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Grab a bargain – funky maternity shirts available

It’s been a crazy time since we started Mama Feelsgood , starting a business like this from scratch has been a real experience and i have learnt a lot over the couple of years we have been trading. One of which has been you never really know how somethings gonna go until you get out there and try it, and this goes for what you guys want from nursing & maternity clothes.

So we have made the decision to stop manufacturing our maternity Tees , this has been a really hard decision because honestly our maternity tees are SO lush, and like everything we make we have never gone for the cheap option, we’ve  used really thick lovely cotton which won;t go see through when you pull it over your humungous baby bump, they are longer in length and keep your covered even when you are at your biggest, plus they have bloomin funky prints, not these crappy “baby on board” slogans (sorry my personal opinion there, i can’t stand them!).

But our support for our breastfeeding range has been phenomenal , so it’s this we are putting our focus into now solely, as a small independent retail company we have to compete with the bigger brands and this on our tinnnyyy budget is just not possible so we are hoping that our quality product will out shine them . Seriously we use really lovely fabrics that other companies wouldn’t use because they are expensive to manufacture and they go for the cheaper option (this is a massive issue i have, you get a item of clothing and it;s so thin you can see through it or it wouldn’t keep a knat warm!) .

We don’t buy our shirts already made from other companies and just change the tag ( some companies do this) everything has been made by us , to our specifications and we use quality goods and quality manufacturers.

SO rant over, i’m just a bit gutted we have to put our maternity clothes on hold for now, but when we get a bigger company we will bring them back so no worries they are just on a brief holiday and in the words of Arnie”  i”ll be back! “

All our maternity shirts are available to buy from our Ebay Clearance store

maternit clothing

The Halo – pregnancy airbed with a hole !

I found this product about 3 months too late ! Could have done with one of these when i was pregnant with baby Erin, i could never get comfy when pregnancy especially in the later stages so maybe The Halo might of helped. 

Not that i constantly when swimming or anything!!

But just to use veggign out at home would have been cool.

Their blog says you can use it for lying on whilst on the beach or for at home, apparently it;s fab to use to lie down on to get a back rub… there you go ladies get your chaps to buy one for you and then they can rub your back 🙂


If anyone has tried one would love to hear your comments.

maternit clothing

Maternity clothes for Tall women

Just a note to all those ladies out there blessed on the tall side (i am one of them myself ) our maternity tops are ideal for you.

Mama Feelsgood maternity tops  are a really long length so will cover your bump and still keep you covered in all the right places. So now you can look funky and have a maternity top which actially fits. You’ll also find as your bust increases ( a perk of pregnancy) you will need a maternity top with extra length to prevent it riding up. So remember your normal top which fits you nicely at the start of your pregnancy probably wont be at the mid – end of it.

Of course another option for taller ladies who find it hard to get maternity clothes to fit would be a maternity belly band , these are fabuous bands which literally cover your bump and create a layering look so you can wear your regular clothes over the top of them. A cheap and affective solution which can increase you maternity wardrobe no end! They are also great to use to cover your tummy whilst breastfeeding too.