cool baby stuff

Times change a lot with a baby

There is 5 years between my children, i won’t bore you with the reason but within this 5 years there had been a huge change in fashion and  gadgets for new parents. Some things like prams for instance really seem to come in and out of fashion (hey both my children used the same pram, i’m sure they won’t remember what they were pushed around in but i’m way too tight and poor to buy a new one! Not judging those who do though x) .

Another thing is sleeping arrangements. I saw this post on facebook and felt the need to share :

cots of c sections

I seriously think this is wonderful , wonderful for any new new mum in hospital. I had c sections with both my girls, i had to stay in hospital for 3 days with both and my second daughter would not sleep unless i was near her. Those big plastic cots on wheels they supply in hospital , they just wouldn’t cut it for my girl! This cot above would have been perfect. She could be close to me but i wouldn’t be able to squash her. I’ll never forget the 2 nights i lay awake for the whole night (and thats such a long time when you are tired) holding her while she slept. The sun coming up and my fear that i had fell asleep while holding her and she was squashed (i didn’t fall asleep but your brain plays cruel tricks on you when very tired). I hated being in hospital; this was just one of the reasons.

So my look at how gadgets have evolved since my daughters were babies continued, i found this


It’s from a company called Swede kids (here is a link to their facebook), it looks pretty cool. I have never used one of these but it looks so handy. YOur toddler can have a chance to sit down too on your journeys. Just trying to figure out if i could get my big butt in one of these then my husband could push me around ha!

If you have any great new gadgets you’ve found for babies / toddlers just let me know.


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