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Join Gabrielle Palmer, the author of The Politics of Breastfeeding, for a live chat on Tuesday 22 June at 2.30pm

I found this on the Gaurdian website, it is for today Tuesday 22nd June

Gabrielle Palmer, the author of The Politics of Breastfeeding, will be online at 2.30pm on Tuesday 22 June to answer your questions

Gabrielle is a nutritionist and a campaigner. She was a breastfeeding counsellor in the 1970s and helped establish the UK pressure group Baby Milk Action. In the early 1980s she lived and worked as a volunteer in Mozambique. She has written, taught and campaigned on infant feeding issues, particularly the unethical marketing of baby foods.

In the 1990s she co-directed the International Breastfeeding: Practice and Policy course at The Institute of Child Health in London until she went to live in China for two years. She has worked independently for various health and development agencies, including serving as HIV and Infant Feeding Officer for Unicef New York. She recently worked at The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine where she had originally studied nutrition. Gabrielle has now retired from campaigning – you can read her open retirement letter here.

The third edition of her groundbreaking book, The Politics of Breastfeeding, is published by Pinter & Martin.

Post your questions on the personal, political and social aspects of breastfeeding below, then join Gabrielle on Tuesday for a live discussion.