We’ve reached the Practical Parenting Awards final – Breastfeeding Top

We are super chuffed to say our breastfeeding tops have reached the final for the practical parenting awards. You have to enter your product (and there are lots of companies whom enter) if lucky your product is shortlisted  and you then go into the final of the 2011/ 2012 awards. We’ve sent 6 of our shirts off to be tested by mums and we will know in September if our nursing top has got the Gold, Silver or Bronze award or not; i think there are 9 companies/ products in the final so it’s pretty cool if you win one of the top 3 places.

This is the first competition we have ever entered, i admit i am pretty slack on the whole competition thing, i tend to just get on with the running of MFG i didn’t want to blow my own trumpet ; but i have learnt that in business you have to take every opportunity to shout about your product or it is real easy to get lost in the jungle of brands out there. Plus i have found that lots of people are only too quick to shout about theirs, and they honestly will kick you in the nuts to get over you (sorry i’ve had a little experience this week that i found didn’t sit well with me, people trying to use other people for their own benefit and it sucked)  to get their product noticed. Speaking of this it is the final of the apprentice here in the UK tonight , i think Tom is cool, hope he wins.

SO when we have more news about the Practical Parenting award i’ll let you know, keep your fimgers crossed; we are up against the big boys and as a small independent company this rocks just to be in the final 🙂