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Win 1 of Our Money Penny breastfeeding dresses – great summer nursing dress

Hey the weather has finally changed into something nearly warmish!

So we thought it would be cool to do a competition so one of you could win a Money Penny nursing dress . They are great nursing dresses can be dressed up for special occasions ie weddings or make great everyday wear.

Mama FeelsGood nursing dress

SO in order to win this nursing dress (you can pick from Purple or Black nursing dress   ) just tell us which was your favourite childrens TV programme and why ! ie when you were little which tv programme did you love? All entries are on this blog only, just add a comment below with your answer and your name and we will put all the names in a hat and pick the winner on Friday 30th march ( entries close at 8pm) . Don’t put your email address in your comment – just to avoid unwelcome spam .

I’m totally showing my age here but i loved He man – thought he was pretty buff ! Yeah i am that old!!

Good luck and 1 entry per person only – don’t be greedy now ha ha !

breast feeding clothes, breastfeeding clothing, Breastfeeding Tops, nursing dress, Nursing Tops

Cool Beans – Prima Pregnancy & Baby chose our nursing tops

What a cool week, Prima Pregnancy & Birth magazine have chosen our BLue Owl nursing top to feature in their magazine . It’s really great because we didn’t pay for this feature (lots of companies say hey we are in this magazine and actually they paid to be there) Prima actually really digs our range of nursing wear to chose our breastfeeding top to feature.

I gotta admit the owl nursing shirt is really cool, lots of our customers say they get loads of really nice comments when they wear them and nobody knows it’s a nursing top they think it’s just a really nice top . You see our nursing tops are not obvious and they are great to wear when you stop bereastfeeding too.

Here is our Feature in The Prima Pregnancy & Birth :

The pregnancy spanx featured in this page look kinda weird yet interesting. I think these would be great to help give your bump some support, i know when i had my 2 girls when it got to the end i felt my bump was moosive (it was although i think it was more of a food baby then my daughter, i did love the doughnuts!) and i bought a belt thing which was supposed to go under the bump to help support and take some strain off your back; i was ok for a bit nut i think it cut the blood supply off to my legs if i sat down! So these pregnancy spanx look like a good alternative.

So which is your favourite out of our nursing tops? We are just beginning with our wholesale programme and our nursing clothes will be available to by from Australia, Southern Ireland and a great store up in Scotland; so we are spreading the FeelsGood feeling around the world – slow but sure my friends. So if there is a store in your city you’d like to see our breastfeeding clothes then let them know about us and we can get the party started!


breastfeeding clothing, nursing dress

Lovely weather for wearing a breastfeeding dress!

Blimey it’s really hot here today in Bristol, kind of hot and sweaty weather which me being a very pale skinned person i really don’t like. Ok don’t hit me, lots of people think i am crazy, but with my colourings (dark hair and so many freckles it’s unreal) i just fry in an instant. But what i do like it thats it’s wedding time! I love weddings, sadly for me none of my close friends seem to be anywhere near the getting married stage so i am missing out on celebrating , but i live in hope; but for you guys who are lucky enough to go to a wedding we have the perfect dress for you to wear as a guest if you need a dress you can breastfeed in. Sadly if you are the bride we don;t do breastfeeding wedding dresses… actually i don;t know if anyone actually does so maybe we are missing a trick here!

Any who our Money Penny nursing dress (available in either black or the most gorgeous purple ) is just the ticket for wearing to a celebration , evening or day occasion.

Money Penny Breast feeding dress

It’s made from good quality viscose with a little smidge of spandex (5% smidge) and wears really well; doesn’t get mega creased too easily and feels really good to the touch when you have it on. To breastfeed in it all you have to do it lift the empire line up and woo hoo Bobs your uncle you have room to breastfeed.

How the Breastfeeding dress works

They are great to be worn after your quit breastfeeding too because they aren’t really obvious in their mechanism to feed your baby so can be worn as a regular dress.

breastfeeding clothing, nursing dress

You wanna win our Money Penny breastfeeding Dress ?

This is something you don’t want to miss especially  if you have wedding or christening or something where you have to be that little bit smart and need to breastfeed easily in it.

Great things about our Money Penny nursing dress is it’s smart enough  so you can wear it to a lovely occasion and then it’s not too smart for everyday use ( people won’t be saying as you sachet down the street “who does she think she is”) . SO it;s a totally win win nursing dress, PLUs you can wear it after you choose not to breastfeed any further because it doesn’t look like a nursing dress, so that makes it a win win win dress!

Money Penny Nursing Dress

So to win our Money Penny Breastfeeding dress ( you can choose between the Purple or black dress) all you have to do is enter our Facebook competition here .

If Facebook doesn’t  float your boat you can also enter here on our blog, just comment below on what would your super hero power be if you could have one, and we will enter your name into our draw to win the nursing dress.

Money Penny Black Breast feeding dress

These are seriously lovely dresses so we thought we would be nice and share one with you guys !

Good luck ladies

breast feeding clothes, breastfeeding clothing, nursing dress

Our Money Penny Breastfeeding dress Rocks – no seriously it does

If you need a dress to breastfeed in then please check out our Money Penny nursing dresses, they are super cute, comfy, discrete and they aren’t mega hard on the bank balance.

They are super soft to the touch and don’t crease up too bad which is great of you need them to stay nice all day ie if you were going to a wedding and then going to the evening party too.

To use you simply lift up the dress from the empire line and then you can nurse without showing the world what you’ve got!

There is a touch of spandex to the dress (5%) so it does hold it’s shape well, and the sleeves are great because they can help cover bingo wings in the summer and for the winter you can just pop a shrug or a cardigan on and no worries.

We make lush breastfeeding clothing so please if you are looking for something funky and nice then please check our clothes out 🙂

breastfeeding clothing, nursing dress

Need a nursing dress for a wedding?

OK so your best pals from way are getting married , you’ve not long had your baby and you need a super cute dress to breastfeed in that won’t cost the earth but has great functionality and doesn’t make you feel like your wearing something from you nans wardrobe !

You no longer have to worry because you are reading this and we can help you out; no seriously we can, we have our very lovely and very functional Money Penny breastfeeding dress

Money Penny Nursing Dress

Made from a really good quality viscose spandex mix (95% viscose 5% spandex) and available in delish violet colour or black it can be worn to the wedding during the day and then rocked up with accessories for the evening party too . It doesn’t scream I AM A BREASTFEEDING DRESS , people will actually like your dress rather than think you are making do with what you could find.

Here is how the breastfeeding dress works:

How Nursing dress works

It lifts up from the empire line and has a kinda v-neck design going on under neath so these can easily be moved to one side whilst still keeping you covered. Because it lifts up from the empire line it keeps your tummy totally covered and also helps your boobage from being on show, Your babies head will help cover your boob along with the top layer of the nursing dress.

Here’s our black Money Penny nursing dress:

Black Money Penny nursing dress

Money Penny Black breastfeeding dress

I know some people might not want to wear their breastfeeding clothes after they stop breastfeeding thier child but this is one cool dress and can be worn after you stop nursing. Great for christmas parties and beyond this really is one versitile dress.

Any way have a great wedding and if you do buy one and wear it somewhere special don’t be shy email us a picture we would love to see 🙂


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What colour nursing shirts would you like to see?

As a small company it can kinda get quite frustrating that we can’t bring our as many variations and products as we would want. If i had my way there would be funky new breastfeeding designs flying into the store every month but in reality i can’t do this, basically due to costs.

I am so chuffed we have our new money penny breastfeeding dress and nursing tops they really are lovely clothes to breastfeed in and are made from really nice fabric etc, but the thing about being on-line is you can’t see the goods before you buy and this is a shame with our clothes as i do put a lot of emphasis onto using the better fabrics so they feel really good. So i am looking for other independent stores to stock our breastfeeding clothes but it’s so difficult finding them; the big chains really have swamped the market, here in Bristol there is 1 independent maternity & baby store and they only stock organic clothes (which our nursing clothes are not). We did have a lovely shop called Venus maternity in Clifton but that closed down approx a year and a half ago ( a bigger chain store moved not too far away ) so it;s such a shame.

Sorry getting off topic here!

SO we are working hard to extend our range of breastfeeding T-shirts and would like to add some more funky colours to them, in the running is red and green but which shades? I like pillar box red, Matt likes a darker shade, ladies of our facebook page have suggested cherry red which i think sounds nice but the thing is everyone likes different things! So if you have any preferences let us know below in the comments page.

Also if you have any rockin maternity stores near you which you think Mama Feelsgood would fit in then let us know 🙂

Have a great weekend, Liz

breast feeding clothes, nursing dress

Check out our breastfeeding dress – Mama Feelsgood

It’s taken an eternity trust me but our breast feeding dress is know available to buy from our website.

money penny nursing Dress

So our nursing dresses are called Money Penny, they are our first ever nursing dress that we have done and it’s taken a lot of planning so remind me when we start doing our next line of nursing clothing to buy some paracetamol and a bag of doughnuts for comfort food because the stress is way up there along side moving house i would say.

The Money Penny breastfeeding dress is available in black and also in a lovely rich purple colour , i was going for a design of nursing dress that would be fabulous for the summer plus can take you through the winter months. Living in the UK can be hard going when trying to figure out your breastfeeding wardrobe as our seasons change so much and lets face it our summers sometimes don’t really live up to their name. SO it has sleeves which come not too far above the elbow but long enough they don’t show your bingo wings or armpits ( maybe i’m just thinking about what i like but i’m not a big fan of the arm pits on show!! ha ha  i tend to do a bit of a Julia Roberts at the baftas or wherever she was). Also the nursing dress looks great with a cardigan thrown over the top for when the winter kicks in, pair it with some woolly tights & you;re be sorted.

Money Penny breastfeeding dress

Just for your reference Jess our model is wearing a size Medium (she is a UK 12) and she is pretty tall 5ft 10, so you can judge how the length is going to be on you, our Money Penny nursing dress in both black and purple measures 38 inches long. I had another one of my friends try the dress on during the sampling stage in manufacture and she is 5ft 4 and there is a big difference in how long the dress is on her (obviously!! when Jess came to put the dress on for the photoshoot i was like whoo thats shorter than it is on Louise my pal, but there is about 6 inches difference in their height!, ok i am a bit dim sometimes i admit that!). Just to tell you a bit more about our model, she is one of my friends, she’s 24 , i know some people think she young looking (hell i wish i was 24 again) but none of the models used are professional they really are all of my friends who are willing to help out (Sheri my other friend who models on our website is 31 by the way, someone sent me an email saying she looked 14, hey she really is 31, she is blessed with fantastic skin!).

SO how do you breastfeed in our new breastfeeding dresses i hear you ask!

Simply pull up the empire line on the nursing dress and underneath you’ll find your chest is still covered by the dress but you can pull to whichever side you are breastfeeding from and breastfeed your baby in comfort.

The Money Penny breastfeeding dress does have 5% spandex in it so there is stretch and it will return to shape after feeding. Another great benefit of the nursing dress is you don’t really have to iron it, i’ve worn mine a few times and i basically take it out the washing machine dry it ( either on the line or radiator or something, we don’t recommend tumble drying the dress) amd just shake it and it looks brilliant. The viscose fabric really doesn’t crease that easily so it’s a winner. It makes a great nursing dress for special occasion because if you have to pack it to travel you don’t have to worry about it getting creased.

We seriously love our new breastfeeding clothing range, it might not be a massive collection but for a small independent breastfeeding clothing store like us it means the world so i hope you enjoy, Liz x

breast feeding clothes, Breastfeeding Tops, nursing dress, Nursing Tops

Photo shoot for our new breastfeeding dress and nursing tops this saturday

It’s taken SO long but finally the new breastfeeding dresses and nursing tops are here and the photo shoot for them is going to be on saturday.

It’s really nice being able to think of things to so for the photoshoot, Jess my friend who is one of our models is so much fun, she won’t mind me saying she is one crazy lady ( in a good way Jess in a good way!) and has always loads of blinkin mad poses ready to break out! We are planning something a little special this time around, can’t say too much as am leaving it as a surprise but if things work out OK it should be badass!!!

SO just getting some accessories together for saturday, it’s a bit like America’s top model , loads more difficult than you might think to get the right shots. Laura our photographer is really cool at thinking up good angles and lighting etc so it’s pretty cool doing a shoot. Think lots of tea needed on this one though as it,s freezing here in Bristol, fingers crossed it;s not raining.

Speaking of Bristol, we took some of our breast feeding T-shirts down to the Love Baby Show held at the paintworks in Brislington. Has a great day, met loads of lovely people. Received some really lovely comments on our nursing clothes , felt a lot of love for our new nursing dress and breastfeeding top so it was a good day 🙂

Thanks to my good pal Louise for coming to help me out too, big hugs xx.

breast feeding clothes, Breastfeeding Tops, nursing dress, Nursing Tops

Our breastfeeding top Sale continues :)

Thanks ladies for such a good response to our new years sale, lots of people grabbing up great bargains, they really are lovely tops for breastfeeding and would make a lovely presents hint hint ha ha!

We are going to continue the sale for the whole of January basically because we are introducing some new nursing graphic shirt designs soon and so are selling off the older designs to make way for the new. It’s kinda like our big clear out sale. We ahve our new nursing dresses here soon along with our new long sleeve breastfeeding blouse so good times:)

I am planning to do our photo shoot for these the end of January and also a little something else which i will keep as a surprise for you but it will make purchasing our breastfeeding clothes a lot easier!

Here’s some of our graphic nursing tees which are on sale:

Lips nursing T-shirt

Our Lips nursing tee is only £15.99 down from £19.99, really nice shirt at a great price.

Music sounds better nursing shirt

This long sleeve nursing shirt is a steal at £11.99, reduced from £21.99 , great shirt fabtantastic price!! ha ha