Celebrity breastfeeding

Nicole Ritchie : Breastfeeding “sucks the life out of her”

I don’t think Nicole actually meant it as it sounds ! Nicole was referring to the weight she has lost after giving birth the her son Sparrow earlier on this September, she claims that the weight she gained during pregnancy has been lost through nursing her new born son.

She joked to Britain’s OK! magazine: “I’m breastfeeding at the moment so that sucks the life out of you!”

Nicole’s partner Joel Madden is more in love with the 28-year-old beauty than ever and is a fan of the curves she has developed since becoming a mother.

Joel said: “She doesn’t work out and she doesn’t need to diet It is so easy for her to look good.”

Nicole and the Good Charlotte rocker also have a daughter, 22-month-old Harlow. The pair admit their group of friends has expanded since they started a family and they have formed close bonds with other young parents.

“You don’t lose old friends, but the time you spend with them is limited,” Joel explained. “Really our interactions revolve around getting together with other people who also have kids.



Celebrity breastfeeding

Holly Willoughby breastfeeding & This Morning

Wow Holly Wiloughby is one busy lady.

Her son Harry is still only a few months old and she is back to work on the X factor tours and is being talked about as one of the favourites for the presenting job on “This Morning”. 

She is breastfeeding Harry so it just goes to show you can be a busy working mum and still breastfeed your baby. Although i must say Holly must be so much more organised than i was because i found it hard just to get out of the house on some days, let alone work on Tv shows!!

I suppose it is the nature of which jobs we work in as to how quickly we can get back to work, thats if we do at all. Working in entertainment must out extra pressure onto new mums, as people put so much emphasis on image etc. Although Holly has been quoted as saying  :

: “I’m breastfeeding Harry, so I am not going to diet. I have never worried about my weight or diets. I will never be a skinny girl.”

Maybe this could set an example to other celebrity mothers! 

With reference to the This Morning presenter role available  She said: “I would never pass up the opportunity to work with Phillip. He is lovely.
But with ‘The Xtra Factor’, a new baby and ‘Dancing On Ice’, I am pretty busy.”

Celebrity breastfeeding

Gwen Stefani believes in breastfeeding and other breastfeeding celebrities

Sometimes it’s really cool to see celebrities can be “normal” too! 

So it’s good to see there are a few celebs which are vocal about their passion and feelings towards breastfeeding their children.

Gwen Stefani is one of these celebrities. Gwen Stefani has been quoted by USA Today as saying that she believes breastfeeding gives superhuman powers. She admitted that she was still nursing her then six month old son. Pictures of Gwen and her son, Kingston, are numerous on the internet. Gwen seems to be practicing Attachment Parenting, or AP, to it’s fullest as well as breastfeeding.It appears that Gwen practices what she preaches. She talks publicly about breastfeeding and even apologized at one interview for being an hour late because she was nursing. 

I’m not sure about the superhuman bit, but it’s god to see Gwen so open and comfortable about breastfeeding.

Katie holmes is another celebrity breastfeeding mum who breastfed her daughter Suri. Apparently on one occasion her nursing bra was seen poking out from her top and made a big hoo ha in the news. WOW big deal…some people are so old fashioned!!! Maybe with baby number 2 (if there ever is ) Katie holmes would be more than welcome to try one of our breastfeeding tops 🙂

Any other celebrity mums let us know

Celebrity breastfeeding

Celebrity loves our Kat nursing top

Happy days ladies, we just had some great news about our funky Kat nursing top , seems like a celebrity in the USA has been given one and loves it .

We’re not too sure if we are allowed to say whom it is at the moment, due to confidentuality etc but if we are given the go ahead we’ll let you know 🙂 We’ll just have to leep our fingers crossed and hope she gets papped wearing it ha ha. But seriously we are super pelased our breastfeeding shirts are going down a storm, and internationally too…thats fabulous 🙂

So ladies every one of our customers is a star to us ( did that sound mega cheesy, apologies) and we’d love to get pictures of you guys wearing your Mama Feelsgood nursing Tees. We can put them up on our blog, it will be wicked.

Just a sneek insider info too, we are launching more graphic nursing T-shirts around September time, so all you breastfeeding ladies keep tuned !

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Heather Grahams Breastfeeding scene in The Hangover

The Film The Hangover is out in cinemas today throughout the UK and it’s suppose to be pretty good.

In it, it features a scene where Heather Grahams charater breastfeeds in front of a group of guys on a stag party.

Heather said: “I think it’s a funny idea for a scene but to be honest I was nervous, I wasn’t like ‘great, let’s do whatever’.”

She added: “I just thought it was a weird quirky thing to do and it might create something that was funny.”

Director Todd Phillips insists he put the scene in the movie to play on the comedy of men’s reactions to breastfeeding women, not just as an excuse to see Heather flash. 

Well we’ll have to go see the film to make our minds up about this 🙂

He joked: “Her character in the movie has no qualms about nudity because of her job, so it was a character thing it really wasn’t to see Heather Graham’s breast.”

Heather confessed she felt maternal playing a mother, but less so about about some of the babies.

She said: “I really like holding babies. The thing is there were a lot of different babies ‘cos a baby can only work two hours so there were say six babies. And some of the babies I was really in love with and there were a few babies that were very cranky and they did NOT want to be working on a movie. And every time the mom gave them to me the baby would just start crying and crying.

“Sometimes they’d cry for like an hour we’d all just be standing there staring at the baby, going ‘what can you do?!’