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Hand printed baby clothes with matching nursing tops


We’ve had so many emails about extending our range of nursing tops into children’s wear we thought we would go ahead a test the waters and we’ve created our first batch of babygrows ; they are so seriously cute, i forgot how tiny newborn babies are and the weeny 0-3 months baby grows are so sweet i thought i could hear my ovaries crying out …Liz have another one (1 have 2 lovely children and it’s going to stay at that but wow these baby clothes are cute ha ha!)

Here is our Birdy Baby grow (available in a range is sizes from newborn up to 18 months)



Here is the matching Birdy nursing top to go with the baby grow.

Both the nursing top and the baby grow are hand printed right here in Bristol and are made from super soft cotton so both you and your baby can be snuggly together.

We have 4 different prints for our babygrows, and each of them has a matching nursing top.

Our Monster Stan (the green baby grow) is so cute and it matches the Monster Stan nursing tops so well

We also have the unicorn nursing tee & it’s matching hand printed baby grow

Unicorn nursing top

We have had a great reception to our initial batch of baby clothes so we are for sure looking to extend our baby range into long sleeve baby grows and baby tee’s etc.

It’s so exciting seeing our designs coming to life on baby clothes, i kept both my daughters first baby clothes (just the special pieces that brought back lots of memories) and it would be so cool to think that someone might keep these baby grows as special memories for them too. We think these particular designs work really well on childrens clothes & adults.

Again we are always open to ideas so if there is a design we currently print on breastfeeding tops that you would like seen on baby clothes just let us know x

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Funky kids wallpaper gets better & better



Ferm Living Owl Wallpaper £59.99 per roll 

When i was younger i can’t remember my wallpaper being funky, i think i plastered pictures of shoestring (yes i am that old, google it if you’re too young ha ha) or Paul weller. Now we have under loads of funky wallpaper for kids and great wall stencils. Here are a pick of my favourite ones available, although be warned some of them are quite pricy :

Ferm Livings Mushroom soup wallpaper £69.99 per roll – ouch

The great thing about Ferm living is they do lots of accessories to go with their wallpaper, so duvet covers, cushions, play mobiles etc, down side is they are pricey . Not sure how difficult it would be to hang this paper either? Although i often say i personally don;t do DIY because my motto is “that will do” and that drives Matt insane.

This gorgeous wallpaper is by a brand call ISAK it’s made in the UK and it’s made from sustainable forrest so you don;t have to loose sleep over all the trees that have been chopped to make you little ones room look gorg. It’s £38.50 per roll 

If wall papering isn’t your thing you could always paint the wall a colour you love and then adorn the walls with wall stickers. I have been looking at the Ferm Living Owl wall stickers for Erins room since she was born (she’s 2 now) and i still haven’t bought them. I think it’s the price which outs me off but i keep coming back to look at them , they are lush.

If sticker don’t rock your world there are always letters which you can paint and stick or nail to the wall. There are quite a lot of sellers on Ebay which sell by the letter so it’s cool for spelling your childs name out .

Just imagine this being your childs room …you get what i meant hough right?

OR if you are a little more out there you could commission a piece of art to be drawn directly onto your loved ones walls?