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Alyson Hannigan, willow from Buffy The Vampire Slayer gave birth to a daughter

Wow Willow from Buffy the vampire slyer AKA Alyson Hannigan has given birth to a beautiful baby girl and even better (or may worse depends) she was born on Alyson own birthday.

Her husband Alexis Denisof  who she met on the set of buffy the vampire slayer (he played Wesley Wyndam-Pryce ) he later went on to star in Angel is now a daddy.

They have called thir baby daughter Satyana, and her birthday was 24th march 2009.

According to Hannigan’s rep, everything is going very well.  “They’re very excited, and mom and baby are doing great.”

During an interview with Ellen DeGeneres last year, Alyson revealed that being pregnant was a little like doing drugs.  “I have pregnancy brain, which I never realized was a thing but it is.  I sort of feel like a Koala bear where I’m slightly stoned all the time and say the wrong word.”

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