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Breastfeeding Celebrities – What’s it all about?

Do you really care which celebrities if any breastfeed their babies? Do you think it creates a good positive attitude towards breastfeeding or the opposite or couldn’t you really give a s**t ?

I saw this article on Baby Sideburns Facebook page and it made me crack up.

breastfeeding bodies

Not that it’s about breastfeeding in particular but this article i think shows how crazy our society is about women and pregnancy and birth and our figures. I mean is it really society at all which is making magazines  write articles about WOW Kirsten Bell had a baby 2 seconds ago and now she is thin again? Isn’t the magazine themselves trying to make a story out of nothing? This is a rhetorical question as i’m not expecting an answer, i just think it’s a real shame that some women could possibly think less of themselves because of articles like this. Thats why it’s SO refreshing to see Baby Sideburns reply ! Hell yeah i had my second daughter 3 years ago and have never returned to the same shape i was before i had kids ; i don’t think i ever will. OK so maybe my pregnancy’s weren’t all to blame, i do have a thing for the odd doughnut but do you know what thats ok with me, doesn’t make me any less of a person because my size 14 jeans don’t fit anymore (hey who am i kidding size 16).

So going back to me original statement do you think if for example Beyonce was spotted out breastfeeding her baby there would be a greater take up of ladies nursing their babies? Do you think in the early days when both mum and baby are new to breastfeeding and perhaps things aren’t down patt like they are when your are used to nursing you would think “hell yeah i’m going to stick at this, if Beyonce can breastfeed so can i ” ?

I’m not too sure myself, although i guess it can’t be a bad thing that celebrities advocate breastfeeding. I know actress Julie Bowen (she plays Claire in Modern FAmily) breastfed her twins and i thought when i read this she was even more awesome (think modern family is crazy funny). I guess whats business is it of any of us how people choose to feed their babies? When people asked me was i breastfeeding it thought it was a personal kind of question, i mean why do you really want to know ? But hey people are nosey (i am, just not about BF i’m more likely to want to know what your house looks like so i can get inspiration to do mine !!) .

When i saw the picture above on facebook i thought it was really refreshing to see such a funny but down to earth post, women really need to stop being so hard upon themselves. I bet you won’t see a picture of Kirsten Bell with baby puke all down her back when she’s gone out and forgotten it’s there , but we all know it happens in everyday life (or was that just my kids!!) .

Love yourself ladies because you are awesome x

Celebrity breastfeeding

Does Lilly Allen Breastfeed ?

Who cares ? And i don’t mean this is a horrible way, but what business is it of ours if someone breastfeeds or not?

I love twitter, it’s great for lots of reasons but with many things there is a ying and yang thing going on and i have seen some posts where ladies have been bullied for not choosing to breastfeed their babies; it was really vile abuse they were getting too ranging from “your feeding your baby poison,” to “you obviously don’t care about your child, social services should take then away from you” ! I’m sorry but that is just terrible talk; do people really think that talking to another person in such a way is going to make them suddenly breastfeed ????

Of course i am an advocate of breastfeeding, i breastfed both my children (for varying amounts of time, i didn’t have things easy at all) but i would never judge someone for how they chose to feed their baby….would you?

So going back to the celebrity breastfeeding thing why do so many people want to know if a celeb breastfeeds? After Holly Willoughby had her second baby i wrote a brief post on congrats she’s had her baby etc and since then i can see in my web statistics what people search for to reach the site and loads of people were typing into google Does Holly Willouhgby breastfeed? Why did people want to know? They didn’t know her (otherwise i presume they could of just asked her!) so what was the big deal? Would it seriously make them more likely to breastfeed their baby if a celebrity breastfeed theirs?

Same as Miranda Kerr (if you don’t know she is married to Orlando Bloom) when she had her baby she breastfed, excellent good on her, but the internet went crazy when she posted a picture of her breastfeeding back stage at a cat walk show( did i forget to say she is also a model for victoria secret) . Dudes it’s not a biggie she was feeding her baby; the thing i thought was more OMG was that she got her figure back so quickly after having a baby. Mine has never been the same (to be fair when i had my first daughter it wasn’t much to right home about) and defo after my 2nd daughter things have dipped…. and i mean all over the place! GOing off topic that is one of my new years resolutions to shirt some of the rolls!

Anyway seems the whole world is celebrity mad- in marketing it’s common place for companies to send their products to celebs on the vain hope they will wear them and be photographed or the celeb will make a comment that they can use to promote the brand. OK it would be cool to see someone who you respect wearing your brand but it would be great of they could contact you rather then you forcing it on them; i know this is a weird attitude to have, but i love my nursing shirts and sending them to people for free just because they are on TV is a bit blah; unless i like them and it’s completely different! ha ha. If Dave Grohls wife ever wanted a Mama FeelsGOod breastfeeding Top man it’s there !!

SO what do you think about celebrity and btreasfeeding? Do you want to know who does or doesn’t or is it ever persons right to remain private about it? I think i go with privacy?

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Mama FeelsGood OWL breastfeeding top featured in this months Pregnancy & Birth magazine

Gotta say always nice to hear good things whatever they are referring too so when we picked up this months issue of Pregnancy & Birth magazine we  were really chuffed with our review ( i say this months it’s still MArch but we are in the April 2011 issue, kinda weird how that works).

This review is for our Black short sleeve OWL breastfeeding T-shirt , great for the up coming warmer weather and great with a cardi for the colder months too! I love this shirt, it’s one of my favourite, and judging by the sales i think a lot of ladies have a “thing” for owls too! If short sleeve shirts don’t rock your world we also do this nursing top in a long sleeve type too.

As i mentioned in an earlier post we are now getting our breast feeding shirts screen printed here in Bristol so it’s been really nice to see how the whole process works and it;s given us the ability to re print a lot of tees which had run out of stock.

Here is the picture of the whole page we were in :

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Bristol, Banksy & Breastfeeding Tees

Living in Bristol is really cool, and i personally think i am really lucky to have been brought up in such a lovely city. I have lived and Mama Feelsgood is based in North Bristol (technically if you want to be picky it’s South Gloucestershire) and it is really nice, not too far from the country side and i can be in Bristol city centre in 15mins when it’s clear (OK so Bristol has tons of traffic, can’t be all good!).

So i’ve been trying to sort out some issue with printing that i’ve been having, the printers that i currently use are really good, they’ve been running for like 30 years and know their stuff, but they don’t run close to Bristol and it’s becoming a pain on my part. I guess i want to have more control over what i print, and how many ,and i definately want to start getting more prints out there on a regular basis; change things up a little and be more fresh. So i have been looking for a new printers, now this might sound easy but i am super anal (i’m not being rude here!) and i don;t just get any old Jo to be involved with our nursing shirts, so i’ve been checking a few out. 1 printers for no good reason i just didn’t like them, had a gut feeling so i thought i would go with that and ruled them out; and i’m glad i did because Thursday i found a gem.

It’s been a rough week personally for me, my little baby Erin has been super sick, first with a bug (she wouldn’t stop vomiting & became dehydrated, had to take her to Dr’s and it was real sad to see her like that, very upsetting) and then right after, bang her 2 front teeth are coming through and she basically  is in agony. So many sleepless nights, and feeling like i have jet lag all the time. So anyways Thursday i had a meeting with the new printers, they sounded like nice people ; i was mega tired so managed to drive there without crashing which is pretty good for me (no babies in the car i must add). The place where they work is something else, and it;s amazing in a strange way. I’m really into family history and my nans side has been in Bristol for a long time and they were based in central Bristol and this place isn’t far from where they lived so it just kinda felt right. Actually my nans family were Tailors for generations so perhaps thats where i get it from!

So they are 2 of the nicest people i have met, so friendly, they know their stuff when it coms to printing and we are so on the same wavelength, i can go see the printing process which is something i’m getting really excited about ( i know that might sound strange to some but i love T-shirts, everything T-shirt realated i am into, so being able to watch my own shirts i have made be printed is mega for me). I could say exactly what i wanted and i felt really comfortable , it was like i was chatting to my brother (sadly my brother died, but if he was still here it’s like talking to him), it was the type of people you could eat you lunch with and not be paranoid!

SO this week we are running our first lot of new nursing shirts with them, our Owl breastfeeding T-shirts will be back in stock , our Kat long sleevedbreastfeeding  top will have all the sizes available again and there will be a new design too ! So watch this space ladies.

OOh the Banksy part of this blog is the printers had a real nice print on the wall and it was local Bristol artist Nick Walker, he is sorta like Banksy ie stencil art (he’s really good so don;t want to take anything away from him with comparisions to Banksy, he is fab in his own right) and these guys know him, and have printed for him which is cool because he is really quite popular now; then they drop the bomb and mention they have printed for Banksy. WOW.

Banksy is so iconic in Bristol (well maybe not everyone thinks so as they think of it as graffiti ) and these dudes know him…….. I think i must have gone a bit crazy looking and eyes nearly popped out, i did pump for information as to Banksy’s identity but they weren’t giving it up. But just through association i now feel special ha ha. Maybe if i hang around enough i will get to meet him…..

yeah i am sad ha ha

have a nice weekend, guys

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Why Denise VAn Outen is giving up breastfeeding

It’s a hard job being a mother and it must be a hard job being a new mother and having the press taking pictures of your every move, OMG i dread to think if i were “famous” the press would have had a field day taking pictures of me looking crappy.  I along with many other women have been guilty of going out with baby vomit in my hair when i thought i’d washed it all out, and milk stains on my top which i had been wearing for about 2 days because i just haven’t had the time to put a load of washing on (my daughter is now 14 weeks old so things are getting better, although you may notice i am writing this entry at 3 in the morning because she’s been up crying for 2 hours and only just been put back down!) and i own a breastfeeding clothing company!! If anyone should have tons of clothes right now it should be me!

So back to DVO, basically she has stated the reason she has given up breastfeeding her daughter is because she doesn’t want to get papped (ie photographed) breastfeeding her daughter, and does not want her boobies to be splashed across the papers. I do get where she is coming from, there are some really scanky newspapers out there which act like immature boys and who would in a heart beat publish a picture like this. Ooh boobies , nevermind the fact that it’s a personal thing between miss Van Outen and her baby they would just invade her privicy. But we all know that breastfeeding is really beneficial so all i would say to Denise is , dude it;s your choice just like it’s every womens choice to breastfeed but if you did want to reconsider there are ways you can breastfeed in public without showing the world what you’ve got. IE Mama Feelsgood nursing tops 🙂 

Also ladies you could always express into a bottle for when on the move (surely a person can’t be out all the time , so it would be only the occasional feed during the day) if you are concerned about things. If you want to breastfeed your baby don;t let other peoples narrow minded opinions put you off. Once you get the hang of breastfeeding in public you’ll be wapping them out everywhere (with the assistance of our Mama Feelsgood breatsfeeding tops of course!)

What do you guys think about Miss Van Outen decision ?

Here is an article from The Daily Mail i found on this:

here are many reasons that new mothers might opt out of breastfeeding. 

Some find it too painful, some find it too difficult. Denise Van Outen, on the other hand, simply found it too public. 

The 36-year-old actress said she gave up breastfeeding her daughter Betsy after less than a month, claiming she didn’t like the idea of being spotted nursing in Starbucks. Or, heaven forbid, the Post Office.

probably should have persevered a bit longer than three weeks,’ she said in her first interview since her daughter’s arrival in May. 

‘But I can’t be sitting in Starbucks and breastfeeding, because they [photographers] are taking pictures. 

‘Another time, I was at the back of a really long queue at the Post Office to get Betsy a passport, knowing that in the next half hour she was going to wake up and cry, wanting a feed

‘And, sure enough, when I got to the front, that’s exactly what she did. And I felt so conscious of the pressures of everybody looking, tutting and waiting to see how I dealt with the situation because they knew my face.

Miss Van Outen, who is married to West End actor Lee Mead, explained that self-consciousness wasn’t the only reason for her decision to choose the bottle for Betsy. 

‘I wasn’t producing enough milk and Lee wanted to be able to feed her,’ she told She magazine
Denise Van Outen for SHE Magazine.

Denise appears in the August issue of SHE, on sale Saturday

Celebrity breastfeeding

We met Justin Lee Collins…Good times

Totally forgot to tell you guys we met Justing Lee Collins when i had baby Erin.

It was such a bizarre experience it’s kinda like a hallucination because it’s something i wasn’t expecting at all , but i had literally just come out of theatre after having Erin by C-section and i was lying in recovery  when a lady with a clip board came in and said Justin Lee Collins was visiting the hospital (Southmead Hospital in Bristol) for a charity event and would like to meet new parents. Well Matt said yeah sure no worries, i was too busy being sick at the time (the pain killers they give you are mighty strong and made me feel VERY sick, not nice) to really say anything, but thought well i’ll just say hi and that would be it.

2 mins later all the lights blast on, the double doors fly open and in comes Justin but what they PR people failed to say was there were 5 photographers and 3 TV cameras…. yeah 3 TV cameras!!! We are talking proper TV jobbies here….

Well i must have gone into a state of shock because to say i wasn’t expecting that was an understatement , just imagine you;ve literally just had a c-section (30 mins before), can’t move, being sick continuously, sweaty, bum hanging out of the hospital gown, hair which looks like it has been drawn in the style of a OAPs man come over , catheter in , and to make things even worse the drip that was put in had gone a bit strange and was putting saline into my arm rather than the vein so i had a giant arm!!!! NICE…………..

I was gutted and felt like a rabbit in the headlights as less face it i couldn’t exactly get up and go anywhere at the time . As i was going into a state of shock Matt by my side (who was totally oblivious to my distress )went into I’m down the pub mode and started joking and laughing with Justin, i vaguely remember Matt saying to him ” what do you use on that mane timotei ” and Jusitn coming back with a witty remark, they were having a blast.

I must admit i don’t think JLC knew we had just literally had an operation, and he was such a fantastic guy, really really friendly and kind, just the type of guy you’d want to hang out with , maybe not just after a major operation though! He did say Erin was beautiful so hey the man has good taste 🙂

Shame the camera guys and photographers weren’t so nice, a one point one photographer said “mum, mum can you just move closer to dad” and that was met with a face like thunder and a mumble of “i’ve just had an operation i can’t move anything you plonker”.

So the pose leave the room and i resume vomiting again – Bad times   and i think of thats the end of that, what a strange experience , feels like a dream.

Later that day Matts phone suddenly start going crazy, texts and phone calls, thought wow all these people wanna say congratulations on having Erin how nice, ahh no turns out we were on our local news. They had run a quite long piece on Justin Lee Collins going to Southmead maternity unit to raise money for charity and there the 3 of us were , me Matt and baby Erin. i looked truly hideous, turns out all my woes about looking terrible were true and just to make things worse i hadn’t realised the angle i was lying on the bed made my 2 chins look like 5….. they say the camera adds pounds but thats just cruel…. Not what you want when you’ve just had a baby and you;re in body shock as it is.

Friends said it’s a shame i wasn’t wearing a Mama FeelsGood nursing tee…hey guys i’d just come out of theatre


Any way, Justin was lovely, and i have a lovely TV clip of baby Erin on the day she was born, not many can say that. I’m sure we will look back on it and laugh….

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Nicole Kidman’s view on breastfeeding

Nice to know Hollywood stars are “Normal” in some ways too…well apart from being uber rich ha ha.

Nicole Kidman has done an article for a magazine in the states about her pregnancy and breastfeeding , take a look:

Nicole Kidman has always been tall with a svelte figure so she became pregnant with her daughter Sunday Rose, she grew in more ways than one. 

In the issue of Ladies Home Journal, Nicole talks about how pregnancy made her breasts “normal size,” being in love and how her career is taking a backseat to family life. 

Here are some highlights from the interview: 

Nicole on breastfeeding: “They’re not very big, my boobs, so they just became normal size. I loved it! I felt very Woman. When you’ve had a slightly androgynous body your whole life, having breasts is a nice feeling.” 

Nicole on being a private person: “I would never write a memoir. There are things that happen behind closed doors, and that’s where they belong. I’m not secretive. I’m protective.” 

Nicole on being in love: “I love being in love. I believe in the power of love, the way it can heal. The more you keep choosing it—because there are times when you can choose to be angry at the person or to love him—the more it nourishes a family.” 

Nicole on her career taking a backseat: “There are certain limitations to my career because I’m based here. And that’s cool. Keith has enormous ambitions, which I support. His tours and albums are much bigger than what I’m doing right now.” 

Nicole on refusing to sing in front of her husband: Most mornings Urban plays the piano for her and Sunday. “I hum a little. When your husband’s a huge singer, the last thing you do is sing with him.” 

Nicole on her outlook for the future: “Sunday’s third word was ‘wow,’ and I say that word a lot. I hope when I’m 80 I’ll still be saying it. I’ve been given extraordinary opportunities, with huge dreams fulfilled. I’m 42 and my eyes ar

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Nicole Ritchie : Breastfeeding “sucks the life out of her”

I don’t think Nicole actually meant it as it sounds ! Nicole was referring to the weight she has lost after giving birth the her son Sparrow earlier on this September, she claims that the weight she gained during pregnancy has been lost through nursing her new born son.

She joked to Britain’s OK! magazine: “I’m breastfeeding at the moment so that sucks the life out of you!”

Nicole’s partner Joel Madden is more in love with the 28-year-old beauty than ever and is a fan of the curves she has developed since becoming a mother.

Joel said: “She doesn’t work out and she doesn’t need to diet It is so easy for her to look good.”

Nicole and the Good Charlotte rocker also have a daughter, 22-month-old Harlow. The pair admit their group of friends has expanded since they started a family and they have formed close bonds with other young parents.

“You don’t lose old friends, but the time you spend with them is limited,” Joel explained. “Really our interactions revolve around getting together with other people who also have kids.



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Holly Willoughby breastfeeding & This Morning

Wow Holly Wiloughby is one busy lady.

Her son Harry is still only a few months old and she is back to work on the X factor tours and is being talked about as one of the favourites for the presenting job on “This Morning”. 

She is breastfeeding Harry so it just goes to show you can be a busy working mum and still breastfeed your baby. Although i must say Holly must be so much more organised than i was because i found it hard just to get out of the house on some days, let alone work on Tv shows!!

I suppose it is the nature of which jobs we work in as to how quickly we can get back to work, thats if we do at all. Working in entertainment must out extra pressure onto new mums, as people put so much emphasis on image etc. Although Holly has been quoted as saying  :

: “I’m breastfeeding Harry, so I am not going to diet. I have never worried about my weight or diets. I will never be a skinny girl.”

Maybe this could set an example to other celebrity mothers! 

With reference to the This Morning presenter role available  She said: “I would never pass up the opportunity to work with Phillip. He is lovely.
But with ‘The Xtra Factor’, a new baby and ‘Dancing On Ice’, I am pretty busy.”

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Gwen Stefani believes in breastfeeding and other breastfeeding celebrities

Sometimes it’s really cool to see celebrities can be “normal” too! 

So it’s good to see there are a few celebs which are vocal about their passion and feelings towards breastfeeding their children.

Gwen Stefani is one of these celebrities. Gwen Stefani has been quoted by USA Today as saying that she believes breastfeeding gives superhuman powers. She admitted that she was still nursing her then six month old son. Pictures of Gwen and her son, Kingston, are numerous on the internet. Gwen seems to be practicing Attachment Parenting, or AP, to it’s fullest as well as breastfeeding.It appears that Gwen practices what she preaches. She talks publicly about breastfeeding and even apologized at one interview for being an hour late because she was nursing. 

I’m not sure about the superhuman bit, but it’s god to see Gwen so open and comfortable about breastfeeding.

Katie holmes is another celebrity breastfeeding mum who breastfed her daughter Suri. Apparently on one occasion her nursing bra was seen poking out from her top and made a big hoo ha in the news. WOW big deal…some people are so old fashioned!!! Maybe with baby number 2 (if there ever is ) Katie holmes would be more than welcome to try one of our breastfeeding tops 🙂

Any other celebrity mums let us know