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Clothes for a new mum

We are So chuffed, we have been mentioned in Real Parenting’s blog about clothes for new mums.

“You can avoid the “mum uniform trap” with a funky t’shirt or shirt. Lisa recommends the Mama Feels Goodrange, “they sell great maternity and breastfeeding t’shirts, with some fun graphic prints to brighten up an outfit.” Wearing a specially designed nursing t’shirt means you’ll avoid flashing your post-baby tummy and may find it easier to feed discreetly without showing the world your chest! ”

Thanks guys at Real Parenting, it’s so cool to get a mention off of the back of how great our maternity & nursing clothes are 🙂

Always does make you feel good to get some recognition .

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Mama Feelsgood is featured in Green Parent Magazine

I am SO chuffed to say that we are featuring in this months GreenParent Magazine.

Mama Feelsgood Breastfeeding Tops in Green PArent Magazine

It was a really nice article we were featured in basically showing that there are quite a few options open if you want to breastfeed in public without flashing your wongers or baby belly at everyone!

Everyone is different and some women are more comfortable at feeding in public, and it is something that take s a bit of getting use to. But hey you shouldn;t ever feel that you can’t go out when you are breastfeeding , Ok i know in the beginning if you are anything like me it took me ages just to get myself and my girls up and dressed to go out and when i did they would fill their nappy and i would have to start all over again! But it’s really cool to get your butt out of the house and enjoy some outdoors time with your baby. With Amelia i think Starbucks was my first destination, so nice just to try and chill out (OK maybe chilling out is an over estimation because i was a little highly strung at first about her screaming the place down, which she didn’t!) . So where was the first place you went out solo with your new little baby?

So what methods do you use to make breastfeeding in public that bit easier for you? I’ll be honest and say the whole idea of using a cover wasn’t for me, Erin i know would just pull at it like and probably pull it up but i haven’t ever used one so i might have gotten it totally wrong. How have you guys gotten on with them?

I also heard that baby slings are good at covering your bits when breastfeeding plus it takes some of the strain off of your back and arms because you can let the sling do some of the supporting. ?

Anyways take a good read of our article and let me know what you think; Green PArent magazine is SO cool for ideas and tips for parents so it;s SO luch to be featured in it. I have bought the magazine and am going to laminate the page this afternoon!! I know i am a sad case!!

Happy weekend guys, Liz

Breastfeeding in the news

Spanish fathers are allowed breastfeeding leave- hey lets all move to Spain

Europe’s top court has declared that working fathers in Spain are entitled to take ‘breastfeeding leave’ everyday, even if the mother of the child is not employed.

The new legislation means that both the mother and father are allowed to leave work for an hour during the day or reduce their working day by half an hour during the first nine months following the birth of a child.

Fathers are currently only allowed to apply for breastfeeding leave if the mother is employed full time.

The Spanish man who challenged the law, Pedro Manuel Roca Alvarez, said his request to take breastfeeding leave from his job in Galicia was rejected because the mother of his child was self-employed.

The top court said such a refusal could have the effect of forcing self-employed mothers to limit their work because the father cannot share the burden.

Not giving dads the same right as mums in this case “is liable to … keep men in a role subsidiary to that of women in relation to the exercise of their parental duties,” the court ruled.

Breastfeeding leave should now be considered as “time purely devoted to the child” in order to reconcile family life and work after maternity leave.

As taken from The

Wow that is really cool, they are allowed 1 hour per day to leave work for time purely devoted to the child 🙂

Not sure how the logistics of this would work as some fathers work a long way from their home but wow!

Breastfeeding in the news, Breastfeeding Tops

Did you see the Nursing mum makeover on This Morning?

I admit i don’t normally watch This Morning, i’m usually bombing around a thousand miles an hour chasing your nursing tops for your orders or trying to pull things out of baby Erins mouth (she’s nearly 6 months now and EVERYTHING is going in he mouth arrhhh!) so when i got the whisper there was going to be a make over dedicated to a mum who breastfeeds i was intrigued to see what they came up with.

I’m so sorry but the lady’s name escapes me at the moment but she looked so lovely after the make over ( not saying she looked hanging before because she defo didn’t) but i can;t help thinking is it really possible to look like that everyday? Her hair was beautifully blow dried etc and her make up was lovely. If i tried that Erin would have ripped half my hair out ( as well as the mouth thing she adores to pull hair) so i generally have to scrapped back ( not quite a coventry facelift but nearly!) and i’m just too tired to put on the full make up. Am i alone in this ? Please say i’m not ha ha.

Anyways back to the makeover, they choose some lovely jeans from Dorothy Perkins for her to wear but i must admit i was a little dissapointed with the top they chose , it;s not the fact that it wasn’t a nursing top but they picked a silk one. Don’t know about you but i drop of milk goes a long way on fabric and on silk it would only take a little spillage and i’d have a mooosive wet patch .

Ok maybe i’m not being objective, after all i do sell nursing tops!

Did you see the feature, what did you think?

Our friends from Mama Scarf were approached to provide a nursing scarf, such a shame it wasn’t featured as they are really handy for breastfeeding in public.

Breastfeeding in the news, Breastfeeding Tops

Our breastfeeding tops made the Bristol Evening Post

Be warned this is from ages ago but i just noticed i never scanned the original article in for you guys to see and i was checking out the Bristol Evening Post’s website and found this article they wrote on us last year.

Daughter's birth inspired Little Stoke  mum to set up clothing business

By Ekoch Emily Koch E.Koch

After the traumatic birth of her daughter, Liz Jeans decided if she could make it through that she could do anything.

Baby Amelia was not breathing when she was born and had to be resuscitated, and Liz’s blood pressure was so high doctors feared she might have a stroke.

Four years later, 35-year-old Liz has given up her day job and set up her own internet-based clothing business.

Mama Feels Good sells a range of fashionable t-shirts for mums-to-be and breastfeeding women.

Liz, who runs her business from her home in Little Stoke, has been building the business up over the past four years and finally gave up her job as a biomedical scientist at Southmead Hospital a few weeks ago to concentrate on Mama Feels Good full-time.

The Mama Feels Good T-shirts, featuring specially created designs, are sized especially for pregnant women, and the breastfeeding range make it easier for new mums to breastfeed their baby discreetly and comfortably.

She said: “There are a lot of people saying it is a bad time for business, with the recession, but I haven’t been put off. It has really taken off so it seemed like the right time to put some more hours into it. We launched the website a few months ago and we have been making lots of sales – to people in this country, the US, Australia. And now people from Poland and Canada as well are contacting me wanting to stock the T-shirts in their shops. It’s fantastic.”

She said the inspiration for the business came when Amelia, now four, was born.

Liz said: “Her birth was so awful that I felt like getting through that was a big achievement. I thought if I could go through something like that, I could go through anything. After she was born I started selling American maternity wear online in the UK, but then I thought I would like to sell clothes that I really liked.

“I also found that the maternity clothing market in this country was not very good, the clothes I got didn’t look very nice and fell apart. I wanted to buy clothes that I really wanted, not clothes that were my only option.

“Mum made up a T-shirt for me and I got it printed – and everyone said how much they liked it. It all went from there! Now we are selling at least 200 T-shirts a month. I get letters from mums saying the T-shirts have changed their life because they can go out and feel good about what they are wearing for a change.”

The idea for the name came from her husband, Matthew.

Liz said: “I was getting really frustrated coming up with a name and he said, well what do you want the business to stand for? I said – I just want mums to feel good – and we had it.”

Breastfeeding in the news, Breastfeeding Tops

Breastfeeding in public – why the big debate?

I spotted today this article on the Guardian website today about Hooter Hiders , they are breastfeeding covers for nursing your baby in public ( BTW thanks to the lady who posted a comment recomending our breastfeeding tops 🙂  ) .

I just don’t get why they would be such a big issue about them? OK so if i am being honest they are not my cup of tea, and i know i am one of the most forgetful people never so i would go out and forget them but hey if ladies want to wear them then just wear them, anything which makes your breastfeeding experience better can only be a good thing? There is SO much pressure on ladies on how they should be feeding their babies ie breast Vs bottle i don’t think we need extra stress about what we wear whilst we do it.

Ok i sell nursing tops so you could say i am biased but i created Mama Feelsgood to provide an option for women who want a choice of maternity wear / nursing wear i’m not saying you Got to wear them, breastfeeding tops are like chocolate, you can live without it but it makes your life that little bit better ( ha ha well i suppose that depends upon if you like chocolate or not!).

i don’t know if it is the culture we live in here in the UK but people love to judge others and give their options, maybe it’s because shows such as the X Factor are popular where basically they have celebrities passing judgement on others we think it;s acceptable to do this in everyday life. If a lady likes to / feels more comfortable wearing a Hooter Hider or breastfeeding top then whats the problem?

What do you think?

Breastfeeding in the news, Breastfeeding Tops

Win Our pink Island nursing top in Pregnancy & Birth magazine

We are super pleased to say Pregnancy & Birth magazine have featured our Island nursing top in the August edition of their magazine. It was in a review of the best nursing tops around and our breast feeding top got a Pregnancy & Birth love woo hoo, ie it was one of their favourites out of the 8 tops. I will scan the article in but if you want to check it out it is on page 90 of this current edition.

So they running a competition where they are giving away everything featured in the magazine ( well not sure if absolutely everything but loads of stuff) so why not enter, you can win tons of stuff for you and your baby and of course could pick up a Mama Feelsgood nursing shirt 🙂

Check out our Nursing Top page 90 !

Happy days!