Getting fit and Caroline Hirons

I’ve have decided i’ve and enough, enough of wearing clothes that i don’t like very much; The same kind of feeling i had after i had my first daughter. I’ve now gone beyond the size of my largest shirt i sell on MFG (this isn’t a recent thing, i didn’t just wake up and this happened !) and thats pants. I mean not being able to wear the actual clothes that i make SO 3 weeks ago i started the Hairy Biker diet plan, i say diet but this isn’t going to be a transient thing it’s a lifestyle change. I’ve gone swimming each week for 3 days and in total so far i’ve lost 7lbs and gained a lot of self confidence.

I use to be a kick arse swimmer, in the fast lane at the pool, could hold my own with the men who we’re thinking “how dare a lady get in the fast lane” , swim a mile (64 lengths) in about 25 mins and get out without being too weak to get dried. Fast forward about 20 years on and the first time i went recently i managed to do 20 lengths without having a stroke. In my head i was gutted i could’t do the 64 again ..I am an idiot.Today i’ve just gotten back and i’ve done 40 lengths and still have the use of my arms! I can feel the strength is coming back and it feels good. It just takes time, just got to be patient.

Another big change in my life has also been the discovery of Caroline Hirons, ok maybe this is a tad overly dramatic but she bloody rocks. Caroline is an awesome skin care professional and her blog has been so good in me getting my over 40 skin in some kind of good condition. Read her blog now, grab your flannel and dump those wipes in the bin.


SO the whole purpose of my blog post is to make it public i am actively trying to improve, the only way we get what we want is to work at it and if you don’t put yourself out there and try you’re just going to stay the same. You can do it, whatever it is you want to do. For me it’s loose at least 2 of my 3 bellies, what is it for you?