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What were your childhood films?

I’ve been doing some research for some new prints i’m hoping to bring out and i’ve totally fallen in love again with all the old retro film tshirts from my youth . We are talking a little while ago, i am a 70’s child after all (70’s child and proud baby!) and some of them are awesome! I saw on instagram a lush green Teenage mutant ninja Turtle tee and it was so cool i want it ! Admittedly the TMNT didn’t really float my boat back in the 80’s (or now really) but the shirt was freakin cool. I’ve also spotted a cool Ghostbusters shirt although right now i think i’d look more like the stay puff marshmallow guy in it ! Ghostbusters brought me onto this awesome Bobby Brown video – There is even a younger looking Donald Trump in it (apologies)

So what was your favourite film or TV show from when you were little?

Obviously for copyright issues i won’t be able to print any of them (i just don’t have that kind of cash !!) but i’d love to make some new prints that have the vibe of back in the day ; I am massively into retro / vintage feel and would be cool to extended my nursing top collection with some great new retro prints.

I have actually got some new fabric and shirts on order, it’s going to take longer than i really wanted to get them made but that is the story of my life at the moment ; My fault for not submitting the order sooner but they are a new nursing mechanism and will included some shorter sleeve breastfeeding tops for the summer – whoop. Thats if we do actually  get a summer, i mean we deserve one for sure! So check back in around 6 weeks and there should be progress !


Take care, Liz


Do what you love and love what you do

I love my cabin, i escape into it and i literally loose myself in what i’m doing. It’s so cool to have a separate work space away from the house. I’ve always had my storage to keep all my shirts but i’ve never had an area away where i can call my own. I have now 🙂 It’s brill.

mama feelsgood printing

Excuse the stingers, they grow so fast! I can sit in my cabin and see foxes walk past, we have a badger that lives under our other shed and the birds are so amazing to listen too. I’ve had a really stressful time lately, things still aren’t really resolved either so to go and sit in here, switch radio 6 on and i really feel i am at home. It’s a little of the country in suburbia ! I literally have to walk over a stream to reach my cabin.

the cabin - mama feelsgood

cosy cabin

I print all the tee’s in my cabin, from making the graphics, the silk screen preparation to the actual printing. I LOVE it. There is a lot that goes into making the print for my nursing shirts, first of all there is the graphic side of what actually is going to get printed, how would it look on shirt, would people like it? How many screens do i have to produce to make the print? For each separate colour you need a new screen. The process goes on and on! The printing side of things is the most enjoyable part i find but it’s the shortest, the cleaning up and the prep of the screens / inks etc is the most time consuming !

unicorn positive - mama feelsgood nurisng tops

This is the positive film i made for our unicorn nursing tee , i put this on a silk screen and expose it to UV light and it makes the screen so i can print through it.

frames - mama feelsgood breastfeeding clothes

These are the exposed silk screens, you print through these and onto the shirts ; It’s so rewarding seeing a print come together, because the colours are separated onto different screens it can look really odd until you print the final colour and it all comes together.

baby clothes- mama feelsgood

Our new Palm Tree print for our new nursing shirts.

screen print frames - mama feelsgood nursing tops

Storage of our silk screens , it’s cool seeing our funky owls and pretty mandala pattern on screens just waiting to be printed with ! To make something yourself is so totally different from having something made for you; This sounds a bit crazy but i really want people to love the shirts and printing them myself makes me feel a little bit of extra care and love has gone into them. I can look at a shirt that someone might post on instagram and think ” i printed that whilst listening to Lauren Lavern, and it was a really cool day” ! When i stop printing a certain print and then i still see people wearing them i get really chuffed; It’s a little bit of history and to think people like the shirts enough to keep them, and keep wearing them is really really lovely.

mothership frame- mama feelsgood nurisng tops

mfg tag

I just wanted to convey that i’ve always wanted to produce the best nursing shirts for you, i love what i do, i don;t have a massive marketing budget, i’m basically a one woman band who does everything, i just hope my shirts make you feel that tiny bit more comfortable / good / happy . You don’t have to be a big company to be good at what you do (sometimes’s i’ve found it’s the exact opposite) , small is good too !


Neneh Cherry Me & Nursing tops !

ok so that s a really weird title , i’ve never actually had the pleasure of meeting Neneh Cherry but this weekend i was listening to my iPod and Buffalo Stance came on and it’s amazing what memories and emotions music can bring back.

During the late 1980’s – well 1989 to be precise i had an amazing time; it was a year i look back on with great affection and to me it was super special. I was 15 and was really into clubbing , purely for the music and to dance; When i say clubbing i mean real clubs and not the open till 10.30 clubs for teens. I guess now looking back at this with children of my own 15 was really young , but one of the benefits of having a sister who was 4 years older than you and whom you got on with really well was she would take me out with her and look after me. Plus if you looked alike you could tell the bouncers you were twins and hence old enough to get into the club !

So we use to hit the Bristol nightclub scene fridays, saturdays and a mid week visit to The Studios’s too and around this time the music was amazing to dance to. I remember going crazy to Stetsasonic “talkin all That Jazz” and” It is time to get funky”  by D-Mob ha ha  , wow good times ! Soul II Soul were massive ( infact me and my sister nearly ended up in one of their videos – long story, maybe for another day) . Buffalo stance by Neneh Cherry was around too and just such a great song.

SO where i am going with this story …. well this weekend i went on to You Tube to watch the buffalo stance video and i remembered seeing Neneh Cherry singing on TOTP being like 8 months pregnant and some people at the time were saying “thats not right” etc etc. Neneh herself in interviews said some people were actually saying she was a bad person because she could have been harming her child – i mean HOW crazy , she’s just singing on stage! It got me thinking what a trail she blazed for all mothers at that time ; what a strong person she must have been to stand up to these people and say no , i know i’m not hurting anyone , this is something i believe in and i’m gonna do it.


She loved her children she loved making music and why shouldn’t she do both? I know it can’t have been easy for her but i didn’t realise at the time (hey i was only 15 and motherhood wouldn’t be for me for a least another 15 years!)  what a big deal it was , and what went with being a mum & working too.

So this is how i feel about making our nursing shirts, when i had the initial idea to start Mama FeelsGood certain people were really negative ; i wanted to provide women with a better choice and clothes that would help them breastfeed in public or wherever they wanted that made them feel more comfortable and to feel “yeah you know i can totally do this” . The feeling i had when i took my baby daughter out and i needed to feed her in public i found quite overwhelming ; but then i thought no i’m not going to hide in a loo or feel bad about doing it ‘ i want to go out and enjoy my family so i found wearing clothes that could keep me covered helped lots ; i just didn’t like the choice that was out there.

So thanks Neneh Cherry for being a role model for me; Even today she is still holding true to what she believes in and and making great music ; plus i have to add on a total superficial level she is totally gorgeous (in the Manchild video she had just given birth to her 2nd child and she was back in Lycra cycle shorts ! Some people have fantastic genes!!)



Upfest – Bristol’s urban art festival

I love living in Bristol, our urban art (or graffiti ) is a big part of our city; walking through the centre of town you can’t help but miss it, and there are SO many great artists here. I know there is some debate as to if it’s art or vandalism but if you went along and saw the artist at work it’s just amazing how they get their art onto walls etc i personally think they are so clever. Working so close up to the walls it cool how they get the perspective looking right on their art, plus their arms must ache like anything!

Above is Bristol artist’s CHEO’s piece, it looks even better in the flesh if thats possible. He sells some of his art on-line here 

Once a year Bristol hosts UPFEST , the urban art festival and North Street and surrounding roads in Bedminster become a mecca for urban artists, you can go along and see well known and up and coming artists do their thang and see what goes into creating urban art and all the planning and dedication these guys have.

Upfest has a great feel about it with loads of food stalls and clothes stands; children are very welcome and in The Tobacco factory which is right in the heart of the festival they held a children colouring and little entertainment section for them. Even if urban art doesn’t pump your nads you should go check the festival out next year.

This piece above was painted onto a wall opposite the Aldi store in Bedminster, when i took this picture the artist was painting with a broom – wow how talented. She must have had arms of steel because she was in a cherry picker whilst doing it but leaning up mega high . Crazy talented.

And considering it was the Jubilee weekend i couldn;t miss out Queenie!  This is so cool, over the course of the day we were watching how this came along and the planning that went into this piece was immense , these guys just don’t randomly spray on walls .

I am pretty pants at drawing myself , so to see such great talent makes me kinda jealous; it might not be what you are into but you gotta give it to these guys they are great artists ?

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Breastfeeding , breastfeeding clothes and doing what you love

I won’t lie starting your own business is never easy, especially in a recession and especially in the clothing industry and in particular if you want to make your own brand .

There are so many more things than you would ever believe to think of and it is a steep learning curve; not all things are good and somethings are very unforgiving one example i: have learnt is not everyone feels the same passion for your brand and what you do as yourself; when i put my trust in someone and rented a warehouse to store my stock i expected it to be looked after (ie not stolen, or damaged) so when last year my stock got leaked on from a roof which had not been maintained i expected some kinda shock / concern from my landlord. Instead i got a big fat “and thats got something to do with me because”…….. i went on to explain ” arrrh the roof has leaked onto my lovely shirts, my lovely shirts that took me ages to design and then co-ordinate the manufacture and then shipment and then they were printed with love and care and then folded back up and put ready to be sold to lovely people who have just had the cutest baby ever”….. nope still not a glimmer of concern. This really got my goat, .

Just remember if in business choose who you work with carefully, there has to be respect there on both sides and once that is lost then things are looking pretty dim; that is the problem with some people in business they are just after to moola without the passion for the product or service. Of course this doesn’t go for everyone , i can think of lots of great companies who totally live for what they do ( Stokke i regard as one of these fabulous companies, each product you can tell has had a LOT of thought put into it) but some companies just want the money and don’t want to help you after.

So this has been one of my bummers in business , one good thing in business which has happened this week is we maybe moving location for Mama FeelsGood base to central Bristol. At the moment i rent part of a warehouse for our shirts and i work largely from home but i maybe sharing a new premises with our printers who also have to move, so i think it would be a perfect solution to both our problems. MFG has to expand and with this expansion brings more room and more room generally means more money but by sharing i can get a larger space at less money and plus i get company to work with. I really miss a good old chat and the guys at our print shop are always up for a chat; it’s really cool to chat about printing techniques or artists that we think are really cool and know the other person knows what you are on about. 🙂

Also our print guys have worked with big artists like Banksy and Nick Walker so their experience goes way back over 20 years so i have a lot to learn from them. So hopefully 2012 is going to be a good year 🙂

My eldest daughter is just really beginning to understand what i do for my job and drew me this picture because she said she loves MFG too! Must admit it made me tear up, i love running MFG and whilst some people maybe out to not treat people as they would want to be treated themselves there are lots out there who are good nice people – i guess you just gotta get good with sieving the wheat from the chaff!

Here’s my daughter picture




What makes you feel good?

Happy New Year guys, hope 2012 is going to rock for you.

I always find the new year is a real kick up the butt and gets me motivated for all the things i really want to do both business wise and personal things. One thing that is always on my list is to loose the pounds ie not the £ kind ! Thing is i love to eat but i have to retrain myself that you can still eat and get in shape just not doughnuts! Way back before i had my kids i had always been chunky but not so chunky i couldn’t go to the Mall (i live in Bristol and we have a shopping complex called  The Mall) and go into any shop and find something that would fit, i had Amelia my first daughter and i put weight on and 5 years later when i had my second daughter Erin i got to moosive proportions which i am at now; i don’t like it at all and i’ve been like this for about 2 years now. I am an avid tweeter and someone posted a quote on there “if you don’t like something change it, if you can’t change it then learn to live with it” i think it was made by Maya Anjelou (spelling i am sorry my spelling is pretty pants). It is totally right and i CAN change my weight and i can’t learn to live with it so it’s got to go.

How about you, are you happy with your body?

The thing is if you look at things rationally weight loss isn’t going to be a fast thing, i didn’t wake up one day and find i’d put like 5 stone on! So i can’t expect to to loose it that fast. I have downloaded an App on my iphone which is called my net diary and you basically write  down in it what you have eaten and it gives you the calories for it and it you are reaching your daily limit (you have to put your height in etc) i found it was quite good but you’ve got to be honest with what you are putting into it. What do you guys use to help you loose weight?

Anyway stepping aside form the weight thing i also thought i’d try new things with my hair and make-up. I’ve always had really long hair but never really done much with it, i’ve had it cut into slightly different styles but always end up coming back to the same one so i thought i’d try You Tube out and see how i can change my current style with clips, and curling it etc. WOW You Tube is amazing for finding tips on make-up and hairstyles etc .

I really like the 1950’s vibe and found a really cool video on YOu tube by a lady called Cherry Doll FAce, :

I like this because you don’t need lots of expensive make up – lots of what Cherry uses is make up you can find in boots. I do wonder about the eyebrow thing though and if it looks too obvious your eyebrows are painted on – but maybe i worry too much about looking like i obviously am wearing make up and should just go with the flow a bit more. I think Cherry looks really fab with her make up on (she’s is very pretty without) and there is a big difference between her when she has make up on and off. What do you think?

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New website means better goodies for breast feeding mums

Hurrah after what seems like an eternity we have gotten around to getting our new website on-line, it’s taken ages basically because i haven’t got my butt into gear and there is always lots to do; plus (i won’t bore you with all the details) i’ve had so much hassle with people not doing what they are paid to do ie accountants it’s given me a proper headache! But this has all been changed now and i have found someone who is brill 🙂

I’ve also been thinking about my blog, i’m sorta fed up with just writing “and here’s our next nursing top” which seems kinda insincere and crappy; i really love Mama FeelsGood, it is totally my 3rd baby (which sometimes can be a pain because i take some things way too personally) so i wanted to write bits about the company, the clothes we produce, why we make them, my daily role in running the company and maybe basically my life. To me this seems more worthwhile rather than churning out spam ! So apologies if this isn’t what you want to hear, trust me my life is not that thrilling , i promise not to blog about going to Tesco etc!

It’s getting close to the end of 2011 and looking back on this year of working on Mama FeelsGood i feel pretty good about what we have achieved : We reached the final of the Practical Parenting awards and also the Mother & Baby awards (this is thought of as THE best awards, sorta Oscars for the nursery world) and to get in the final in both of these when competition is so strong was a real achievement for us.

Our Award Logo


After all we are a small company so to get recognition is really cool, plus it was the first year we had ever entered any competitions so all is good. Of course if we have won i would have had a party that lasted about a week, but hey you gotta take credit where its due and we got in the final so excellenti !

Also in 2011 we have introduced our new Money Penny nursing tops and breastfeeding dresses – i made sure when these were made that they we thicker fabric so they are durable for breastfeeding and not so thin you can see through them; 1 thing i found when breastfeeding was i had to wear quite a substantial nursing bra because my wongers were maoooosive and it wasn’t the type of underwear i would want everyone to see shining through my garments so ladies i have thought of this and the thicker fabric has been used for our nursing dress ! This also goes for our Money Penny nursing tops too as they are made of the same material (and work on the same breastfeeding access as the dresses).

Also our new boat neck nursing tops are in store, these are SO soft it’s untrue; also the underlayer of the tops is the same colour as the top layer, our previous style nursing tops were mostly white underlayers and different top layer colours  so we’ve changed things up and all new shirts have same colour top & bottoms . For example our Tattooo owl nursing top

So who knows what 2012 will bring ? Hopefully more new designs and maybe a few surprises ?







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Our breastfeeding tops are really cool, breastfeed in public & chill out!

I had one of THE best tweets this weekend a lady breastfeed for her first time in public and wore one of our Mama Feelsgood nursing tees when she did it. She felt it gave her the extra confidence to go ahead a feed in public. It was so cool she took the time out to tweet us (not at the same as breastfeeding ..well i don;t think so!) and it all kinda makes things good for us as thats the whole reason i started MFG.

I admit i do get lonely here, it’s just me at the moment that runs the whole shabang so when i get customer feedback it;s really nice to know there are people out there! Oh no that sounds sad but i pack loads of tees and just to get a little of communication back is really nice. I recently have had meetings with other companies and they all work in groups or there are more than 1 person who works with them i i gotta admit i was sorta envious. I think i bore Matt (my husband) when i start talking about T-shirts (i love T-shirts, they don’t have to be breastfeeding T-shirts any type will do) so when i spot one that i think is awesome it would be lush to have someone i could share this with, someone who  really gets me. I’ve decided my long term goal is to kick serious ass in the Maternity & nursing clothing market and get some staff; then i can have someone to talk to and not just the postman who is always thinking “is that crazy lady gonna hold me hostage again talking about random stuff” .

SO if you live in the Bristol area and are seriously into T-shirts, and into babies and clothing then maybe i have an ideal job waiting for you, just gotta be patient, then it will be yours!!

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What colour nursing shirts would you like to see?

As a small company it can kinda get quite frustrating that we can’t bring our as many variations and products as we would want. If i had my way there would be funky new breastfeeding designs flying into the store every month but in reality i can’t do this, basically due to costs.

I am so chuffed we have our new money penny breastfeeding dress and nursing tops they really are lovely clothes to breastfeed in and are made from really nice fabric etc, but the thing about being on-line is you can’t see the goods before you buy and this is a shame with our clothes as i do put a lot of emphasis onto using the better fabrics so they feel really good. So i am looking for other independent stores to stock our breastfeeding clothes but it’s so difficult finding them; the big chains really have swamped the market, here in Bristol there is 1 independent maternity & baby store and they only stock organic clothes (which our nursing clothes are not). We did have a lovely shop called Venus maternity in Clifton but that closed down approx a year and a half ago ( a bigger chain store moved not too far away ) so it;s such a shame.

Sorry getting off topic here!

SO we are working hard to extend our range of breastfeeding T-shirts and would like to add some more funky colours to them, in the running is red and green but which shades? I like pillar box red, Matt likes a darker shade, ladies of our facebook page have suggested cherry red which i think sounds nice but the thing is everyone likes different things! So if you have any preferences let us know below in the comments page.

Also if you have any rockin maternity stores near you which you think Mama Feelsgood would fit in then let us know 🙂

Have a great weekend, Liz

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Mama Feelsgood is featured in Green Parent Magazine

I am SO chuffed to say that we are featuring in this months GreenParent Magazine.

Mama Feelsgood Breastfeeding Tops in Green PArent Magazine

It was a really nice article we were featured in basically showing that there are quite a few options open if you want to breastfeed in public without flashing your wongers or baby belly at everyone!

Everyone is different and some women are more comfortable at feeding in public, and it is something that take s a bit of getting use to. But hey you shouldn;t ever feel that you can’t go out when you are breastfeeding , Ok i know in the beginning if you are anything like me it took me ages just to get myself and my girls up and dressed to go out and when i did they would fill their nappy and i would have to start all over again! But it’s really cool to get your butt out of the house and enjoy some outdoors time with your baby. With Amelia i think Starbucks was my first destination, so nice just to try and chill out (OK maybe chilling out is an over estimation because i was a little highly strung at first about her screaming the place down, which she didn’t!) . So where was the first place you went out solo with your new little baby?

So what methods do you use to make breastfeeding in public that bit easier for you? I’ll be honest and say the whole idea of using a cover wasn’t for me, Erin i know would just pull at it like and probably pull it up but i haven’t ever used one so i might have gotten it totally wrong. How have you guys gotten on with them?

I also heard that baby slings are good at covering your bits when breastfeeding plus it takes some of the strain off of your back and arms because you can let the sling do some of the supporting. ?

Anyways take a good read of our article and let me know what you think; Green PArent magazine is SO cool for ideas and tips for parents so it;s SO luch to be featured in it. I have bought the magazine and am going to laminate the page this afternoon!! I know i am a sad case!!

Happy weekend guys, Liz