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New website means better goodies for breast feeding mums

Hurrah after what seems like an eternity we have gotten around to getting our new website on-line, it’s taken ages basically because i haven’t got my butt into gear and there is always lots to do; plus (i won’t bore you with all the details) i’ve had so much hassle with people not doing what they are paid to do ie accountants it’s given me a proper headache! But this has all been changed now and i have found someone who is brill 🙂

I’ve also been thinking about my blog, i’m sorta fed up with just writing “and here’s our next nursing top” which seems kinda insincere and crappy; i really love Mama FeelsGood, it is totally my 3rd baby (which sometimes can be a pain because i take some things way too personally) so i wanted to write bits about the company, the clothes we produce, why we make them, my daily role in running the company and maybe basically my life. To me this seems more worthwhile rather than churning out spam ! So apologies if this isn’t what you want to hear, trust me my life is not that thrilling , i promise not to blog about going to Tesco etc!

It’s getting close to the end of 2011 and looking back on this year of working on Mama FeelsGood i feel pretty good about what we have achieved : We reached the final of the Practical Parenting awards and also the Mother & Baby awards (this is thought of as THE best awards, sorta Oscars for the nursery world) and to get in the final in both of these when competition is so strong was a real achievement for us.

Our Award Logo


After all we are a small company so to get recognition is really cool, plus it was the first year we had ever entered any competitions so all is good. Of course if we have won i would have had a party that lasted about a week, but hey you gotta take credit where its due and we got in the final so excellenti !

Also in 2011 we have introduced our new Money Penny nursing tops and breastfeeding dresses – i made sure when these were made that they we thicker fabric so they are durable for breastfeeding and not so thin you can see through them; 1 thing i found when breastfeeding was i had to wear quite a substantial nursing bra because my wongers were maoooosive and it wasn’t the type of underwear i would want everyone to see shining through my garments so ladies i have thought of this and the thicker fabric has been used for our nursing dress ! This also goes for our Money Penny nursing tops too as they are made of the same material (and work on the same breastfeeding access as the dresses).

Also our new boat neck nursing tops are in store, these are SO soft it’s untrue; also the underlayer of the tops is the same colour as the top layer, our previous style nursing tops were mostly white underlayers and different top layer colours  so we’ve changed things up and all new shirts have same colour top & bottoms . For example our Tattooo owl nursing top

So who knows what 2012 will bring ? Hopefully more new designs and maybe a few surprises ?







Breastfeeding Tops, Mama Feelsgood website

24th October – New website and new stock

Ok so it has been agreed on moday the 24th of october we are going live with our new website and new range of breastfeeding tops.

I have so much to learn before we go live ie how the admin works on our new site so i think its going to be a steep learning curve!

I’m up for the challenge though and think there will be lots of late nights involved. Our product shot photos have come out really well and i have lots of things planned for them, so make sure you check out our website .

Just a little heads up we are putting on sale lots of our old style shirts and these will either be removed when the new website is up or the price will be raised, so grab some now while you have the chance 🙂

Take care guys, Liz

breast feeding clothes, breastfeeding clothing, Mama Feelsgood website, Nursing Tops

New range of breastfeeding T-shirts and new website

Sorry i have been a bit slack on my blog postings, mainly because so much has been going on both with the business and in my home life it;s been hard to keep up!

On the work front i am super excited to say our new shirts have arrived, they are really nice ( i know you would think i would say this but they are ) i had them delivered with no hassle (all other previous deliveries had involved a lot of drama in one form or another , which had given me cold sweats every time i knew a delivery was on it;s way) i managed this one all on my own and now have biceps like arnie but all the shirts are here safely.

It’s true what they say that you need good people working around you, the kinda people who you know have got your back, and i am really lucky to have retained people like this and i;ve found new ones too that hopefully if they are as good as i think they will be cool for Mama FeelsGood.  It sucks big time to be let down by people who you had previously trusted so i’ve just had a taste of this and it wasn’t nice but i’ve put this down as a learning experience and changed certain aspects of the business ie don;t get an accountant that doesn’t do anything!

I’ve also been to Germany this Spetember to the mooooosive trade show for nursery products and i’ve found some really cool designers and baby changing bags etc which are super cool and if things work out ok i’d like to sell on-line.

We have our new website waiting in the wings, i’ve just got to learn how to use it! This my take some time ha ha

We also have our photoshoot on saturday which will be in the centre of bristol so fingers crossed for the good weather.

Things are changing and our new stock will be here soon. woo hoo

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Find great competitions & nursing top giveaways on our facebook page

Right now we are making the final move to our new office (well in fact we have 2 offices but that is a long story) and we are finding lots of nursing shirts that some how have found themselves down the back of the shelves ! So they are a bit dusty or there are a few that have random marks on them from manufacturing and we cannot sell; so the nice people that we are we are giving them away to ladies who need them far more than us.

The best way we have found to do this is via our facebook fan page because it’s quick and it seems it’s a fair way of doing it as everyone gets a shot.Of course if you are not a member of facebook you can always leave your name under this message to be entered but the easiest way is via facebook.

We also run competitions and give heads up on new or upcoming stock on our facebook page too, and also it’s a great place to get your advice on what you want to see on our website, and the kinda breastfeeding clothes you want to see made. So come on over, say hi, and as BT say it’s good to talk ….ok type maybe !

Mama Feelsgood website

Mama FeelsGood needs YOur VOTE :)

Please please please could you vote for Mama FeelsGood pleeeese?

There is a new website which ranks all T-shirts websites out there in cyber space and which ever gets the more votes gets higher on the list and not knocked off, so hey we are doing it for all the ladies out there please it would be super lush to get a vote 🙂

Here’s the link

It’s a pretty cool site because if like us you love T-shirts it gives you a really long list of some of the coolest shirt sites out there ( gotta say we are big fans of Seibei ourselves ). WOrth checking it out even if you dont want to vote.

Thanks guys 🙂

Vote for us on

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Yeah Mama Feelsgood is in Vogue this month

Check us out in this months Vogue magazine, we feature in the Springs Chicks section which is all about the new and up coming brands for maternity & breastfeeding this spring. We are really chuffed to appear along side some of the really famous maternity brands and just shows the little independent guys can rock it with the big boys.









Sheri & Jess are well chuffed they’ve made it into Vogue, not many ladies can say that has happened!! yeah we’re in Vogue baby.

Mama Feelsgood website

Mama Feelsgood Nursing T-shirts on You Tube

Mama Feelsgood You Tube


Ok this is our first attempt of uploading anything to You Tube and it pretty much sucks !! But check it out if you want to perhap have trouble sleeping or something ha ha the slide show is so slow and there’s no music but hey we’re learning slowly….our next one will be better!


mama Feelsgood – funky nursing & maternity tees

Mama Feelsgood website

Happy 2009 from Mama Feelsgood the place for Maternity & Breastfeeding T-shirts

Everybody we have a good feeling about 2009, odd ending years have been really good for us. So fingers crossed we are hoping our maternity and breastfeeding t-shirts become even bigger (pardon the punn).

We are really trying to offer something new, quality, affordability and funkt fresh designs which you will really wanna wear. We try not to pay for advertising which keeps the price of our tees dwn, so remember if you like what we do tell your friends 🙂

Happy 2009 guys love Liz & Matt Jeans

Mama Feelsgood website

Maternity Belly Band sale @ Mama Feelsgood

Woo hoo we are going crazy, our maternity belly bands are now on sale. 1 band is £4.99 an d buy 2 bands and get them for the fantastic price of £9.99. Honestly these bands are fantastic addition to your maternity wardrobe.

They can be used as well for breastfeeding to cover your tummy, so for something so cheap they have many uses. Grab one while you can.

Mama Feelsgood website

Breastfeeding Shirts & Maternity Tops At Reasonable Prices

Ok so i was really sad to see the shut down of Woolworths this month. My nan use to buy loads of things from there when she was alive and when my parents were younger it was THE place people bought the majority of their things especially at christmas.

So it got me to thinking, business’s can be crazy things sometimes; seems to me you pay a fortune to advertise which in turn raises the cost of your stock (because you have to pay for this advertising ) and the whole thing is a viscious circle. We make no secret of the fact that this is Mama Feelsgood first year of trading, and we’ve worked really hard to get this far. Everything has seemed like a struggle but we are so proud of our product and service and thats something that won’t change. SO :

We thought we would do away with paying for expensive advertising and run on our word of mouth , this way we can keep the price of our shirts down and keep the fabulous quality, so remember if you like us tell people about us !!! The more word of mouth business the longer the nursing & maternity shirts can be kept cheaper.