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TImes are a changing

You know when you are picking wallpaper and you’ve got a really good idea of what you want , you know what your style is and you’re really pumped about going out and shopping for your paper ; you get to the store and then settle for one for one thats just ok but not REALLY you? Are you like that or do you keep on until your find what’s really you? Even if it might never be out there?

Well as Mama FeelsGood grows i’ve always felt in a few areas  to quote the words of U2 “i still haven’t found what i’m looking for” , things are cool but just not quite clicking with what i really want. We produce really really great nursing tops which i am so proud of but in this industry it’s not enough to produce a really really great product you have to get out there and shout about it , and i admit that’s something i’m not the best at. I suppose it’s the laid back part of my personality , i think “man our nursing shirts are cool people will find us! ” but i’m learning fast there’s nothing wrong with a bit of self promotion if you know what you do is awesome .

Well i’m getting ready to shout, and over the next few weeks quite a few things will be changing ; Things have clicked for us, we’ve found our mojo and things are looking freakin fantastic. It’s so much like having a baby, when you finally meet your little bundle you step back and look & think to yourself WOW we made that ; Well thats how i am feeling about Mama FeelsGood and our clothes, wow i made this and i am so happy with how it’s grown and evolved.

I am SO excited about the future, i genuinely look on all of our customers as if you were our friends – i had a 30 minute conversation about maternity knickers the other day with one of customers !! ha ha, good comfy ones are hard to find!

I can’t say too much right now as to what specifically is going down as  we are still tweeking the details but believe me things are looking good and i think you’re going to love it x




breastfeeding clothing, Breastfeeding Fashion, Breastfeeding Tops, Nursing Tops

New Autumn Nursing Top collection

I am so pleased to be able to show you our new graphic nursing tee collection ; it has taken much longer than i had wanted but working as a team with some of THE most awesome people i think we’ve produced our best line yet.

This is our Unicorn nursing tee, we did it in our last collection but on a different nursing top and with different colour inks ; so putting it on our slate grey breastfeeding top really works. Nat our fabulous model shows how the nursing shirt can be worn higher or as shown in the pictures below it can be pulled out a little more and wore longer – cool for wearing with jeans or leggings .

We hand screen print the majority of our breastfeeding T-Shirts here in Bristol, it’s so cool because Paul & Ben who print our shirts are super passionate about screen printing , they have so much knowledge and if you are a T-Shirt and printing geek like me they teach me tons . Screen printing is a real art and employing people like Paul & Ben who are real artisans helps keep the craft going and supports small business here in Bristol . When you work with people who want to produce the best and have the same work ethic as you it totally rocks and you know your customers will be getting the best product ever 🙂

Our Monster Stan breastfeeding tee is also hand printed here in Bristol too. It is SO cute, there is a little baby monster stan poking around the corner, plus we can introduce our new colour nursing top….GREEN – yeah we now do green woo hoo !

It’s SO difficult when choosing a new colour as you try to get advice and everyone likes a different colour or shade – it’s like dudes we only can get 1 new one not 15 ! Shame as i would love to add 15 new shades into our nursing top collection but we are only small !

Nat (our model) is so funny, it made our photoshoot an absolute hoot . I have some crackers of her (photo wise) but don;t think she would like me to show you ha ha !

We’ve introduced 6 new prints (i think it’s 6 ! ) and each of them i honestly love ; i’ve put so much into this collection that it’s so rewarding to see all the breastfeeding T-Shirts have worked out really awesome . I really love making our nursing tops and it never gets old selling them or seeing people wear them – high 5 ladies x

breastfeeding clothing, Breastfeeding Fashion, Breastfeeding Tops, Nursing Tops

Check us out We won GOLD in practical parenting awards for best breastfeeding top

Gold baby ! Yeah cue Spandau Ballet “always believe in your goal” …………

Not too sure of that is the right words to this song but you get my drift. WOWZERS we are SO chuffed, i honestly had a tear in my eye when i read the email telling us ” Congratulations you’ve won a practical parenting award” … i don’t think i’ve ever scrolled down so fast on my iphone before ! And then there is was GOLD !!

It’s such a nice feeling to know you have worked so hard and that people like what you do.

We won for our Money Penny nursing Top, we were up against some big brands so we thought we would never win ( hey we aren’t putting our nursing tops down , they totally rock it but when you are a small independent company up against a multi million one it’s a bit crazy ! ) so it’s not all about how big you are as a company but how good your products are and we really thank practical parenting for this. It;s such a well respected award that it really does mean the world to us ; anytime in the future you want to tell us to shut up about winning this please do ! In 10 years we will still be banging on about it !

We’ve always made sure our nursing tops are made from really good quality fabrics whist providing easy access to breastfeed from without looking too obvious. we’re not really into the T-shirts with a a line across the middle which pulls up as it looks really obvious. Our money penny nursing top is cool because it;s designed in a way that the empire line should be there anyway so it doesn’t look out of place, so building the nursing opening into it works really well.

SO it;s just really cool to know if you do work hard you can achieve great things. We really love making our breastfeeding tops, it never gets old and there are challenges everyday along the way but it’s all good. To know we make quality products and reasonable prices that look good and make you feel good when you breastfeed and beyond is so cool.

ooh the postman is here – i;m off to tell him about our gold ! ha ha

breastfeeding clothing, Breastfeeding Fashion, Nursing Tops

Ideas, inspiration and nursing Tops !

Big changes are a foot here at FeelsGood studios, we have some new nursing T-shirts which are on their way to us and we’ve got lots of planning to do for the new graphic Tee  collection . We are also thinking of new ways in which we  roll and everything from how our shirts are packed and sent to stitched and weaved are being thought about.

We are really thrilled so say the amount of different countries our nursing tops are being sold in is increasing more and more , with our breastfeeding clothes recently being able to be bought directly in Belgium, Australia, and Czech Republic our list of stockist is growing every month. It’s SO cool to get emails from ladies in Melbourne saying how much they like our nursing tops and how comfortable they are . It makes me feel good knowing i have helped ladies in their changing lives ( i know it’s just a little bit, it’s not like i am totally life changing , don’t worry i;m not getting a giant head about things!) and that breastfeeding has been made that little bit easier – or we have taken the hassle out of thinking what can i wear and breastfeed in . You know when you pick up one of our nursing tops that you’ll be able to breastfeed without the stress of the logistics!

So we plan to add not only some new fresh breastfeeding tops to our funky collection but thinking of childrens wear too. Would be kinda cool to have matching baby tee’s to go with your nursing tops? What do you think?

We would of course keep our own original twist on things , funk things up a bit , plus keep things affordable. We are really excited in the new way things are going and with the joint success of our increasing stockists the future is feeling good 🙂

breastfeeding clothing, Breastfeeding Fashion, Nursing Tops

Breastfeeding clothes without the frump

I am just finalising the new graphic prints for our new batch of nursing T-Shirts and i gotta say it’s got me really excited. Yeah ok so i am a T-Shirt nerd and it always gets me in the best mood ever to bring out a new line of nursing tops , just feels good to provide funky clothes to breastfeed in and you can keep wearing them long after you stop too .

I have set one of the new prints as my screen saver on my computer and when i sit down to work i get that little excited feeling (you know like as a kid a christmas when you know something good is gonna happen) ; we have such a good batch of prints, thing is we still have a bit to go before they can be ready for sale. If i said things take forever to come together that would be an underestimation, so the new nursing tops should be available via our website end of September / beginning October.

I’m sorry dudes but i can’t give a sneak peak just yet of our breastfeeding tops but this is an old flyer we had made which shows our stupid side ! When i say our i mean my stupid side

Keep rocking ladies and i will keep you updated on the progress of our new nursing tops x

Breastfeeding Fashion

Baby wearing and breastfeeding

To be honest i wasn’t too sure what baby wearing was ; then i realised it’s just a name given to carrying your baby in a sling or wrap. I guess since i had my first daughter 7 years ago things have changed – don’t think i heard much about baby wearing then but now it seems really popular – and so it should be ; wraps and carriers can be such practical things and in certain circumstances wearing a baby in a wrap / carrier can give you back a smidge of your independence.

When i had my daughter Erin 2 years ago i used a mai Tai wrap and it was really comfy for me but i alway thought she looked a bit uncomfortable as i wasn’t sure what to do with her legs ie she was too small to have the spread out each side of the Mai Tai and if her legs where inside i thought they looked a bit crumpled. What i should have done was go into You Tube and watch a video on how to wear one!

You tube can be so cool for learning new things , i use it a lot for learning new hairstyle etc!

There are SO many other types of carrier or wraps for  you and your baby to use; i’ve heard Moby wraps are really cool, especially in the year months , again You tube is really cool for learning  how to wrap them so both you and your baby are comfortable and safely held.

Boba wraps again i’ve heard lots of nice things about , they seem to be very practical , ladies that i follow on twitter have found Boba wraps easy to breastfeed in on the go and have done their grocery shopping etc whilst wearing a Boba wrap and breastfed.

There are so many carriers to choose from, which one did you find the best? It’s nice that the practicality of them is being combined with a great looking product, i found an old baby carrier at a car boot sale and think it must have gone back to the 70’s and i couldn’t even figure out how to put it on and who knew where the baby went!

Stokke have just realised a new baby carrier – mycarrier i think it’s called, i’ve never used one and i wondered what it was like ; i know Stokke have a great reputation for making great prams , high chairs etc so thought this probably was cool .

Anyone with any feedback on baby carriers please feel free to comment as it’s great to get recommendations . Plus which ones are best for breastfeeding in?


breast feeding clothes, breastfeeding clothing, Breastfeeding Fashion, Breastfeeding Tops

New summer nursing tops

wowzers it’s actually hot here today in Bristol, makes a change from all the bad weather we’ve had recently so it seems really appropriate that we’ve launched our summer nursing tops ! We’ve got a fun selection of short sleeve breastfeeding T-shirts which will make breastfeeding out in this nice weather tons easier.

I’ve always really liked the surf kinda fashion (i’m not talking bikini’s here, i wouldn’t inflict that sight of me in 1 on anyones eyeballs!),  i literally wear jeans and T’s all the time so i thought it would be cool to do a short sleeve nursing top in the surfy style. I am really pleased how our Unicorn nursing T-Shirt has comeout

We went wandering the streets of Bristol (hey not like that ha ha) and Laura our photographer came up with some wicked shots

Here is close up of the hand screen printed design on the nursing top

 Our Mr Foxy nursing top make me crack up, i love it SO much. It’s Mr Fox but he’s in disguise ! It’s a really nice strong colour print which really pops out of the shirt, and seriously you can’t help but smile when you see it.

Below is the close up of the print

All these nursing tops are the same as our long sleeve breastfeeding tops and work on the double layer function, so pull the top layer up and the under layer has breastfeeding access on the sides. So no flashing strangers your tummies. Plus we’ve been told that our shirts are great for tandem nursing, breastfeeding twins etc because the underlayer keeps you covered when you nurse from both sides at the same time.

Finally our last new summer nursing shirt is out Hooters T

It has a really funky laid back feel about this shirt. I really wanted california 70’s vibe to hit you when you saw this shirt – hopefully you do? Or perhaps thats me just being crazy ha ha.

Below is a close up of the print on our hooters nursing T-Shirt

We really hope you like our summer nursing top collection, as always we’ve tried to bring a bit of humour to our shirts. Being a mum doesn’t have to mean floral kaftans lol !

Breastfeeding Fashion

Breastfeeding friendly hairstyles

OK so you might be thinking what the heck is a breastfeeding friendly hairstyle aren’t they all breastfeeding friendly? Well from my personal experience no – i have quite long hair and both my daughters when feeding loved to yank my hair it it freakin hurt. Also i lost quite a lot of hair during pregnancy so i had these flyaway little whispy bits on my fringe which seemed to have a life of their own; so i kinda wanted to hold onto the hair i had! So i had to tie my hair back a lot – so in a vain attempt to make myself feel better i hit You Tube and looked up some easy to do hair styles which made my breastfeeding experience happier and made me feel good so i’m gonna share 🙂

How cool is this, of course you have to have the hair to be able to do this but great way to get out the way and it doesn’t take THAT long. I did this but didn’t do the plait around the base on piny tail because i am lazy!

Mermaid Tail braid

This Mermaid tail braid is SO easy to do and is cool when your hair is a little bit dirty too, you know the days your baby chucks up a little and you haven’t got time to wash your hair again lol. I joke ! Here is a great blog which shows pictures of how to do this braid .

Braided head band

OK so this maybe the girl off of The Hills (i can’t remember her name, and i don’t mean this is in a horrible way) but it’s not a high maintenance style plus it keeps your hair off your face. You can do this with shorter hair styles too, there is a fabulous site called Hair Romance that shows how to do braided head bands with shorter hair. There are also tons of funky hairstyle on their site which they show you you can do.

This You Tube video is cool for shorter hair although looks like you will need a friend to help – i’ve never done this one my ability to do a french plait is pants!

The top 2 styles were my favourites- also just chucking it up in a bun was cool , what was yours?

Breastfeeding Fashion

Mama FeelsGood nursing tops in Australia



I am So excited it’s ridonculousour nursing tops are now available in Australia, how cool isthis? They were launched today by our Australian stockist Queen Bee who are a very cool and funky on-line retailer based in Sydney.

I love Queen Bee so much, they are so fashion forward with regard to the maternity and nursing clothing trends, they have a great selection so you can pick up one of our fab nursing tops and match it with loads of funky bottoms available on their site (i love these cool skinny maternity jeans from Maternal America  ; i wore my maternity jeans until Erin was 18 months old – not the big belly warmer type but the ones with little panels. They are way too cool not to wear just because your bump isn’t there and i did pay a lot for them so want to get my wear outta them, you can wear you top over the panel so no-one knows).

Queen Bee stock our Blossom nursing shirt our

Our Discothon nursing top

Funky Owl Breastfeeding Top

One Love nursing shirt.

We are so pleased to get our nursing tops into Australia, we’ve had SO many requests as we know paying postage can be such a pain in the butt, so finally you gorgeous Australian ladies you can now shop at home 🙂

If you live outside the UK and think your country would benefit from a little injection of Mama FeelsGood breastfeeding fashion just let us know and we will get on the case. We currently are available in Holland, Poland, Czech Republic, Ireland, and Spain .


















Breastfeeding Fashion

Breastfeeding friendly clothes & Coachella

What would i wear to Coachella festival that was breastfeeding friendly? Although this being said i have no idea what Coachella is like as i’ve never actually been, is it a place for kids to hang out? I’m thinking it’s a bit like the Glastonbury festival is over here. I do know that lots of people find it a mecca for finding new fashions (as well as the music of course!) here in the UK we get little snippets of the festival and they are nearly always about the fashion and which celeb is wearing what.

SO if i was heading off to sunny california i think i would go for our OWL blacknursing tees for the night time / evenings and for the day i’d probably rock with our laid back High 5 nursing shirt . I’m not into dresses at festivals, i went to the reading festival here in the UK way back in the 90’s and a total of 5 days camping can get you in quite a state, i can’t imagine whats it’s like with a baby but i guess this is where breastfeeding would come into it’s own because there are no bottles to keep clean etc. Food on the go !

I’m not too sure how family friendly music festivals are these days? I have gone to a few music festivals pre having children and they were cool but it was all about having a drink and dancing all night, something that i wouldn’t be doing with kids. At the Reading festival and i saw the Red Hot Chilli Peppers who were amazing but they weren’t on stage till way past 10pm and it didn’t stop till gone 1am – so you wouldn’t be taking your young kids to this (well i speak for myself here) . I guess it would have to all about the day time and the experience? I hear Camp besitval is cool and family orientated, the 2012 line up includes The Happy Mondays which i think would always be entertaining ! There are LOADS of kids friendly acts too. Although just looking at their website the tickets are £185 each per adult – ouch. Anyone ever been and know if it’s worth going? Defo looks like a different vibe from Coachella !!! No Dr Dre for a start- now i’ll leave that up to you if thats good or bad!