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Ebb and Flow of fashion

Throughout my time of running Mama FeelsGood i’ve found a real ebb and flow to how old styles go out and new ones come in; as a small indie store we are really constrained by cash flow and cannot provide nearly as many different styles of nursing tops as we would like but we are growing so this is slowly being rectified . We have a new awesome manufacturer based in Europe and we are working together to create a fantastic new range of nursing clothes and we are just at the sample stage right now.

I can honestly say that manufacturing your own brand of clothes is a real ball breaker sometimes, nothing ever happens as quickly as you would like and being a teeny brand you always have to make way for the big names of fashion to get their goods first and your dates that you thought were set in stone quickly become irrelevant ; Well that was the way it was but it looks like things are changing! When you work with another company which gets you it’s really cool. Of course there is always a compromise and it’s early days so as a famous cough sweet says we have to suck it and see!

In the mean time we are putting some of our kick ass nursing tops on sale to clear up some space in our storage, like i said the ebb and flow of fashion !

Mama Feelsgood One Love nursing top

Above is our One Love Nursing Top 

The slate grey of the One Love nursing top makes it great for pairing with any other colour really (ok maybe not baby vomit as i found out myself! Hey sorry for being a bit too graphic there but admit it we’ve all been vomed on!) with the subtle hand printed One Love design it really is a pretty top. As mentioned loads of times throughout our blog and our website don’t think of this nursing top as only suitable for use whilst breastfeeding, lots of our customers and i include myself in this continue to wear our shirts way past the point of nursing and wear as regular shirts. You can’t see any of the nursing openings so hey it’s a darn cool top so don;t stop wearing it !

mama feelsgood facebook 2

Our One Love breastfeeding top in action and as you can see there is very minimal boob on show. Lots of babies love to stroke and look at the prints we have on our shirts whilst they nurse so they are pretty cool at keeping them occupied and not pulling at your hair! We’ve had 2 emails from customers who say their children love looking at the monster stan nursing tees whilst they breastfeed ! They have good taste it’s a great shirt!

monster stan breastfeeding tops

Monster Stan Nursing Tee the kids love!

We’ve added some awesome plain nursing tops into our sale too which are made from THE softest cotton ever and are truly very good value for money. Great for both the winter and the colder months if you are after an affordable nursing top you should really check our sale out.

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Our nursing tops are now available on Etsy


I am SO chuffed to say our nursing tops are now available on Etsy. I LOVE Etsy, it gives people the creative room to make beautiful things and you can get some really lovely , special items there. I buy a lot of handmade jewellery (when i say a lot i mean like 1 piece ever year for christmas or something, i’m not dripping in gold or anything ha).

A lot of the sellers are from the USA so we thought we would bring a little west country to Etsy and our nursing shirts which are of course hand printed here in bristol are making their debut. The response has been super cool and it’s so nice to introduce our breastfeeding clothes to a new audience.


Selling on Etsy also has it’s advantages that i can set the postage price per item, so this works out better if you are ordering from outside the EU. On our website i have to give a set price for postage so this could be for 1 item or 7 pieces so it’s not always going to be accurate. Whereas Etsy i can do per item – so all you USA buyers this is for you !

We can also put on nursing shirts that are coming to their end of print and we have like 1 or 2 left of them, so think of our etsy store as somewhere to get rare nursing tops !  Here is our Tattoo owl breastfeeding top which we have 1 left of which is on our Etsy store



We are really chuffed to be part of the Etsy clan, already i’ve had some lovely messages from ladies who like our tops and i really like the fact that Etsy is full of hand made / hand printed things; Gives a sense of real care about the products on there. As we say all the time we love making our nursing tops , hand printing them takes a lot of skill and it’s cool when people appreciate what you do 🙂

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Our nursing top sale is on


Wow the summer has hot the UK hard these past few days so we thought someone was trying to tell us we had better move our butts and start our summer sale on our nursing tops. 


Now the weather has finally changed we know you want to get out and about with your babies so it’s a great time for us to have our nursing tops sale so you can grab some great bargains. To be totally honest a lot of the short sleeve nursing tops that we have put in our sale are really great for the colder months too because you can just pop a cardigan over them and it doesn’t affect their functionality.

ImageThis is our Flutterby nursing top which is currently in our sale , this is one of my favourite pictures ever of one of our nursing tops; i think it really shows the print off to it’s best and Kristina our model looks amazing – i really love her glasses. Kristina is a mum herself to 2 children one of which is currently nursing and i really like the fact that our nursing tops are modelled by women who actually use them .

ImageOur High 5 nursing top is currently available in our sale too , and it’s been one of most popular nursing tops . We currently print it on the red nursing top but we are thinking about changing things up a bit and maybe changing colour nursing shirts to print it on – who knows what we will do !


monster stand nrusing top 5Our Monster Stan nursing top is also in the current sale, along with the matching monster stan baby grow.



sunnyvale breastfeeding tops


mama feelsgood breastfeeding top

sunnyvale & iggyOur Sunnyvale nursing tee as the name suggests is perfect for the summer


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Sunnyvale nursing top – we bring a bit of our own sunshine

The weather here in the UK has been pants lately, and the only day it was sunny here it made me break out in a cold sore so yeah thats how i roll ! Great! I just think my body is not use to the sunshine as lately here in the UK we haven’t been getting a lot of it.

So we’ve brought a little of our own sunshine ! OK so it’s not THE actual sun but hey help me out here i am trying!

Introducing our Sunnyvale nursing tee 

ImageSuper soft Sunnyvale tee.


All our nursing tops are great for keeping you covered when you want to nurse your child but look just like regular shirts when you’re not. If you’re really honest you don’t really want to walk around with people looking at your clothes thinking arrrh yeah thats a breastfeeding top if ever i saw one!


I found the thing that helped me when i wanted to breastfeed in public was knowing that i could get quick and easy access without flashing what i had! So i like to think that our nursing tops promote breasting in public and that you just gotta get out there and do you thing.

mama feelsgood breastfeeding top


I really love california, i have been lucky enough to go a few times and the last time i went was before i had my first daughter and Matt and i travelled around california in a hire car. It was really cool, we went from Los Angeles to San Diego , all the way down to Palm Springs and then all the humoungous way to San Francisco . We had so little money so don’t get any ideas it was glamourous but my gawd it was fun. From being chased by mad cows in Bakersfield (i’m not being rude i am referring to the actual beast type here) to getting my face burned off in San Diego’s zoo (and we are talking full on sun stroke, my face was stuck to the pillow in the morning, i am such an idiot and hope i never forget my sun screen again) i just wanted to make a nursing tee that brought back the happy memories.

I think our Sunnyvale breastfeeding top does this, it’s a lovely shade of red , super soft and the hand printed graphic designs is really kinda old school but modern at the same time. Does that make sense? Ahh well i’ll stop now as i’m babbling , but it’s a lovely top and one of my favourites.

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Hand printed baby clothes with matching nursing tops


We’ve had so many emails about extending our range of nursing tops into children’s wear we thought we would go ahead a test the waters and we’ve created our first batch of babygrows ; they are so seriously cute, i forgot how tiny newborn babies are and the weeny 0-3 months baby grows are so sweet i thought i could hear my ovaries crying out …Liz have another one (1 have 2 lovely children and it’s going to stay at that but wow these baby clothes are cute ha ha!)

Here is our Birdy Baby grow (available in a range is sizes from newborn up to 18 months)



Here is the matching Birdy nursing top to go with the baby grow.

Both the nursing top and the baby grow are hand printed right here in Bristol and are made from super soft cotton so both you and your baby can be snuggly together.

We have 4 different prints for our babygrows, and each of them has a matching nursing top.

Our Monster Stan (the green baby grow) is so cute and it matches the Monster Stan nursing tops so well

We also have the unicorn nursing tee & it’s matching hand printed baby grow

Unicorn nursing top

We have had a great reception to our initial batch of baby clothes so we are for sure looking to extend our baby range into long sleeve baby grows and baby tee’s etc.

It’s so exciting seeing our designs coming to life on baby clothes, i kept both my daughters first baby clothes (just the special pieces that brought back lots of memories) and it would be so cool to think that someone might keep these baby grows as special memories for them too. We think these particular designs work really well on childrens clothes & adults.

Again we are always open to ideas so if there is a design we currently print on breastfeeding tops that you would like seen on baby clothes just let us know x

breast feeding clothes, breastfeeding clothing, Breastfeeding Tops, Nursing Tops

How we print our breastfeeding Tees

The majority of our nursing tops are printed here in Bristol; we are really proud of the fact that we take a lot of care and time and love in the nursing clothes we produce . It’s really cool to keep things local & we have the best printers ever ! No seriously Paul & Ben who print our shirts are so lovely & they can kick ass in the screen printing world Ka-Boooom.

SO what goes on when you order one of our super fabulous nursing shirts?

Lets take our Funky Tattoo Owl Breastfeeding Tee

First up we need a screen to put our image of this funky owl onto, this screen will be used put the ink on and then print onto our nursing shirts

Whoop whoop

So next we need to get this beautiful bird onto the nursing shirt:

SO Paul our very kind & brilliant printer puts the ink (nice and safe non of this yucky ink) onto the screen at the top, THEN….

The screen gets pulled down onto the nursing shirt and the ink is pulled across the screen and hence onto the nursing shirt. Because the owl graphic has been specially placed onto the screen only the image of the owl comes through.

The shirt then has to be put through a special dryer for the print to fix.

After the printing is done we hand tag, fold and pack your nursing shirt (normally while listening to a bit of Dave Grohl getting his Foo Fighters groove on) .

So each one of our printed nursing shirts are individual and produced with care. We love doing what we do, and we do it for you (thats a song isn’t it? ).

Every different graphic nursing tee has it’s own screen, and we do this for every shirt so you can imagine it takes a lot of time, with all the printing & folding etc; so hopefully you can see what goes into making our nursing tees and kinda see why they are extra special.

Without you guys buying our nursing shirts i wouldn’t be able to get my printing fix on, it’s SO satisfying making a great product & knowing you are making a persons day just that teeney weeney bit better (hope we are) . I really honestly appreciate all of you – go on give yourself a hug x

I am a huge T-Shirt and printing geek so apologies if you haven’t found this blog post as interesting as i have !

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How we hang – Our Autumn collection of breastfeeding tops

It’s been so much fun creating our new range of nursing tops for the Autumn line ; i genuinely love all these new breastfeeding T-Shirts and if i had to pick 1 which was my favourite i’d say it changes from day to day.

Our Maggie 3/4 length sleeve nursing top is one of new designs ; it was such a laugh doing the photoshoot with Nat our Model and Laura our photographer that i bodged up the shirts and ended up taking a picture of our mid length nursing top rather than the 3/4 length sleeve one ! Not too much bother as we can actually sell both nursing tops but i was like “man i am SO dumb sometimes”

This picture here shows our mid length sleeve Maggie breastfeeding top. The darker red print works really well on our pink red tee.

If you are remotely interested in the printing process for our nursing shirts to the left of Nat in this picture is all the screen used to print our shirts. I’m going to do a blog post on how we hand screen them all (which i am super proud of , but i am a T-Shirt geek so be warned the blog post will be a bit on the geek side ha ha).

We wanted to keep things real in the pictures, this is where we work in Bristol  with all the equipment needed to produce our tee’s (thanks to Ben & Paul for letting us shoot our shirts here) , we are really proud of the nursing tops we produce and we just wanted to share with you what we are about. I find being an indie retailer has it’s real benefits, we can offer something that bit different from the masses ( i’m not saying this because i am biased but i find the big retailers really boring sometimes especially with breastfeeding clothes) , choice is always a good thing and offering women more breastfeeding friendly clothes is cool. We truly care about our customers and when i see on instagram pictures of mums breastfeeding in our nursing tops i get really chuffed (don’t worry i’m not a stalker) .

I would love a big retailer to approach us and say “you know what your nursing tops totally rock” but i guess in this day and age you have to go out and grab them. I just want to bring a little something different in the maternity market to more women who i think might like them. SO ladies if you like our nursing tops don;t forget to tell your friends ! Spread the word and we can start our mission of making breastfeeding funky .

You can find our new range of breastfeeding T-Shirts here 


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New Autumn Nursing Top collection

I am so pleased to be able to show you our new graphic nursing tee collection ; it has taken much longer than i had wanted but working as a team with some of THE most awesome people i think we’ve produced our best line yet.

This is our Unicorn nursing tee, we did it in our last collection but on a different nursing top and with different colour inks ; so putting it on our slate grey breastfeeding top really works. Nat our fabulous model shows how the nursing shirt can be worn higher or as shown in the pictures below it can be pulled out a little more and wore longer – cool for wearing with jeans or leggings .

We hand screen print the majority of our breastfeeding T-Shirts here in Bristol, it’s so cool because Paul & Ben who print our shirts are super passionate about screen printing , they have so much knowledge and if you are a T-Shirt and printing geek like me they teach me tons . Screen printing is a real art and employing people like Paul & Ben who are real artisans helps keep the craft going and supports small business here in Bristol . When you work with people who want to produce the best and have the same work ethic as you it totally rocks and you know your customers will be getting the best product ever 🙂

Our Monster Stan breastfeeding tee is also hand printed here in Bristol too. It is SO cute, there is a little baby monster stan poking around the corner, plus we can introduce our new colour nursing top….GREEN – yeah we now do green woo hoo !

It’s SO difficult when choosing a new colour as you try to get advice and everyone likes a different colour or shade – it’s like dudes we only can get 1 new one not 15 ! Shame as i would love to add 15 new shades into our nursing top collection but we are only small !

Nat (our model) is so funny, it made our photoshoot an absolute hoot . I have some crackers of her (photo wise) but don;t think she would like me to show you ha ha !

We’ve introduced 6 new prints (i think it’s 6 ! ) and each of them i honestly love ; i’ve put so much into this collection that it’s so rewarding to see all the breastfeeding T-Shirts have worked out really awesome . I really love making our nursing tops and it never gets old selling them or seeing people wear them – high 5 ladies x

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Check us out We won GOLD in practical parenting awards for best breastfeeding top

Gold baby ! Yeah cue Spandau Ballet “always believe in your goal” …………

Not too sure of that is the right words to this song but you get my drift. WOWZERS we are SO chuffed, i honestly had a tear in my eye when i read the email telling us ” Congratulations you’ve won a practical parenting award” … i don’t think i’ve ever scrolled down so fast on my iphone before ! And then there is was GOLD !!

It’s such a nice feeling to know you have worked so hard and that people like what you do.

We won for our Money Penny nursing Top, we were up against some big brands so we thought we would never win ( hey we aren’t putting our nursing tops down , they totally rock it but when you are a small independent company up against a multi million one it’s a bit crazy ! ) so it’s not all about how big you are as a company but how good your products are and we really thank practical parenting for this. It;s such a well respected award that it really does mean the world to us ; anytime in the future you want to tell us to shut up about winning this please do ! In 10 years we will still be banging on about it !

We’ve always made sure our nursing tops are made from really good quality fabrics whist providing easy access to breastfeed from without looking too obvious. we’re not really into the T-shirts with a a line across the middle which pulls up as it looks really obvious. Our money penny nursing top is cool because it;s designed in a way that the empire line should be there anyway so it doesn’t look out of place, so building the nursing opening into it works really well.

SO it;s just really cool to know if you do work hard you can achieve great things. We really love making our breastfeeding tops, it never gets old and there are challenges everyday along the way but it’s all good. To know we make quality products and reasonable prices that look good and make you feel good when you breastfeed and beyond is so cool.

ooh the postman is here – i;m off to tell him about our gold ! ha ha

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Ideas, inspiration and nursing Tops !

Big changes are a foot here at FeelsGood studios, we have some new nursing T-shirts which are on their way to us and we’ve got lots of planning to do for the new graphic Tee  collection . We are also thinking of new ways in which we  roll and everything from how our shirts are packed and sent to stitched and weaved are being thought about.

We are really thrilled so say the amount of different countries our nursing tops are being sold in is increasing more and more , with our breastfeeding clothes recently being able to be bought directly in Belgium, Australia, and Czech Republic our list of stockist is growing every month. It’s SO cool to get emails from ladies in Melbourne saying how much they like our nursing tops and how comfortable they are . It makes me feel good knowing i have helped ladies in their changing lives ( i know it’s just a little bit, it’s not like i am totally life changing , don’t worry i;m not getting a giant head about things!) and that breastfeeding has been made that little bit easier – or we have taken the hassle out of thinking what can i wear and breastfeed in . You know when you pick up one of our nursing tops that you’ll be able to breastfeed without the stress of the logistics!

So we plan to add not only some new fresh breastfeeding tops to our funky collection but thinking of childrens wear too. Would be kinda cool to have matching baby tee’s to go with your nursing tops? What do you think?

We would of course keep our own original twist on things , funk things up a bit , plus keep things affordable. We are really excited in the new way things are going and with the joint success of our increasing stockists the future is feeling good 🙂