;s print shop, i now screen print my shirts myself , it’s really cool, i love it, it requires a lot of organisation on my part ( for someone who is laid back this means i need to concentrate! ) but it means i have tons of flexibility and i feel even more connected to my brand. Screen printing is a real art, Paul & Ben who have printed all my last collections are so brilliant and some of our shirts will continue to be done by them but some by me.

mama feelsgood print shop - nurisng tops

I also have some new prints ready for when our new nursing shirts arrive and the are really cool ; I’ve had to do 2 batches of manufacturing runs, the one which i’m hoping should be with me in the next couple of weeks included 2 new colours of nursing tops and the boat neck style have been tweaked a little; The shirts will have slightly more stretch to them and the sizes are being made that little bit bigger per size as we found our Organic nursing tops weren’t as stretchy as our non organic. I really want to get things bang on for you guys so i hopefully these changes will make our breastfeeding tops even more cosier !

owl nurisng tee - mama feelsgood

I really wanted to say too if there was any older designs that you really liked of ours that we no long sell please let us know, i might be able to do something about it and bring it back 🙂

I really hope you like the new designs , they should be here soon, *excited face*

New surf style print nursing top.

New surf style print nursing top.