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Times change a lot with a baby

There is 5 years between my children, i won’t bore you with the reason but within this 5 years there had been a huge change in fashion and  gadgets for new parents. Some things like prams for instance really seem to come in and out of fashion (hey both my children used the same pram, i’m sure they won’t remember what they were pushed around in but i’m way too tight and poor to buy a new one! Not judging those who do though x) .

Another thing is sleeping arrangements. I saw this post on facebook and felt the need to share :

cots of c sections

I seriously think this is wonderful , wonderful for any new new mum in hospital. I had c sections with both my girls, i had to stay in hospital for 3 days with both and my second daughter would not sleep unless i was near her. Those big plastic cots on wheels they supply in hospital , they just wouldn’t cut it for my girl! This cot above would have been perfect. She could be close to me but i wouldn’t be able to squash her. I’ll never forget the 2 nights i lay awake for the whole night (and thats such a long time when you are tired) holding her while she slept. The sun coming up and my fear that i had fell asleep while holding her and she was squashed (i didn’t fall asleep but your brain plays cruel tricks on you when very tired). I hated being in hospital; this was just one of the reasons.

So my look at how gadgets have evolved since my daughters were babies continued, i found this


It’s from a company called Swede kids (here is a link to their facebook), it looks pretty cool. I have never used one of these but it looks so handy. YOur toddler can have a chance to sit down too on your journeys. Just trying to figure out if i could get my big butt in one of these then my husband could push me around ha!

If you have any great new gadgets you’ve found for babies / toddlers just let me know.

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Hand printed baby clothes with matching nursing tops


We’ve had so many emails about extending our range of nursing tops into children’s wear we thought we would go ahead a test the waters and we’ve created our first batch of babygrows ; they are so seriously cute, i forgot how tiny newborn babies are and the weeny 0-3 months baby grows are so sweet i thought i could hear my ovaries crying out …Liz have another one (1 have 2 lovely children and it’s going to stay at that but wow these baby clothes are cute ha ha!)

Here is our Birdy Baby grow (available in a range is sizes from newborn up to 18 months)



Here is the matching Birdy nursing top to go with the baby grow.

Both the nursing top and the baby grow are hand printed right here in Bristol and are made from super soft cotton so both you and your baby can be snuggly together.

We have 4 different prints for our babygrows, and each of them has a matching nursing top.

Our Monster Stan (the green baby grow) is so cute and it matches the Monster Stan nursing tops so well

We also have the unicorn nursing tee & it’s matching hand printed baby grow

Unicorn nursing top

We have had a great reception to our initial batch of baby clothes so we are for sure looking to extend our baby range into long sleeve baby grows and baby tee’s etc.

It’s so exciting seeing our designs coming to life on baby clothes, i kept both my daughters first baby clothes (just the special pieces that brought back lots of memories) and it would be so cool to think that someone might keep these baby grows as special memories for them too. We think these particular designs work really well on childrens clothes & adults.

Again we are always open to ideas so if there is a design we currently print on breastfeeding tops that you would like seen on baby clothes just let us know x

cool baby stuff

Emma Dorans co-see bed side cot

I love it when you see a new product and think yeah i would totally use that ; Emma Doran designed a product called the Co-See in her final year of her Product design degree at UWE (University Of the West Of England) and it looks freakin cool. As taken from her website here is the product description:


‘co-see’ is a baby bed that enables the caregiver to keep the baby in their room for the first six months, encouraging bonding and safe sleep practice. It gives easy access to the infant to aid night-time feeds, adjusts to alleviate reflux and sickness and is portable for use around the home. The design was based on research with users and experts, as well as considering The Foundation For The Study of Infant Death’s guidelines to reduce the risk of cot death.

With both my girls as newborns i used a moses basket (well with Amelia my first daughter first night back from hospital and we put her straight into her cot in our room and realised she wasn’t having any of it – great big cot & tiny baby didn’t work well)  and i was always paranoid about it falling off it’s stand or me kicking it over in the night – not that i normally practise Karate in my sleep but hey i was a new mum & paranoia was high!

I didn’t get on with co-sleeping – but you need your baby close in the early days because you’re feeding lots in the night and you wanna be able to check they are ok in the night ( i speak for myself here) so the Co-See would have been cool. It is a dual action cot and carry cot with detachable sides and see through side so you can see your baby at all times.

Plus on a purely vein basis it looks good! The Gro company have sponsored Emma to develop the Co-See so it looks like it will actually go into production 🙂 Hoe it does as it looks wicked. Well done Emma you rock – plus i also did my degree at UWE so high 5 fellow graduate.