Finally new prints for our nursing tops

Nothing is ever easy !

Even the little things can take so long but if you keep keeping on you will get there, well that’s what i’ve been telling myself! I’ve been amazingly slack with making new prints, mostly due to problems with actually making the screen i use to print the design. Some major technical problems but now this has been overcome.

I’ve decided this year i am going to release more prints, as you know i hand print all my nursing tops, this involves several processes from making the initial graphic so making the silk screen to them the actual printing so i get all precious about them because it takes a while to make them! SO be gentle with them i’m going to show you some of the new ones.

This is our island print double layer nursing top.




Gorgeous olympic blue nursing top printed with our Island print (it’s one of the original prints i started with back in the 00’s! so it’s special to me) . The white ink for the print really makes the design stand out . This nursing top works on the double layer method so one shirt up and one shirts down (well move it to the side as there are nursing openings on either side of the undershirt) i’ve been told by a mum who has twins it’s great for tandem nursing as the centre panel keeps you covered whilst still being able to get access to breastfeed.

Vamp Nursing top

Our vamp print is available on both green and blue double layer nursing tops.I am partial to a little True blood tv so thought Vamp would be a great addition to our nursing top range with a nod to the vamps!


There will be more prints coming soon

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What were your childhood films?

I’ve been doing some research for some new prints i’m hoping to bring out and i’ve totally fallen in love again with all the old retro film tshirts from my youth . We are talking a little while ago, i am a 70’s child after all (70’s child and proud baby!) and some of them are awesome! I saw on instagram a lush green Teenage mutant ninja Turtle tee and it was so cool i want it ! Admittedly the TMNT didn’t really float my boat back in the 80’s (or now really) but the shirt was freakin cool. I’ve also spotted a cool Ghostbusters shirt although right now i think i’d look more like the stay puff marshmallow guy in it ! Ghostbusters brought me onto this awesome Bobby Brown video – There is even a younger looking Donald Trump in it (apologies)

So what was your favourite film or TV show from when you were little?

Obviously for copyright issues i won’t be able to print any of them (i just don’t have that kind of cash !!) but i’d love to make some new prints that have the vibe of back in the day ; I am massively into retro / vintage feel and would be cool to extended my nursing top collection with some great new retro prints.

I have actually got some new fabric and shirts on order, it’s going to take longer than i really wanted to get them made but that is the story of my life at the moment ; My fault for not submitting the order sooner but they are a new nursing mechanism and will included some shorter sleeve breastfeeding tops for the summer – whoop. Thats if we do actually  get a summer, i mean we deserve one for sure! So check back in around 6 weeks and there should be progress !


Take care, Liz


New direction

Sometimes i’m not too sure if i am right for business, i find the passive aggressive constraints of “the business” world quite stifling; The “Well it’s done this way” or the “yes the german market is really where you need to be” ………..

Well i say stuff it ! I have decided to continue doing things my way, my way as in whats right for me and what i think is right for my customers who i care about and not the people trying to make a £ off of your back.

Pricing has always been a contentious issue for me, i want to price my shirts at a lower end and sell at what i consider a reasonable price, it would be great to price your shirts at a price where you can buy a few and not break the bank. Thing is they are really expensive for me to make, when compared to the big boys i am more than small ; I’ve found a great company who make my shirts, great fabric and it’s really cool but it’s also so tough !

I really just wanted to make this blog post to say things are changing, new designs and shirts, different nursing openings just different. Everything seems to take so long but i promise a change is coming



Regular womens shirts and baby and child shirt range

Boom we are going to be launching regular womens shirts ie non maternity and non nursing T-Shirts and a baby and child range. *does moon walk*.

So many people have asked me over the years if i could make a non nursing shirt for them, i’ve always just said no, i am sorry but right now – well things are changing. Basically my friend had a baby and she isn’t nursing but wanted a shirt to match the baby grow she bought for her son, so i made her one. This had now developed into a new range of non- maternity wear. It’s going to look a little something like this:

Mama Feelsgood regluar hooter owl

Also i am extending our baby range, now T-Shirts and baby grows will be available, all hand printed by mama here in Bristol. New water based inks will be used, all non toxic and kind to the environment, so you can now wear the same as your child if you wish! I’m really going for the funk and some of the baby ringer baby grows are so cute it’s beyond belief.

small hooter baby mama feelsgood

high 5 baby ringer mama feelsgood

baby t shirt long s red all need

This is just a little snippet of what’s to come; I also have some new nursing tops on their way, it seems like it’s been forever, but i guess they say you can’t rush good things!


Breastfeeding models required

Ok so this maybe a kind of weird request but i need some mums who are currently breastfeeding who would be up for the role of tester for our new nursing top designs. No rush no rush as it’s early days, i am always quite slow at making the patterns for these and creating the tester shirts so ideally i’m thinking about 6-8 weeks time. All different shapes and sizes are welcomed (apologies i don’t mean this to sound on anyway patronising or creepy) . I can send you a tester shirt along with a questionnaire and it would be cool if you could wear the shirt and nurse in it, wash it and wear it again (repeat this for a few times) , i may ask for the shirt back so i can make adjustments, most of the time you get to keep it. Either way i’ll get you something nice for doing this for me, either chocolate or some free shirts x Whichever your preference.

I will just add some background to this in saying i run Mama FeelsGood solely on my own, i’m a teeny weeny small indie company trying to make mums feel good 1 shirt at a time and i can be quite swamped at times AKA SLOW ! It’s nothing personal if i take a bit of time to reply to you, i’m probably just off elbows deep in ink printing shirts like there is no tomorrow!  I really want to keep making nursing shirts that you will want to wear and benefit from, so the way i can do this is to get nursing mums to trial my shirts, hey I NEED YOU !

high 5 nurisng top MFG.

urban owl nursing top - how it works

Best way to get in touch is via our MFG facebook page, just leave me a message OR send a message vie our website . Thank you SO much x

P.S just as i’m here if you think you might want to be a model for us just let us know too x

Stay cosy ladies – Liz .