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Our nursing tops are now available on Etsy


I am SO chuffed to say our nursing tops are now available on Etsy. I LOVE Etsy, it gives people the creative room to make beautiful things and you can get some really lovely , special items there. I buy a lot of handmade jewellery (when i say a lot i mean like 1 piece ever year for christmas or something, i’m not dripping in gold or anything ha).

A lot of the sellers are from the USA so we thought we would bring a little west country to Etsy and our nursing shirts which are of course hand printed here in bristol are making their debut. The response has been super cool and it’s so nice to introduce our breastfeeding clothes to a new audience.


Selling on Etsy also has it’s advantages that i can set the postage price per item, so this works out better if you are ordering from outside the EU. On our website i have to give a set price for postage so this could be for 1 item or 7 pieces so it’s not always going to be accurate. Whereas Etsy i can do per item – so all you USA buyers this is for you !

We can also put on nursing shirts that are coming to their end of print and we have like 1 or 2 left of them, so think of our etsy store as somewhere to get rare nursing tops !  Here is our Tattoo owl breastfeeding top which we have 1 left of which is on our Etsy store



We are really chuffed to be part of the Etsy clan, already i’ve had some lovely messages from ladies who like our tops and i really like the fact that Etsy is full of hand made / hand printed things; Gives a sense of real care about the products on there. As we say all the time we love making our nursing tops , hand printing them takes a lot of skill and it’s cool when people appreciate what you do 🙂

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Our nursing top sale is on


Wow the summer has hot the UK hard these past few days so we thought someone was trying to tell us we had better move our butts and start our summer sale on our nursing tops. 


Now the weather has finally changed we know you want to get out and about with your babies so it’s a great time for us to have our nursing tops sale so you can grab some great bargains. To be totally honest a lot of the short sleeve nursing tops that we have put in our sale are really great for the colder months too because you can just pop a cardigan over them and it doesn’t affect their functionality.

ImageThis is our Flutterby nursing top which is currently in our sale , this is one of my favourite pictures ever of one of our nursing tops; i think it really shows the print off to it’s best and Kristina our model looks amazing – i really love her glasses. Kristina is a mum herself to 2 children one of which is currently nursing and i really like the fact that our nursing tops are modelled by women who actually use them .

ImageOur High 5 nursing top is currently available in our sale too , and it’s been one of most popular nursing tops . We currently print it on the red nursing top but we are thinking about changing things up a bit and maybe changing colour nursing shirts to print it on – who knows what we will do !


monster stand nrusing top 5Our Monster Stan nursing top is also in the current sale, along with the matching monster stan baby grow.



sunnyvale breastfeeding tops


mama feelsgood breastfeeding top

sunnyvale & iggyOur Sunnyvale nursing tee as the name suggests is perfect for the summer


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Sunnyvale nursing top – we bring a bit of our own sunshine

The weather here in the UK has been pants lately, and the only day it was sunny here it made me break out in a cold sore so yeah thats how i roll ! Great! I just think my body is not use to the sunshine as lately here in the UK we haven’t been getting a lot of it.

So we’ve brought a little of our own sunshine ! OK so it’s not THE actual sun but hey help me out here i am trying!

Introducing our Sunnyvale nursing tee 

ImageSuper soft Sunnyvale tee.


All our nursing tops are great for keeping you covered when you want to nurse your child but look just like regular shirts when you’re not. If you’re really honest you don’t really want to walk around with people looking at your clothes thinking arrrh yeah thats a breastfeeding top if ever i saw one!


I found the thing that helped me when i wanted to breastfeed in public was knowing that i could get quick and easy access without flashing what i had! So i like to think that our nursing tops promote breasting in public and that you just gotta get out there and do you thing.

mama feelsgood breastfeeding top


I really love california, i have been lucky enough to go a few times and the last time i went was before i had my first daughter and Matt and i travelled around california in a hire car. It was really cool, we went from Los Angeles to San Diego , all the way down to Palm Springs and then all the humoungous way to San Francisco . We had so little money so don’t get any ideas it was glamourous but my gawd it was fun. From being chased by mad cows in Bakersfield (i’m not being rude i am referring to the actual beast type here) to getting my face burned off in San Diego’s zoo (and we are talking full on sun stroke, my face was stuck to the pillow in the morning, i am such an idiot and hope i never forget my sun screen again) i just wanted to make a nursing tee that brought back the happy memories.

I think our Sunnyvale breastfeeding top does this, it’s a lovely shade of red , super soft and the hand printed graphic designs is really kinda old school but modern at the same time. Does that make sense? Ahh well i’ll stop now as i’m babbling , but it’s a lovely top and one of my favourites.

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Hello If You Are Reading This

Yeah if you are reading this you must have found our new Mama FeelsGood website  – WHOOP WHOOP.

It’s so cool to be able to show you guys what we have been working on for the last couple of months. It’s been SO slow in the making, everything takes so much longer than what you think it will , so something that i thought would take about 4 weeks has turned out to be around 9 weeks! Man that sucks as i’ve had our new product shots for ages and have been dying to show you guys. Everyday i would log onto my computer and see our awesome shots of our shirts and couldn’t really show anyone – although i must say i sneak peaks on our instagram oops!

SO now i can introduce the awesome Kristina who is our new model.

Mama FeelsGood nursing tops

As we always say we love making our nursing tops and we really wanted a breastfeeding mum to be our model and show you how they really work, and how they can make a difference to your journey through breastfeeding especially feeding in public.

mama feelsgood park 1

urban owl nursing top - how it works

urban owl nursing top - Mama FeelsGood

Flutterby MFG

I have SO many favourite shots of our nursing tops that i have listed only a tiny few of them here.

I am looking forward to showing your more of our great shirts and being able to show them being used so you can see how they work.

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Waiting is pants

Seriously waiting sucks, even though you know it will be totally worth it , it still doesn’t take away from the fact i want it now! I’m normally quite a patient person but right now i am waiting for like 5 different things all of which are going to be totally awesome but it’s driving me insane!

I guess it’s a bit like being pregnant the closer you get to the end the more impatient you get (well i did) . We are developing some more nursing shirts, having a major facelift, working with some freaking fantastic people and we’re sorting our backend of the business ie the packing and general organisation of things here at Mama’s warehouse. It’s been me on my own doing EVERYTHING and i’m not going to lie it’s been hard, stressy but bloomin brilliant but now i have Laura who has joined the team and it’s really cool working with someone; to bounce ideas, moan at and laugh with it’s been a cool couple of months.

We have some really nice things coming up, we’ve been working hard so i hope you guys like it. So not much more waiting now, well i hope not!

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New Years Nursing Top sale



Happy New Year guys 🙂



 Hope you had a fabulous christmas and New Year was cool ; to make your New Year get off to an even better start we have our Annual Sale so you can catch some major bargains  , loads of great nursing tops at really really cool prices.

Here are some of the tops we have on sale at the moment:

Our Monster Stan nursing top is always a favourite so rather than leaving him out of the sale for a short period we’ve popped him in !

We also have the matching Monster Stan babygrow in the sale too –

Our Maggie long sleeved nursing top is also in the sale for £19.99

Really great comfortable breastfeeding top , really soft and snuggly.

If Owls are your thing then we have plenty of our owl nursing tops in the sale, Above is our funky blue owl nursing top , we also have it in black

Funky owl breastfeeding top in black

Really great laid back tee is our Sunnyvale nursing top.

These are just a small selection of our nursing tops we have in the sale, check out our website for the whole selection.

We hope 2013 brings you everything you want from it

x Liz

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Hand printed baby clothes with matching nursing tops


We’ve had so many emails about extending our range of nursing tops into children’s wear we thought we would go ahead a test the waters and we’ve created our first batch of babygrows ; they are so seriously cute, i forgot how tiny newborn babies are and the weeny 0-3 months baby grows are so sweet i thought i could hear my ovaries crying out …Liz have another one (1 have 2 lovely children and it’s going to stay at that but wow these baby clothes are cute ha ha!)

Here is our Birdy Baby grow (available in a range is sizes from newborn up to 18 months)



Here is the matching Birdy nursing top to go with the baby grow.

Both the nursing top and the baby grow are hand printed right here in Bristol and are made from super soft cotton so both you and your baby can be snuggly together.

We have 4 different prints for our babygrows, and each of them has a matching nursing top.

Our Monster Stan (the green baby grow) is so cute and it matches the Monster Stan nursing tops so well

We also have the unicorn nursing tee & it’s matching hand printed baby grow

Unicorn nursing top

We have had a great reception to our initial batch of baby clothes so we are for sure looking to extend our baby range into long sleeve baby grows and baby tee’s etc.

It’s so exciting seeing our designs coming to life on baby clothes, i kept both my daughters first baby clothes (just the special pieces that brought back lots of memories) and it would be so cool to think that someone might keep these baby grows as special memories for them too. We think these particular designs work really well on childrens clothes & adults.

Again we are always open to ideas so if there is a design we currently print on breastfeeding tops that you would like seen on baby clothes just let us know x

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How we print our breastfeeding Tees

The majority of our nursing tops are printed here in Bristol; we are really proud of the fact that we take a lot of care and time and love in the nursing clothes we produce . It’s really cool to keep things local & we have the best printers ever ! No seriously Paul & Ben who print our shirts are so lovely & they can kick ass in the screen printing world Ka-Boooom.

SO what goes on when you order one of our super fabulous nursing shirts?

Lets take our Funky Tattoo Owl Breastfeeding Tee

First up we need a screen to put our image of this funky owl onto, this screen will be used put the ink on and then print onto our nursing shirts

Whoop whoop

So next we need to get this beautiful bird onto the nursing shirt:

SO Paul our very kind & brilliant printer puts the ink (nice and safe non of this yucky ink) onto the screen at the top, THEN….

The screen gets pulled down onto the nursing shirt and the ink is pulled across the screen and hence onto the nursing shirt. Because the owl graphic has been specially placed onto the screen only the image of the owl comes through.

The shirt then has to be put through a special dryer for the print to fix.

After the printing is done we hand tag, fold and pack your nursing shirt (normally while listening to a bit of Dave Grohl getting his Foo Fighters groove on) .

So each one of our printed nursing shirts are individual and produced with care. We love doing what we do, and we do it for you (thats a song isn’t it? ).

Every different graphic nursing tee has it’s own screen, and we do this for every shirt so you can imagine it takes a lot of time, with all the printing & folding etc; so hopefully you can see what goes into making our nursing tees and kinda see why they are extra special.

Without you guys buying our nursing shirts i wouldn’t be able to get my printing fix on, it’s SO satisfying making a great product & knowing you are making a persons day just that teeney weeney bit better (hope we are) . I really honestly appreciate all of you – go on give yourself a hug x

I am a huge T-Shirt and printing geek so apologies if you haven’t found this blog post as interesting as i have !

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Our Halloween Nursing Top sale starts TODAY


WOOOOAAHHHH – our spooky Halloween sale starts TODAY

It’s only on for the next 3 days (until HAlloween is over) so make the most of it; You can even grab some of our new nursing tops for the super special price of £22.99 which is CRAZY !!

Our pretty Maggie Nursing Tee is in the sale , it’s a new design breastfeeding tee too so quite unusual to fins it reduced – i was guessing because it’s Halloween i would reduce some of the red breastfeeding tops as it’s blood coloured ! OK weird kinda logic behind that but hey thats how i roll !!!

Our High 5 nursing top is a classic and looks cool whatever the time of year – Yeah High 5 all you ghosties !

ok so we thought we’d have a break from the red and bring some love back in the room ! Our One Love breastfeeding top is really pretty , with a great message.

SO do you love halloween ? I really like it, brings back loads of really cool memories of trick or treating with my sister ; we didn’t do it for all the sweets and money we got (we did get quite a lot i can remember) but we just loved the dressing up. It was never really done very professionally, back then (i’m talking 1980’s) you couldn’t get the costumes found in the big supermarkets you can now ; so it was dyeing things in the sink and loads of cheap make-up , it was WICKED !

Any whooooo enjoy the sale – have a safe halloween

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Nursing top sample sale & other bargains

So i got to think it would be cool to organise a sample sale of our nursing tops ; We are always trying to change things about, and the cool thing about us hand screening our own breastfeeding tops is we can change up which prints go on what shirts. So we try different things out ie hey would the island print look cool on the red shirt this time ? You gotta try things sometimes to see if they work or not and it’s not gonna work all the time. So we have some shirts that we have like 1 or 2 of that need a good home.

So next Monday ( the 6th August) we are going to have our sample sale on our website. It won’t have tons of nursing tops but they will be a a really cool price. There will be a variation of long sleeve nursing tops and short sleeve ones. Some maybe  faulty (if they are we will of course state the fault, but please read carefully so you know what you’re buying) whilst others will be one off specials described above.

It’s going to take a bit of organising our end so by next monday it should be ready to rock n roll . We will mention when the sale goes live on facebook and twitter so keep you eyes out 🙂