About Mama Feelsgood.com

Mama Feelsgood is a solely on-line apparel store selling our own brand of maternity & breastfeeding tee’s.

Our co-founders are Liz & Matt Jeans who whilst still working their regular jobs have worked super hard to create the Mama Feelsgood brand. The company was started because we basically love t-shirts and we wanted to put a new direction into the maternity & breastfeeding apparel industry.

As a brand it is important to us to produce super good quality t-shirts that will not only look good but will last and be functional to your changing needs of the garment. When you buy a Mama Feelsgood tee you make an investment into something thats going to give you a feelgood factor & something that will last.

We aspire to attain a close relationship with all of our customers, building a community feel & flavour. If there is anything you would like to contribute whatever it is, or just to say hi we would love to hear from you. We are based in Bristol the not so sunny south west of England, and hopefully in the near future hope to get into local community events for children & mums, would be totally cool to see you there. We’ll keep you posted on our blog of when and where.

Email best to get us on is: help@mamafeelsgood.com

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