Breastfeeding support groups

Breastfeeding cafe’s , breastfeeding clubs near you?

Just trying to spread the word about any breastfeeding club or cafe or any breastfeeding group that gets together near you that you think other ladies would enjoy going to?

I found it helps a lot if you can find other women who get where you are coming from, just to share your ideas, concerns experiences about breastfeeding and basically anything really can help. When i had Amelia (wow thats 6 years ago now) i didn’t know that the babies belly button stank when it was getting ready to fall off ; i started to panic a bit imagining all the bad things that it might be but a friend of mine happened to pop round she was like “take a chill pill, that TOTALLY normal”. phew! There are so many things in relation to breastfeeding that you might want answers to and having someone to ask casually is really beneficial , so ladies please do share where you like to hangout with other mums.

With Erin my other daughter who is 13 months now even second time around there was loads i needed support with concerning feeding her, lots of mums with 3 + children say each child feeds differently from the others so just because you’ve had babies before don’t feel you are expected to know everything, and in reverse if you have a lot of experience with breastfeeding it’s cool to share.

I know in Bristol in the Bradley Stoke area breastfeeding mums get together : Bradley Stoke Breastfeeding mums support

Bradley Stoke Children’s Centre, Bowsland Green Primary School

Ellicks Close

Bradley Stoke, Bristol BS32 0ES

See map: Google Maps


Phone Number: 07772547947

Know of any more groups near you?