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Nursing tops for big breasts

We have lots of lovely breastfeeding tops which are suitable for ladies with bigger breasts.

This is our Owl breastfeeding Tee in Blue , it’s super soft and has a really pretty boat neck design ; it has been designed so you can nurse your baby really simply , just lift the top shirt up and pull either side of the under vest aside (depending upon which boob you’re going to breastfeed from) and there you go, access to nurse. The undervest keeps your tummy covered and is the same colour os the top shirt so you can’t even tell if your not looking very hard that your top shirt has been pulled up. The undershirt has 5% elastane so is stretchy and can be moved around bigger boobs without digging in.

One problem with being gifted in the boobie department is that some tops are big everywhere ie not just in the boob area so it ¬†looks like you are wearing someone elses shirt. Our nursing tops have been cut with the post baby shape in mind so do not come with bump; there is room for the post baby tummy ( hey we are normal women and your body isn’t gonna just snap back into shape, especially if you were like me and ate waaay to many doughnuts when pregnant) . Our nursing tops also have darts at the bust region so add more shape which helps to fit you better.

If you want to take a closer look at our size charts to get the correct fit for you all bust measurements are on there (size charts are found on the product description pages) .